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Moving Up

Bruno Bond
Falcon Studios   FVP 251
, Theo Ford , , Andrea Suarez , Brenner Bolton ,
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Moving Up FVP 251

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Up in the Air

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

You're going to love this sleek, brightly-lit movie from Falcon Studios. Moving Up contains five scenes of fucking and sucking from six stellar guys. Their lusts literally appear to be taking place high up in the heavens, in a modern apartment with a birds eye view of the urban American West behind them via a wall-to-wall window.

This Falcon Video Pac signals that Darius Fardynand is this year's go-to man for Olympian man-to-man sex. He's clearly the peak of perfection, equally talented as top as he is a bottom.

Just inches behind on our subjective measurement scale is the dashingly handsome Brent Corrigan. He's is currently a Falcon exclusive and worth every penny that he's being paid. Corrigan starts the film in the lap of another beautiful Apollonian, Theo Ford.

From the scene's starting moments, their kissing is a real turn on. Corrigan can sure fill out a pair of underwear. He delights in working over Ford's beautiful uncut cock. It's a beautiful tool we soon discover that Ford wields expertly well.

It's difficult to decide what's the star of the scene: Corrigan's ass or Ford's cock? They stick to their original lap position forever like they are someone glued together in key parts. Everyone's eyes will stay glued to them as well.

Theo Ford Moving UpWatch on | Watch Now
Theo Ford in Moving Up
Theo Ford tops Brent CorriganWatch on | Watch Now
Theo Ford tops Brent Corrigan

Meet Andrea Suarez

After this, things move from the romantic to the super sexual. Darius Ferdynand is paired with a new guy to the scene, a dark-haired Spaniard named Andrea Suarez. These two Europeans effortlessly move the sexual action into the level of fuck frenzy.

They begin by working over each other's uncut cocks. Both of their phalluses are truly very easy to worship. For awhile one wonders which one is going to bottom, but then we remember - Suarez is the new guy.

Let's get really high and fuck!
Ferdynand is excellent at showing him the ropes. At length, Suarez his dick bent over the arm of a white leather couch. Ferdynand fucks him like an animal, to which the bottom responds in kind.

Flipped over onto his back, Suarez stays on edge seemingly forever before he cums. And then he cums all over himself.

Suarez's orgasm is equally matched by the top's own water sprinkler, high flying money shot.

Theo Ford tops Brent CorriganWatch on or Watch Now
Theo Ford tops Brent Corrigan

Theo's Boltin' Bolton

The third scene features an encore performance from Mr. Ford, whose rapidly becoming this movie's superstar. Where did he learn those fucking skills?

Director Bruno Bond has matched the power top with an equal in bed. The model's name is Brenner Bolton, and his ass is a lubricated piston engine.

Bolton is one hot guy to watch get fucked, especially on this new shag rug that's been unfurled for their intimate duet. Ford rams Bolton at length throughout this mesmerizing episode.

Ford's fucking step-by-step takes the bottom up to full erection, followed by him cumming while getting fucked. The top follows this by pulling off his condom and adding to the lake of cum that's pooling all over Bolton's lower abs.

Moving Up Owen's Butt

Moving Up's fourth scene offers yet another solid treat - seeing Owen Michael's butt moving up and down on the returning Ferdynand's dick. Michaels is really hot stuff, and since we've usually seen him top, watching him flip is a welcome surprise. This also re-emphasizes the fact that Mr. Ferdynand is one of the sexiest and best all-around porn stars working in the industry today. (Does anyone else remember him when he was a newbie working in England for Blake Mason?

Their scene is over thirty minutes, which means that after Owens gets his barge-like muscular ass fucked, he throws Ferdynand's legs apart and returns the favor.

Michaels' cum shot, a powerful volley of spooge which he points and shoots onto the Hungarian's stunning abs, takes the film to a real photo finish.

But actually, this opera isn't over yet. Added to the end of the video is an all-oral one on one between the returning Mr. Suarez and Mr. Ford. Are we in this man's house? It's a quickie video featuring the two taking turns photographing each other with their phone. It isn't a bad ending. It's more of a coming down coda after the previous cataclysmic climax between Michaels and Ferdynand.

Maybe there's something about that air up there. Falcon's Moving Up is a jet set video from start to finish. Viewers will swoon to watching Ford strutting his top man stuff. It was very nice of the studio locate this Olympian fucker up in the clouds so that he could be in this hot movie.

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Moving Up Photos:

Theo Ford tops Darius FerdynandWatch on or Watch Now
Theo Ford tops Darius Ferdynand
Andrea Suarez below Darius FerdynandWatch on or Watch Now
Andrea Suarez below Darius Ferdynand
Owen Michaels rides Darius FerdynandWatch on or Watch Now
Owen Michaels rides Darius Ferdynand

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