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Men Seeking Men 2

Nica Noelle
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Adam Russo , , Andrew Fitch , Alexander Greene , , , Brandon Wilde
Daddy / BoyDaddies / MenTheme: Romance

Men Seeking Men 2

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When You Wish Upon a Porn Star

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Nica Noelle takes us into the world of awkward first date dinners, guilt-ridden priests and sham heterosexual marriages. It's a page-turner that even includes bringing back Brendan Patrick's homosexual father-figure in Forgive Me Father 2 for two of the four episodes.

Hail! Hail! The gang's all here!

Things get interesting right off the bat when Patrick's seated at a bistro table across from the handsome Alexander Greene. Why pamper life's complexity with this charming man when all Patrick has to do is take him home tonight?

In Patrick's bedroom, they kiss. Greene removes his underwear revealing a huge cock, which he uses to pillory Patrick in his squeaky bed. Patrick's masculine bottoming is the perfect foil to the youthful, hung young man fucking him. It's a fine opener.

Alexander Greene tops Brendan Patrick Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Alexander Greene tops Brendan Patrick
Two weeks of texting and selfies, and now - here you are!
- Billy Santoro

Meet Sam Truitt

Personally, Billy Santoro has never really been my cup of tea, but watching him verbally seduce Sam Truitt in a nightclub bathroom grabbed my attention. "You're prettier in person!" Santoro exclaims to Truitt.

After lots of making out, Santoro gets the kid in his bed, taking full control of his hairy ass crack. In a hot visual, Santoro fucks Truitt flat on his stomach kissing him from behind. Truitt appears equally turned on spinning his lithe body all over Santoro's hard dick.

This is easily the best thing I've seen Santoro in yet.

Billy Santoro and Sam Truitt Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Billy Santoro and Sam Truitt

Missionary Positions Available

Patrick the soon-to-be-priest returns for the third episode, this time with bald-headed beauty Adam Russo in tow. They spend the first couple of minutes bickering back and forth about their past. These two have some issues!

This doesn't keep Patrick from achieving his goal, which is getting Russo's fat cock in his mouth. Russo proceeds to fuck him in several hot positions, during which the bottom cannot stop moaning.

Patrick shouts, "Here I cum, baby!", and blows a great money shot of thick, white cream.

"You upper class types were always my weakness."
- Brendan Patrick

The Long Goodbye

Arguably the best video of the set comes at the end when we find two "best friends" dealing with separation by sleeping together. Brunet Andrew Fitch and blond Brandon Wilde both look like they come direct from BRO central casting, so watching them slowly collide in their first kiss is riveting.

Wilde's tight, hairless ass handles Fitch's hefty tool with ease. Fitch easily dominates Wilde fucking him missionary and flat on his back. The top unloads a splashy orgasm that looks so tasty, Wilde open his mouth hoping to catch some. Their passions conclude with the two guys holding each other in a tight embrace.


Men Seeking Men 2 contains lots of sexy man-on-man footage, wrapped-up in storyline dialogue worthy of a dime store romance novel. Forget beyond heaving bosoms. This is all about heaving buttocks!

You can download the full movie on FriskyFilms VOD.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Alexander Greene tops Brendan Patrick
  2. Billy Santoro tops Sam Truitt
  3. Adam Russo tops Brendan Patrick
  4. Andrew Fitch tops Brandon Wilde

Men Seeking Men 2 Photos:

Adam Russo tops Brendan Patrick Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Adam Russo behind Brendan Patrick
Alexander Greene Watch on IconMale
Alexander Greene
Billy Santoro Watch on IconMale
Billy Santoro
Andrew Fitch and Brandon Wilde Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Andrew Fitch and Brandon Wilde
Men Seeking Men 2 Preview

Billy Santoro and Sam Truitt
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