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Naughty Pines 1 & 2

Tony DiMarco
Falcon Studios   FVP 246
, Johnny V , , , , , Zack Randall , Colt Rivers , Mike Gaite , Luke Adams , , Jeremy Walker ,
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Naughty Pines Falcon Studios

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A Camping We Will Go..

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

"Empty your glass containers, gentlemen, and welcome to Naughty Pines!

We are one of those all-male clothing optional retreats where you and your boyfriend can spend an unforgettable weekend driving a steak through the heart of what remains of your relationship. Please note the public areas where big muscle men cavort and play leapfrog out in broad daylight.

On your left is "The Fuck Tent", stocked with lube and condoms."

Combining both DVD films together, Naughty Pines is a ten scene tour de force from director Tony Dimarco that's stocked with tall trees and tent fucking. Here you can witness the freedom that comes with sex in the great outdoors, the camaraderie by the roaring campfire, and the thrill of voyeurism. And, yes, this was filmed at an actual resort in Northern California named Naughty Pines.

The tallest tree in the forest is a sexy Falcon Studios exclusive named Sean Zevran, who's face is pictured on the Naughty Pines 1 dvd boxcover. Great looking all around, this dark-skinned stud has both a great body and camera presence. Sexually, Zevran comes out great in this video: he picks up Luke Adams and Topher Dimaggio. Not bad at all!

Welcome Back, Zack!

Naughty Pines starts off with a bang when Ryan Rose seduces the fantastic-looking Zack Randall into his bed. (Or is it the other way around?) Yes, this is the same Mr. Randall who broke everyones' hearts' with his good looks in the mid 2000's classic The Intern (also directed by Tony DiMarco) and Paradise Found from Buckshot Productions.

This being 2015, his biggest difference seems to be he's hairier. Seizing the day, Rose goes down on Randall's uncut cock. Then he fucks him. (This is the first of two enthusiastic top man shows Rose puts on in Naughty Pines.)

Ryan Rose and Zack RandallWatch on or Watch Now
Ryan Rose tops Zack Randall
It comes as no surprise that Connor Maguire's at a place like this. He walks out of the shower with a semi hard on, and that's enough to pull Mike Gaite out of the book he's reading.

Maguire gives his new friend a special warm welcome in what can only be described as "The Fuck Tent", a spacious and breezy outdoor tent furnished with a soft, roomy bed on the inside. Maguire brings his own tent pole.

Gaite ends up being a lovely foil to Mr. Maguire. In a high moment, Gaite rides Maguire at length seated in the man's sturdy saddle. The reddish-blond top unloads his multi shot serving of man cream in Gaite's mouth.

Next, in a separate part of the camp, we find Brian Bonds all alone pleasuring himself. His naked activity draws the attention of an equally matched scruffy faced fellow from the woods - Chris Bines. Bines asks Bonds, "What's up?" as if that's not glaringly obvious.

The horned-up lumbersexuals copulate in a joyous flip-flop fuck starting with Bond on the receiving end. Bonds moans and groans while impaled. When the bottom decided he's gotten enough, he flips Bines around and drills his ass. Bines cums on his back getting fucked by Bonds, who pulls out and rains his own cum down upon a newly formed lake of spooge.

In these dry times in the Golden State, it's a wonder they didn't start an actual fire.

Meanwhile, they've attracts the attention of Luke Adams and Colt Rivers. Adams, who seems to be crawling all over the campsite trying to see the sexy action, has Rivers falling right into his lap.

Their connection is limited to oral sucking - Rivers blasts a big load in Adams mouth. Maybe Adams is holding off because he's secretly yearning for Sean Zevran on this trip.

Part One ends with Adams finally getting what he wanted. Zevran invites Adams into the Fuck Tent, where he gets to finally get his hands on that long, uncut dick. Zevran fucks Adams' muscular bubble butt in multiple hot positions.

It's difficult to figure out what the story is supposed to be here, but I think Adams' successful tryst constituted him cheating on his boyfriend. Naughty, indeed!

Sean Zevran tops Luke AdamsWatch on or Watch Now
Sean Zevran tops Luke Adams

Naughty Pines 2: Out of the Frying Pan

Falcon's second Naughty Pines dvd adds five more scenes to the story. (Story? Actually it looks like the producers abandoned the story.) Hunker down to another one hundred minutes of watching our heroes enjoying more adventures in the great California outdoors. The second video is a showcase of sorts for brawny RandyBlue model Jeremy Walker, who has two scenes here.

The film begins with Walker awakening by himself in his little tent. Stretching, he's ready to take on the day. When we say day, we mean the tails and mouths of two of the camp's eager beaver bottoms - Chris Bines and Brian Bonds, although Walker's scene with Bonds is an all-oral suck off in the woods.

Perhaps Walker's looking for an early breakfast, but he appears happy to find Bines passing by in the woods. Things quickly start cooking.

After sucking Walker through his boxers, Bines bends over. First he takes an exploratory finger, followed by an engorged cock. The much larger Walker makes mincemeat of Bines ass.

Meet Pinetop Topher

After this we learn that Topher Dimaggio hangs out at this campsite as well. And here he's hanging all the way out, right down to skinny dipping in the outdoor pool. In a hot episode, he cruises Zevran from afar, pulling him over to the pool as if he were a powerful magnet.

They kiss and make out. After this, Zevran stands up on the railing and offers up his ass to the fully aroused Dimaggio. In what is arguably the hottest scene of the film, Dimaggio delivers a first-rate standing standing doggie fuck to the moaning Falcon exclusive.

Topher Dimaggio tops Sean ZevranWatch on | Watch Now
Topher Dimaggio tops Sean Zevran
Ryan Rose tops Johnny VWatch on | Watch Now
Ryan Rose tops Johnny V

Meet Pinetop Johnny

Good luck trying to get some hot water later on, because the showers fill up with Falcon Exclusives who are using all resources available to cruise each other and fuck.

Johnny V is Falcon's new red head who comes equipped with killer abs and a hungry ass. Considering this, what's Ryan Rose to do?

Director DiMarco takes us through an enjoyable man to man cruising in the shower session, followed by an intense round of oral foreplay. Watching Rose service his new friend here is hot to watch.

Then Johnny V just bends over, signalling Rose to take control. Rose fucks him through several hot positions.

For the end of the film, we see the shower sex igniting passions between boyfriends Colt Rivers and Owen Michaels. Honestly, I wish we'd seen a little more non-sex plot with these two. It would have added more to their hook up and helped viewers leave the movie like they've finished it.

As it is, watching this it all just suddenly stops. So are Rivers and Michaels going to live happily ever after? Will Sean Zevran ever settle down? How many more tricks does Brian Bonds have up his sleeve? His butt is certainly barrel strength.

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Naughty Pines 1 & 2 Photos:

Jeremy Walker and Chris BinesWatch on or Watch Now
Jeremy Walker and Chris Bines
Colt Rivers rides Owen MichaelsWatch on or Watch Now
Colt Rivers rides Owen Michaels

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