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Lucas Entertainment   LVP 120
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Newcummers LVP 120

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Newcummers appears to collect some early video bits starring this new crop of Montreal-based models who have been popping-up at Lucas Entertainment recently. (e.g. Cabin Retreat.) The five scene video includes many hot moments.

Rip roaring doesn't even begin to describe the hot sex in the opening episode. Johnny Venture's and Edji Da Silva's bodies are equally amazing works of art. Whose dick and ass is more beautiful? It's impossible to choose.

They rock the house for over thirty minutes culminating with the sweat-soaked Da Silva firing his hot cum into Venture's mouth.

It's been awhile since we've seen the sexy Kyle Quinn at Lucas Entertainment. (The last time was when he checked into the Rapture Inn.) Quinn seems very excited to be paired with the smooth, brown-skinned Franco Ferrari.

Edji Da Silva tops Johnny Venture Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Edji Da Silva tops Johnny Venture
Lots of cock sucking and ass rimming lead to Quinn spreading his legs. After Ferrari pumps him doggie style, Quinn asks, "Wanna get fucked? It's your turn!".

Quinn's topping of Ferrari is another high point. Watching him bang Ferrari's muscular ass looks fantastic. "Want my load? There you go!" Quinn says as he points his ejaculating penin into Ferrari's mouth.

Have You Ridden a Ford Lately?

For the third scene, scruffy-faced Brandon Jones looks good enough to eat with a spoon. And guess what? Nick Ford has brought the spoon! It's fleshy, uncut and alomst eight inches.

Ford's equally easy on the eyes, and watching them move through their multi-position fuck is another hot show. After topping Jones at length, Ford pauses and asks, "Wanna make me cum" He shoots a delicious load onto the bottom's face and mouth.

"Want my load? There you go!"
- Kyle Quinn
Next up comes the cream of Montreal's muscle guy crop: bald-headed Max Chevalier gets frisky with the short latino Nikko Bravo. Chavalier dominates Bravo easily, fucking him in several positions on a large couch. No oral cumshots here, however.

The movie ends with Jones, also the director, giving the green light to Adrian Long and Hayden Colby. This must have been the first time behind the camera for both models. We see real sex machines here, who are not so coiffed and scrubbed for the professional gay porn camera as seen in subsequent videos.

Mr. Long's big curly hair makes him look like he could be playing for the Canadian rock band Rush. This scene is the only one of the set with a real newcomer vibe. Altogether it's a hot sex scene, and the groovy modern furniture they are fucking around helps out, too!

Do not miss Long's explosive multi-spurt cum shot at the very end.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Edji Da Silva tops Johnny Venture
  2. Franco Ferrari and Kyle Quinn flip-flop
  3. Nick Ford tops Brandon Jones
  4. Max Chevalier tops Nikko Brave
  5. Adrian Long tops Hayden Colby
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Newcummers Photos:

Franco Ferrari tops Kyle Quinn Watch on LucasEntertainment
Franco Ferrari tops Kyle Quinn
Max Chevalier tops Nikko Brave Watch on LucasEntertainment
Max Chevalier tops Nikko Brave
Nick Ford tops Brandon Jones Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Nick Ford tops Brandon Jones
Adrian Long tops Hayden Colby Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Adrian Long tops Hayden Colby

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