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Michael Lucas mr. Pam
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 77
Wilfried Knight , Matan Shalev , Avi Dar , Michael Lucas , , Johnny Angel , Kyle DeAnthony , Johnny Lee
HunksHairy GuysMystery/Thriller

Obsession LVP 77

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I Will Find a Way and I Will Have You

Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

In 2009, Michael Lucas combined his first-class porn production operation with a cynical script about revenge to create a fantastic addition to their film catalog, Obsession. In general, the movie is a devotion to the beautiful Israeli brunette Mayan Shalev. Shalev plays Wilfred Knight's patient, who's receiving treatment for being a sexual stalker.

Meanwhile, Knight's ex-lover is played by Mr. Lucas, who can't let go of their earlier doomed relationship. Lucas is specifically stung about the time when he was living crippled in a wheelchair under Knight's care, who then abandoned him so that he could commit adultery.

Not exactly a happy story, is it? In other words, Obsession is a steamy gay porn filmed through a Roman Polanski lens.

Matan Shalev above Johnny Lee Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Sex Psycho Matan Shalev touches Johnny Lee

Sex Is All

The movie contains five exquisite sex scenes. The first is a beautifully lensed tête-à-tête between Shalev and blond Johnny Lee on a boat dock. Shalev fucks him nicely.

After this, Lucas decides that it's time for him to fuck the help. His assistant is a cute young guy named Kyle DeAnthony. He has a superfine backside, which Lucas pounds especially well.

At this point comes the movie's flashback story, when we see Mr. Knight getting it on with Avi Dar. Brawny and hairy, these two look amazing together. Knight tops him in an outdoor area surrounded by bamboo trees.

"How long have you been following me?"
- Wilfried Knight
Following this, Obsession sports a really nice show from Spencer Reed, who throws an energetic fuck into the squirming Johnny Angel. Finally things conclude with our main characters coming together. Knight and Shalev burn up the screen in an intense flip-flop fuck.

Obsession impressively combines an ambitious story with five scenes of sex, starring models who are all interesting to watch and true fantasies in their their own right. Any one of them could trigger a compulsive obsession.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Matan Shalev tops Johnny Lee
  2. Michael Lucas tops Kyle DeAnthony
  3. Wilfried Knight tops Avi Dar
  4. Spencer Reed tops Johnny Angel
  5. Matan Shalev and Wilfried Knight flip-flop
Note: Mike Dreyden and Mascarush appear in non-sexual roles as Boardwalk Friend #1 and Boardwalk Friend #2. The credits are list Nate MacNamara as a co-director along with Michael Lucas and Mr. Pam.
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Obsession Photos:

Avi Dar kisses Wilfried Knight Watch on LucasEntertainment
Avi Dar kisses Wilfried Knight
Wilfried Knight and Matan Shalev Watch on LucasEntertainment
Wilfried Knight and Matan Shalev
Michael Lucas tops Kyle DeAnthony Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Michael Lucas tops Kyle DeAnthony
Spencer Reed tops Johnny Angel Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Johnny Angel's in good hands with Spencer Reed

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