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Manfuck Manifesto

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
, Blake Daniels , Brad McGuire , Bruno , Calvin Ames , Damon Dogg , Dennis , , Dimitri , Ethan Wolfe , , Jack Allen , Jackson Taylor , James , Jay Elliott , John Sullivan , , Max Sanchez , Noah Foxx , Ray Dalton , Tennessee , Ty Roberts , Wade Stone
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Manfuck Manifesto

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First load at four. Film at eleven.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Manfuck Manifesto isn't exactly a manifesto. On that level, it's a bit disappointing. (The award for best gay porn manifesto still goes to Chris Ward's Manifesto from Raging Stallion featuring porn-star-turned-legitimate actor Francois Sagat). But we're being really picky. Coming in at two hours and ten minutes over ten sex scenes, it still contains ample amounts of fine man sex.

Manfuck continues the trend we first observed in What I Can't See 3: Treasure Island is casting a new generation of bottoms who combine insouciance with a unique sex appeal, all folded into the Treasure Island story. These guys brings a new energy, which is palpable.

Two of these new figures include a fine doe eyed bottom beauty named Jackson Taylor, as well as the returning John Sullivan, who plays a ferocious game of catch with the hung B.J. SLater. And because this time Sullivan is not continuously blindfolded like in his previous video, we get to see his steely eyes.

Horny Horny Jackson Taylor

Manifesto's sweetest surprise happens at the very start of the film. (That's right, Treasure Island serves dessert first.) Jackson Taylor is a quiet, unassuming young man who explains up front that growing up he was a willing sexual toy to those around him. Hence the "First Load at Four" subtitle of his scene with Ethan Wolfe, who attacks and conquers the willing prey.

Taylor's sexual power is intoxicating because it looks effortless. He's beautiful. And Wolfe fucking him is akin to watching a man sodomizing an exquisite Michelangelo sculpture of the male nude.

In the room the tops come and go. Talking of Michelangelo.

Jackson Taylor and Ethan WolfeWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Ethan Wolfe explores Jackson Taylor
After this, comes the film's gang bang, which begins with the written legend, "Don't tell my boyfriend that I'm letting all these guys fuck me for free." So which one in this group is the hooker?

It's Blake Daniels. Daniels is a sex professional, whose been fucking on film like the Energizer Bunny for over ten years. Salted into the group is "Jay Elliot", i.e.. The Fucktard, who apparently hadn't yet earned his now famous moniker. This preview shows that he's a fabulous fucker.

Elliot and the guys (Calvin, Dennis, Ray Dalton, and the hot latino Max Sanchez) occupy themselves sucking each other's dicks until Mr. Daniels appears. He's dressed to kill, head shaved, silky smooth skin and hot black jock strap. It takes mere seconds for them to jump on him.

By the time Sanchez gets in him, the bottom's hole has become visibly spermy. A whiff of poppers allows him to get through a riotous double penetration from Sanchez and Dalton, followed by Elliot, followed by Dennis...) Then Jackson stretches out on his back, opens his legs as the guys systematically, one by one in order, blow the loads up his ass. What-a-hole!

All the models properly hit their ques here, putting this scene at the very top of this manifesto.

 Blake Daniels GangbangWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Blake Daniels Gangbang

For Your Entertainment: Upset Couples

Ty Roberts snakes his long tongue into cute little Noah Foxx's nether region for some mouthwatering rimming. The golden brown skin bottom is a delight to watch get fucked. He grips the bed and grits his teeth when Roberts slides inside his tight butt, and the top gives him no time to relax and open up for him.

Actually if you watch closely you will see both guys moving through sets of facial contortions. Roberts keeps pouring sweat, especially close to his money shot. It would be great seeing either or both models in additional sexy action on film.

After this comes "Abuse 2" starring, of course, Brad McGuire. Paired with a dishwater blond bottom named Tennessee, they go through a grunge sex session that would have looked right at home with Berlin's sex pigs. They fuck in a desolate looking, metal room. The noise of traffic passes by.

Amidst a torrent of spitting and dirty talk, McGuire slams him hard, pressed into a stained, old couch. Whatever works. McGuire is totally on for this, and newcomer Tennessee clearly looks thrilled that his lifelong desire to be barebacked by the legendary porn star is being fulfilled. After McGuire knocks him up, he keeps fucking the bottom until he comes. Where's Brad McGuire in all of this? He's coming! He's coming! He's coming inside a skinny bottom named Cooper, along with Steve Parker, Devlin Michaels and Fyerfli in another one of the movie's scenes that was filmed a few years earlier, but the studio had banked until the release of their next What I Can't See extravaganza.

Noah Foxx and Ty RobertsWatch on NakedSword or Watch VOD
The Feast of Noah (Noah Foxx)

Masculine Boy Bottoms Take It All

Hello, boys and girls. This is the time in the film when we watch and talk about "Dad's Load". Dad (Derek Anthony from Breeding Season 2) has some fatherly stress to take out on a willing boy. Director Paul Morris scores the perfect play pal for Anthony with the handsome, smooth Dimitri.

Dimitri proves receptive to everything Anthony has to give. He's got a beautiful ass; you can see it's tightness in the high def resolution as he clamps down on the top's rigid prick. He's the perfect Treasure Island boy receptacle for the sexual male animal. Watching them make love in the comfortable looking (hotel room) bed is quite tender. Once again, kudos to director Morris and his casting agency for scoring a perfect cast.

Next comes one of the movie's more ambitious experiments - two bottoms, one top. B.J. Slater does his best to satisfy what are two good looking jock strap clad mega-bottoms, Bruno and James (Don't tell me, they are a real life couple?). Honestly for this reviewer the lighter haired bottom keeps getting in the way, because the Latino is hot. Here is yet another one of the "new generation" bottoms we've been talking about.

The Latino gets Slater's load, cumming deep inside him. He cums a lot too, judging by the copious amounts of fluid he squirts back out of his ass. Can we get more of this Latin mega bottom please?

Manfuck Manifesto has three more episodes. Ian Jay gets tussled and thrown around by a new, scruffy faced top who sports a small pony tail named Jack Allen. Ray Dalton and Matt Sizemore have a sweaty one on one together - older guys fucking each other senseless.

Finally, the video ends (it's tenth scene!) with a nice surprise - Damon Dogg hops out from behind the camera and gets fucked by a hot Black guy. In deference to Mr. Dogg's infamous cock sucking fetish, they very quickly move to heated anal action. This may have been the first time I've even seen Dogg getting fucked. Either way, he's really turned on. Just as happy taking a cock up his ass as down his throat.

It makes you wonder what took so long, but honestly Dogg's primary position with Treasure Island has been cameraman, not spread eagle. That is, until this year. After this final voyage, Dogg left the studio, moving over to Factory Video. Manfuck Manifesto closes with a truly spunk-filled and heartfelt good bye to Dogg.

As for the rest of this sprawling, seed-filled movie, there is plenty to howl about. Look for Jackson Taylor rising to higher sexual performance levels in TIM's 2012 follow-up, Fucktards. (Have you seen our review of What I Can't See 3?)

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Manfuck Manifesto Photos:

Brad McGuire tops TennesseeWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Tennessee's under the thumb of Brad McGuire
Derek Anthony tops DimitriWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Boy Butt Galore: Derek Anthony tops Dimitri

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