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Men Factory

Jorg Andreas
Cazzo Films   038
Fred Faurtin , Clark Houston , Carioca , David Castan , Nicolas Torri , Josh Rubens , , Axel Ryder
FistingMen of Germany / BerlinKink / Sextoys

Men Factory 038

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This Ain't Warhol's Factory

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

How can a movie set in a filthy, abandoned factory be so arousing? Remember, Men Factory is filmed by Germans, who've mastered turning austerity into a way of life and lust.

The laborers in this dessicated sex factory would make for an amazing set of murals to be painted by a modern day Diego Rivera. But for now, everyone should be happy settling for the Bruno Gmudner coffee table photo book depicting these same models posing on this same set, which is also titled Men Factory.

Starring in this threepenny opera is an American named Clark Houston, a great-looking young man who, curiously, hasn't filmed anything since. Houston may be young, but his innocense has already been lost. A delicious passive, he unflinchingly takes everything thrown at him in two of the film's five scenes. Cazzo Films regular Fred Faurtin joins Houston for these adventures, and together they make the perfect royal couple in this sex club warehouse.

Men Factory is also a showcase for Brazilian top man Carioca (aka Marko Brenos from Kristen Bjorn movies). He uses his beautiful body to pound out two happy bottoms. But this isn't your usual assembly line.

Lured by Matthieu Paris

The movie begins with a torrid three way, athat could be the best advertisement for leather chaps recorded on film. David Castan and Nicolas Torri ascend a set of stairs to discover the shaved and depraved Matthieu Paris waiting for them.

Are the coming up to fuck the mega bottom Monsieur Paris? Oui!

But that's not all. Everyone's wearing chaps, so not only does Paris get fucked and fisted, so does Nicolas Torri. Near the end, Mr. Faurtin appears and looks at the fisting threesome.

Does Tom Novy DJ in this factory?
This gets him all hot and bothered for the next scene when he removes boy Houston from his leash. Keep in mind, Faurtin is German, so he's exceptionally reserved at showing emotion. When he first appears in the room and gazes at Houston chailed to metal, you might think of Michael Myers from Halloween.

Faurtin makes Houston lick his bare feet, followed by sucking his thick cock. Faurtin tears off Houston's jeans, and immediately starts eating out his jockstrap-clad butt.

In a riveting display, he tops the submissive Houston in several hot positions. The sequence with Houston flat on his back using the metal bed as an impromptu sling is fantastic.

Fred Faurtin tops Clark Houston Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Fred Faurtin tops Clark Houston

Carioca Wins the Joust

Next we're treated to a jousting competition between the suited-up and oiled Axel Ryder versus Carioca. (aka Alex Ryder vs. Breno Lopez) After Carioca jabs him with his stick, Ryder goes down on his knees to suck the Brazilian's other stick.

The top means business here, and the guys - who both keep their gear shoulder pads on throughout - fuck in several memorable positions. They make creative use of a conveniently placed workout bench, which is good because otherwise there's no reason for it to be in this shell shocked empty factory building.

Ryker stretches back on his comfortable perch, taking it like a man, until Carioca pulls out and cums all over his partner's engorged, uncut erection.

Ricardo at the Rave

What happened to our favorite couple Houston and Faurtin from earlier? It turns out they enter an empty room and discover bald-headed Ricardo Safado dancing in leather chaps to disco music.

This triggers a madcap chase through the factory, ending with our heroes catching Mr. Safado and fucking him silly. By the time they catch the dancer, Safado's cock has stiffened to its full length.

They all trade blow jobs which incites to Houston play the top man. He slides his own cock into Safado's smooth ass. After fucking him, Houston and Faurtin stand over the bottom. They synchronize their orgasms and blow simultaneous money shots that leave Safado's back drenched.

The movie ends with Carioca showering off all the men sex he's had, when suddenly, Josh Rubens appears. Of course, it's a cinch for the devilish muscle stud to entice Carioca to get all dirty again. Rubens finds a convenient sling-bed where he can stretch out, legs apart in his black jockstrap.

Carioca goes to town. Rubens is a fine bottom, and Carioca pounds his ass until he's ready to come. Walking over to Rubens' front side, the top dumps a big, sticky load on the the bottoms smooth, muscular chest.

To see what comes out of this factory, you should buy and watch the movie. If you still want more, get the book.

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Men Factory Photos:

Carioca tops Axel Ryder Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Carioca tops Axel Ryder
Fred Faurtin tops Clark Houston Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Fred Faurtin tops Clark Houston
Fred Faurtin and Clark Houston Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Matt Hughes and Jenson Lomax
Carioca (Breno Lopez) Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Carioca (Breno Lopez)
Clark Houston tops Ricardo Safado Watch on Club Cazzo or Watch VOD
Clark Houston tops Ricardo Safado

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