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My Doctor Sucks

Christian Owen
Hot House Entertainment   HH088
Landon Conrad , Brandon Jones , Angelo Brada , Angel Rock , , Jeremy Stevens , Lance Luciano , Leo Domenico , , Trenton Ducati
Interracial SexLatinosRimmingHunksMedical Fetish

My Doctor Sucks

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If you fuck your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

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What's been happening on "Hot House Hospital"? Did administrator Emily Kimberley reveal herself as Edward Kimberley? Is whats-her-name having a baby? Are Luke and Laura getting married? Not exactly.

My Doctor Sucks is a healthy five-scene soap depicting the studio's continuing pursuit of the gay porn medical fetish. We must say, Jimmy Durano looks amazingly svelte wearing suspenders, knotted tie and white doctor's robe. He leads a ward that seems eternally dedicated to solving all medical problems using the finely honed skills of oral sex, proctology and colonoscopies. This place must go through vats of lubricating jelly.

The first patient of the day is bald-headed Angelo, who's stopped by because of a sore throat. He's attended to by the friendly Brandon Jones, who after some throat touching decides that the best thing to do is to use his uncut cock to thrust away any problematic bacteria that could be living in Angelo's throat.

Angelo quickly takes control, letting Jones suck his own uncut club, followed by a heavy hammering of the nurse's butt. He finishes with a roaring orgasm, squeezing a ton of thick cum out of his juicy cock like a tube of KY jelly.

Brandon Jones and AngeloWatch on - Watch VOD
Angelo's doctor sucks!

Bottom's First Colonoscopy

Over in the next room, Doctor Durano informs patient Jeremy Stevens that after looking at his x-rays, he must have a colonoscopy. The well-dressed Italian assures his patient that once he shaves the area, they can start the procedure.

"I'm the top doctor around here."
- Dr. Jimmy Durano
"I'm the top doctor around here!" brags Durano.

At this point, viewers are regaled with ass shaving foreplay, followed by anal probing with metal medical instruments. This immediately causes Steven's penis to sprout a rock hard-on. In a hot visual, Durano strokes his patient's stiff erection with his latex gloved hand.

Durano impressively gets all of Stevens' thick cock down his throat. In the blink of an eye, the doctor has a latex glove on his cock. Durano shoves it in. It's a great pairing: a dirty blond with a raven-haired Latino, and both have beautiful thick cocks.

Standing doggie, Stevens' hands twist and turn examination bed's sheets. Durano pounds harder, faster. The top fucks him like this until he pulls out and cums. In a hot finish, the bottom leans back as Durano jacks a load out of him.

My Doctor Sucks Three Way Watch on - Watch VOD
Lance Luciano's doctors suck
Trenton Ducati sucks Landon Conrad Watch on - Watch VOD
My Doctor Sucks!

Fixing Lance's Plumbing

It requires two hospital staff to resurrect Lance Luciano's fallen staff. After arriving complaining of erection problems, it takes the slightest of touching by Jones in Luciano's anal region to make things stiffen.

"They don't call me 'El Toro' for nothing."
- Angel Rock
Medical professional Angel Rock oversees the operation, who, once he determines Luciano's recovery is progressing smoothly, he pops his fat Cuban cock out of his pants. Rock reminds me of the devastatingly hot Cuban guys who would show up in Kristen Bjorn's movies when he still filmed in Miami. (Hot Times in Little Havana)

Soon, Rock's unwrapping the condoms. He's lodges his cock inside Luciano's chute, as Luciano plugs Nurse Jones. Rock's immense sexual masculinity and Luciano's versatility shine. Both guys are porn stars worth watching.

Rock swaps back and forth fucking Luciano and Jones before cumming. Next, Doctor Trenton Ducati is on his way out the door when nurse Landon Conrad confides in him about urination problems. "Are we the only one's here?" asks the doctor.

On the desk with his pants off, Conrad receives a fantastic rimjob from Ducati, who uses his tongue like a ninja master. His flicking wet tongue has Conrad's dick completely hard.

Conrad doesn't have to move at all. Staying in the same position on his back, Ducati's erection begs to be unlocked from his pants. Conrad takes every inch of Ducati's curved kudgel. Near the end of the scene, Conrad confesses, "It was just a setup to get you to fuck me."

Aren't they all setups at Hot House Hospital?

How to Fix Lower Back Pain

For the fifth and final scene, sporto Connor Kline appears at the hospital seeking an intimate examination from Rock. Unfortunately, the crafty bottom's scheme gets sidelined when he's assigned to Rock's substitute, Leo Dominico.

Kline complains of lower back pain, but what he wants is to get fucked. It is true - Dominico has big shoes to fill. Fortunately, he comes through like a champ.

Dominico runs his man hands over Kline's lower back, Sliding further down, Dominico caressing the patient's supple ass cheeks. They enjoy a lengthy bout of mutual masturbation, followed by some fine cock sucking.

Domenico hisses, "Let me take care of your ass, " pushing Kline down against the examination bed. Kline's ass is an immense problem to tackle, and he takes care of it just fine. Things get even hotter when Kline asks Domenico if he can fuck him, and he accepts. In a hot visual, Domenico rides him atop the bed. Their versatile flip-flop comes as a complete surprise, propelling the film to a great finish.

My Doctor Sucks nicely captures a variety of fetishes for the viewer's amusement. Hot House continues with its signature medical fetish sex sagas, but there's also a nice bit of men wearing suits, uniforms, workplace hook-ups and even a bit of shaving.

The sexual action at Hot House Hospital is an always entertaining drama. Tune in next time to see what turns are in store for its sexy cast of patients and fortitude.

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My Doctor Sucks Photos:

My Doctor Sucks Three WayWatch on - Watch VOD
Angel Rock, Lance Luciano, Brandon Jones
Landon Conrad and Trenton DucatiWatch on - Watch VOD
Trenton Ducati inspects Landon Conrad
Leo Dominico and Connor KlineWatch on - Watch VOD
Leo Dominico above Connor Kline

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