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Out in the Open

Helix Studios   HXM003
Christian Collins , Chase Young , Jessie Montgomery , , Kyler Ash , , Max Carter
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Magic Happens Outdoors

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Where are kids these days? They aren't watching tv on the couch or even playing video games. In Out in the Open from 8TeenBoy/Helix Studios, they are all outside fucking each other's brains out. All five-scenes in this out-of-doors production starring Helix's biggest and brightest is a breath of fresh air.

Several scenes happen to be filmed around a wooded area which conspicuously resembles that neighborhood park some of us walked home from school through every day. Helix Studios continues to bring viewers that all-American boy next door twink in interesting ways.

We first find Christian Collins (Sex, Lies and a Briefcase) hanging out in the cab of his truck. Like a spider, he's quietly waiting to see what attractive prey comes along. Suddenly, the tall, lanky Jasper Robinson appears. "Are you waiting for anybody?" Robinson asks.

"Not any more."

Robinson quickly begins work on servicing Collins, whose trimmed pubes and shaved balls frame an impressive thick cock. Collins' catch deep-throats him, running his tongue around the shaft in an arousing display of oral sex. Collins could crack open walnuts with that hammer.

When it comes to penis size, Robinson is no shrinking violet either. Against the truck, Collins jawbones Robinson's thick stiffie. Like many of the models in the film, they wear a pair of super-hot Timoteo underwear.

Christian Collins and Jasper BlaineWatch on HelixStudios
Christian Collins tops Jasper Robinson
Collins keeps control of the sex, possibly because he's done this many times before. He leads Robinson to the back of his truck so he can fuck him on the tailgate. Ample footage shows Robinson's hard dick cocked just above the tailgate, creating a perfectly level opening for Christian to fill his gas tank.

Consumed with passion and half-dressed, it's as if they were spontaneously doing it in a real parking lot. Robinson ends up flat on his back in the bed of the truck. Collins thrusts between Robinson's legs until the bottom cums. Robinson squeezes out a thick load like it's engine oil, followed by the tops own wet fluid contribution.

Lust along the Trails

"So..are you waiting for anybody?" The second scene is just as a similarly hot sampling of being naughty out in public, featuring the welcome return of Mr. Christian. Christian seems to have moved beyond lurking in parking lots to doing in the woods. We find blondie Max Carter leading him through a dry creek bed, to a secluded point. They're naked in a minute.

Majestic oak trees peer down on their bare bodies, Christian on his knees giving Ryder an enthusiastic blowjob. Carter's enjoying the attention his stiffie's getting so much, he cannot stop smiling.

Carter returns the favor by vigorously deep throating Christian's heavy tree branch. Like in the previous scene, Christian proves that he's a guy who knows what he wants. Turning Carter around, he drills his butt standing doggie. Carter still can't keep that grin off his face. This appears to be really making his day.

He's having so much fun, te only thing that could make things better would be fucking Christian in his tight butt. And he does, drilling him laying on his back. Carter pumps faster and faster until he finally pulls out, rips off the condom and releases his jizz. (We don't see Christian, however, getting off.)

Jasper Robinson sucks Christian CollinsWatch on HelixStudios
Jasper Robinson and Christian Collins
Max Carter and Christian CollinsWatch on HelixStudios
Max Carter and Christian Collins

Chase Young's Love Nest

Next comes arguably the high point of Out in the Open, an absolutely electric hook-up between lusty puppies Chase Young and Jessie Montgomery. Chase is a vivacious brunet with a very playful body, and the ever-amazing Montgomery perfectly matches his lusty partner. He quickly gets down to business performing oral sex on Young's thick erection.

Chase wears a dazzling pair of backless white Timoteo undies, which ultimately get pulled slightly down so Montgomery can have free reign over his penis. He develops a special fondness for the misty-eyed twink by working his tongue deep in his asshole. Then Montgomery gives in to a willing ass-fucking from Chase that keeps them in sexual frenzy for over ten minutes. The top reaches around to Montgomery's face, his shoulder, his full body in order to tame it.

Montgomery jerks himself off to a moaning climax. Chase one ups his friend by dropping a heavy load that rains across the bottom's face from his open mouth to a closed eye.

Evan Parker in the Driver's Seat

Next we find new Helix Exclusive Evan Parker sitting in the driver seat. Unlike being in the driver seat as a top in Helix Academy, here he's literally in the driver's seat fully stimulating by the vehicle's bucket seats and smooth patent leather.

The nine and a half minute solo starts with him leisurely caressing his hairless torso, frequently casting his hopeful eyes into the camera. He stares down at his cock, rubbing it. Sunlight glances off his full naked body, his shaved pubes.

Moaning aloud, Parker releases his money shot. The camera pans back to show his glowing face, his left arm raised exposing his naked armpit.

Jessie Montgomery and Chase YoungWatch on HelixStudios
Chase Young behind Jessie Montgomery

Ash's to Asses

The final sequence shows Young returning to his home-away-from-home outdoor love nest, this time with the tall blond Kyler Ash (Jasper Robinson's Day Off). Young gets the action started by giving his friend an enthusiastic blowjob, shirt still hanging around his neck and his pants pulled halfway down.

After this, Young opens-up all of his power bottom energies, a fucks himself on Ash's big dick. Their rollicking continues until Young squirts, followed by him turning around to take Ash's splatterbox cumshot in his hungry mouth.

Out in the Open takes the studio's best elements and offers them to us al fresco. Both Young and Montgomery stand out as particularly devious. Parker's solo is a nice appetizer for what would become a subsequent happy film career. It's impossible to not get anything but aroused watching this public display.

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Out in the Open Photos:

Evan Parker SoloWatch on HelixStudios
Evan Parker solo
Chase Young and Kyler AshWatch on HelixStudios
Chase Young and Kyler Ash
Chase Young above Kyler AshWatch on HelixStudios
Chase Young rides Kyler Ash

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