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Office Affairs

Tony DiMarco
Falcon Studios   FVP207
Brandon Lewis , D.O. , Dylan Roberts , Landon Conrad , Marcus Mojo , Marko Lebeau , ,
Suits / TuxedosOffice SexHigh Definition

Office Affairs Falcon

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On the desk is where I want you.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In 2010, Tony DiMarco filmed his first project for Falcon - Office Affairs. Instead of The Other Side of Aspen, it's about the other side of the office desk. Capitalizing on the popular men in suits genre, for reasons including both the stellar cast and the adroit director, Office Affairs turns out to be a very hot movie.

Would you turn down the sultry latin D.O. if his hands were practically all over you? Roman Heart first. Whether it's his sexy Argentine accent or his relentless determination to get what he wants, D.O. melts Hart's hart. The moments shown coaxing Hart out of his clothes is riveting. And after he pulls them off, it's priceless.

D.O. closes his big business deal with his raging hard-on. Not only does Hart give him a fabulous blow job, but D.O. returns the oral favor, extending it out to lathering the bottom's butt with a hungry rimjob.

Hart looks adorable wearing coat and tie. D.O. looks - he looks like a macho man. They kiss. They suck. D.O. fucks Hart at length on his desk, keeping their dress shirt and ties barely hanging off their backs. By the end of the scene, Hart's been drilled into a comfy chair, where he shoots a rich money shot covering his whole stomach.

Roman Heart in Office AffairsWatch on or Watch VOD
D.O. seduces Roman Heart
Next up, we meet a clean shaven Tommy Defendi. Defendi works now as a model photographer - probably the only photographer anywhere who works in a formal business suit. It's a very sharp look for him; he's devastatingly handsome. Seeing Defendi without facial hair all-business is way different from his later days as a bearded tattoo artist in Cocky Boys The Name of the Game.

We follow a successful lead-up depicting Defendi's flirtations countered with Mojo's happy brush-offs. Finally, the blond recognizes he's being hit on. The photographer spells it out whilst bending down running oil on Mojo's glowing buttocks - "It looks good enough to eat!", to which Mojo answers, "I wouldn't mind that. Go for it!"

In a hot visual, Mojo stands bent over holding his cheeks apart as Defendi buries his face in the blond's big ass. Then, Defendi unveils his long penis, precipitating a slobbery blow-job. Everything culminates in the high point showing Defendi topping Mojo doggie style. He goes slow and easy. Many will have trouble getting through this episode in one sitting. These! Here's some little whitey tighties for ya!

Riding in Defendi's lap, Mojo face turns a deep reddish-pink when as he passes the point of no return, spewing out gobs of cum, running over his clutched fingers, his perfect legs.

Tommy Defendi in Office AffairsWatch on or Watch VOD
Tommy Defendi photographs Marcus Mojo

Show Me Your Abs

Are we interrupting Dylan Roberts and Marko Lebeau having a tender moment at work? LeBeau notices Roberts, seated in his office cube, quite excited over their newest model, Marcus Mojo. Viewing his photos on the computer, they are specifically interested in Mojo's abs. So enthusiastic, they take turns raising their own shirts to examine each other's abs, and muse how Mr. Mojo's gym work appears to be so much more successful.

From this sexy setup, they guys proceed into another one of Office Affairs' great sex scenes. The two men kiss, which ignites the screen. They slowly remove their clothes, uncovering their own bodies. Why were they so envious of Mojo's abs when both guys sport huge biceps? Their upper arms look like cannons.

Leaning back in his chair, Roberts enjoys a delicious blowjob. LeBeau decides it's time to fuck his co-worker, giving him a nice doggie-style fuck with the bottom propping himself up on his chair. DiMarco enjoys filming from the top point of view, which means viewers can visually follow his treasure trail all the way to their action.

Shooting nice money shots, both guys easily earn their pay for the week.

Flip Flop

The movie finishes with a feisty flip-flop between Landon Conrad and Brandon Lewis. Both are stuck waiting for late appointments, so they decide to wait on themselves. After locking eyes, they waste no time in getting down and dirty right there. Lewis consumes Conrad, notably in a hungry session of ass eating. Then in an exciting moment, they flip-flop so Landon returns the favor.

It's hot times at the office. Office Affairs contains lots of hot moments, especially the Tommy Defendi-Marcis-Mojo hook-up. It's a huge relief that director DiMarco will be breathing new life into the legendary porn studio.

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Office Affairs Photos:

Tommy Defendi and Marcus MojoWatch on or Watch VOD
Tommy Defendi behind Marcus Mojo
Dylan Roberts and Marko LebeauWatch on or Watch VOD
Dylan Roberts and Marko Lebeau
Brandon Lewis and Landon ConradWatch on or Watch VOD
Brandon Lewis has a mouthfull of Landon Conrad

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