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Liam Cole
Treasure Island Media  
Alex Bates , Andy Field , Anton Dickson , Chris Front , Christian , James Murray , Josh Taylor , , Luca Bondi , Luke Bennett , Luke Pascoe , Lutz Phoenix , Martin Puli , Olivier DeRenac , Sebastian Slater , Steve Hook , Yuri
Bareback SexGang BangDaddy / BoyOrgyMen of England / British Guys


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Josh Taylor's backless undies offer no protection.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

All I wanna do is
Live in ecstasy
I know what's best for me
-Portugal The Man
Treasure Island's continues to play it's hugely successful game of being the shunned, bad seed of the gay porn industry. (This is actually a point lost on most consumers who only see porn purely as entertainment.) Liam Cole's Outlaws is a seven scene tour de force showing off the latest and greatest sex happening in "lawless London", action so incendiary it could ignite another Great Fire.

Two big bangs sandwich both ends of the video, like many of it's own models. The first is a hot orgy of older guys fucking two twinks, and the final episode is another one of director Cole's signature gangbangs. This time it's with muscle bottom American porn star Luca Bondi.

Let's begin with episode one - a five way orgy matching two angelic, starry eyed young men with three relentless, humongously endowed older guys. It's a stirring event where the guys find life's meaning via the deep bareback penetration underneath their the boys' velveteen butt holes. Alex Bates is a delicious, smooth morsel with raven-dark hair and piercing eyes. Youthful Josh Taylor has a lovely body and tussled, light hair.

If these two are angels, they would likely permanently reside in a lower level of Dante's famous novel. For twenty breathless minutes, Bates and Taylor happily handle everything tops Lito Cruz, Yuri and Sebastian Slater hurl at them. Taylor's backless undies are an open invitation to Cruz sliding is water pipe-thick penis fully in. Yuri pounces on Mr. Bates.

Both twinks take their big dicks completely inside no muss no fuss. It's a reaming and creaming of hairless holes. Viewers will also enjoy watching Taylor getting put through all the paces from beginning to end without ever removing that cute pair of open underwear.

(Insider tip: the Peto Coast fucking Alex Bates episode on TIMfuck is not to be missed!)

Josh Taylor in the Outlaws orgyWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Passing around Josh Taylor at the orgy

Dangerous Liaisons

There's a new top in town: Olivier De Renac is a tall, Frenchman with a hairy torso. He cannot wait to get his huge cock inside Lutz Phoenix's ass. Phoenix shows off his ability to deep throat huge dick as well as swallowing it all up his bum. They enjoy an appetizer in the kitchen with the bottom bending over in a standing fuck.

The rest of the meal happens in the bedroom, where the top throws Phoenix around the bed, pummelling him in a variety of breathless positions. The high point is an extended sequence showing the bottom pounded on his stomach by De Renac. Phoenix ends up on his back where De Renac pulls out, shoots a thick, high flying load, shoves it back in and continues fucking.

"Squeeze on it...
Fucking hell!"

Fucking Americans!

Here we are in 2013 and TIM's Christian never gets boring. Perhaps one reason is that because of his fame and stature, he gets to select the choices tops. Cole hooks him up with two very hot studs, Luke Pascoe and Chris Front, a compelling new screen presence. Both know how to fuck.

They trade Christian back and forth like a fun toy. Meanwhile, Christian appears to be loving every minute of it, like he always does. Another useful piece of information, while fucking Christian he says, "Squeeze on it." And moments later, "Fucking hell!"

This is the first time on screen it's been revealed that Christian has a full set of ass muscles in there working to get the tops off. Don't overlook this hot scene.

Sebastian Slater behind Luke BennettWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Anton Dickson, Luke Bennett, Sebastian Slater
Looking for the genuine surprise in Outlaws? Something pleasant and unexpected? It's the next two scenes, both of which feature Anton Dickson at his best. We first find Dickson and his buddy Sebastian Slater giving a joyous seeding to sweet-looking American Luke Bennett. Treasure Island fans should remember Bennett in Fucktards, where it's implied that he and Ethan Wolfe had earlier been angrily fighting. This three way with him the center of attention is first class.

With curly rings of hair, a cheery face and hot, furry butt, Bennett really isn't a typical porn star type. Dickson and Slater take turns on his ass until it's wet and sloppy.

Come to London for the gang bangs. After this comes Anton shoots a home movie. It is a point of view video chronicling him sodomizing the superb ass of Josh Taylor, the jockstrap-clad twink bottom from scene one. Oddly, Treasure Island's website in its description of this scene omits Taylor's name and gives a vague, general-sounding explanation that this is one of a series of videos depicting Dickson's online tricks.

A better fantasy would be Dickson recruited Taylor to film for Treasure Island, and him testing out the merchandise before he makes a recommendation. In any case, don't miss this second opportunity to see Taylor getting fucked.

Luca Bondi Pile On

Clearly, the centerpiece of the film is its last, a full-on gangbang of gym-built bareback porn star Luca Bondi. This is why Bondi's smiling face is on the DVD boxcover.

Bondi is definitely a hot item, and many people will buy Outlaws for this scene. Honestly, I found it to be a let down from all the great stuff before it. Furthermore, it doesn't help that this same set of models has appeared for this exact same purpose in Overload. It's also the same set. Same videography.

Let me be clear, director Cole has been a big innovator and provided many unforgettable, ground-breaking videos for Treasure Island. This one needed a little pizzazz. Feel free to comment if you think this was great Luca Bondi, or perhaps something else he's been in is better.

Outlaws nicely captures the current controversies over bareback porn in the adult video business, combining it with pressing ahead with the studio's fearless philosophy of sex.

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Outlaws Photos:

Outlaws Trailer
Andy Field and Steve HookWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Andy Field has an orgasm in boyfriend Steve Hook
Yuri in the Outlaws orgyWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Yuri's in the catbird seat at the orgy
Martin Puli Luca BondiWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Martin Puli observes Luca Bondi

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