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Man Cunt

Liam Cole
Treasure Island Media  
, Aitor Crash , Keiran , Morgan Black , Rio Silver , , Nathan Gear , Dominic Sol , Ben Statham , Nick Peyton , Sam Porter , Fraser Jacs , McKenzie Cross , Johnny Rico , Ravi Kahn , Sydney Phoenix , Matteo Valentine , Bruce Jordan
Bareback SexBathhouse / Sex ClubOrgyMen of England / British GuysWatersportsFetish: Jock Straps

Man Cunt Treasure Island

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Take It Up The Dear Old Blighty

Reviewed by on - 3.5 Out of 5 Stars

Man Cunt sees the internationally acclaimed producing studio Treasure Island Media returning again to Blighty for this latest bareback sex collection. TIM's go-to director of hot English action is Liam Cole, and he is back with this collection of 7 scenes that attempt to remind us that although debauched tops and nasty bottoms live on every continent of this beloved planet of ours, they might just be concentrated on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Pearly-whites flashing hot bloke Keiran opens up the movie for us with the sketchy details of his last fling, and he then quite literally opens up the first Man-Cunt in this collection. It belongs to hairy buzz-cut bottom Nick Peyton who houses his man-cunt it in a sleek black "open all hours" jockstrap.

Peyton proves himself to be quite the sexual gymnast, and he is so talented with his leg movements they surpass the hands of a clock for sheer dexterity, and Peyton has sex like he himself has 24 hour accessibility. And he deep throats Keiran's fattie like a pro.

But ignoring Peyton's skills and the bulky hot body and thick weighty meat belonging to Keiran, there is nothing particularly novel about this scene, and for me it was one of the weaker selections on Man-Cunt. Why it was chosen for an opener I don't know.

"Lito And Sam Fuck Jorge" fares a bit better. Jorge Ballaninos (Eric's Raw Fuck Tapes 4) is the masculine bottom in question - pictured on the cover of this release, and TIM veteran Lito Cruz double-teams him with newcummer Sam Porter. Particularly hot is the Spanish dialog - with subtitles - and the fact they all are completely enjoying this menage-a-trois, which translates to great viewing action.

Cruz dark brown cock penetrates Ballaninos hole in almost one fell swoop, and it's a beauty to behold on the screen. Especially as Porter's hands come into view and part the cheeks apart to allow Cruz full and proper access to his man-cunt.

Porter, by the way, is an almost completely bald top, and it's hot as fuck watching him pummel the living daylights out of Ballaninos well-worn ass with a huge uncut piece of meat.

Ok, so this well-tattooed trio mix is American-Spanish (and heavily tattooed), and not remotely British, but who cares. It's hot and gets the mood going for the following sequences, even if it might have been placed on the wrong DVD.

Lito Cruz Jorge Ballantinos Sam PorterWatch | Download from Treasure Island
Lito Cruz, Jorge Ballantinos and Sam Porter

Are You Being Perved?

But the true stand out of Man-Cunt comes next. Hard-On London Sex Club will prove to be the most divisive offering on this disc, not least because it's the most unique. It was filmed on the 10th anniversary of a genuine London sex club which has a strict dress code of leather, rubber, skin, boots, sports kit, jockstraps or nudity.

So you know what you're going to be in for just based on that alone.

The scene naturally gets straight into the action, roaming cameras display each little seedy cubby-hole of the club, and the guys who enjoy fucking here.

Some of the pricks are huge, the men are varied (eagle-eyed viewers might notice Keiran from scene one), and leather harnesses and jock-strapped bottoms abound. A staged scene for the 10th anniversary attracts onlooker and photographers, and soon degenerates into an all-out orgy in the sex club.

The dom/sub, fetish and watersports dynamic won't be to every one's tastes, but boy is that 21 year old bottom-boy newbie Nathan Gear a fucking hot boy if ever we saw one! And that doesn't begin to describe him. He will be back, we're sure.

Grainy images that ooze seediness come next with "Frazer Flip-Fucks McKenzie," showcasing Fraser Jacs and McKenzie Cross, who both have equally impressive looks, veiny suckable manhoods and versatile skills. If you want to feel like you're looking through a glory hole at some nasty man on man bareback action, you could do much worse than checking out this scene.

A Night at London Hard On Sex ClubWatch | Download from Treasure Island
Who's the Man Cunt at London's Hard On Sex Club?
Scene one's Keiran turns into a total suck fiend for edible and dressed to kill blonde-guy Johnny Rico (and his tasty looking uncut cock) in another nasty spit-fuelled dom/sub scene that surprisingly forgets the title of the movie and keeps the action strictly oral. But you'll forgive this overlook when you see his extra wide penis shoot wads of cum all over Keiran's face.

In what has to be the our favorite scene of the movie (not least because that super-sexy sub bottom Nathan Gear is the man-cunt in question here), power top Rio Silver positively forces himself and his cock onto and into our cute willing sub boy Gear.

Just try and keep your cock soft when Silver is squatting over the laid out Gear, and using his cock like a fucking piston.

Super-sexy sub bottom Nathan Gear is the man-cunt.
If you happen to see the stills of this on, they do NOT do the scene, or boy-hole Gear justice.

You just have to see him slutting himself out in full motion here to truly appreciate beauty and the beast. It is quite a long and varied sequence considering its just two of them, and if you're anything like us you'll be glad of the extra length.

There's a concluding threesome starring Dominic Sol and Morgan Black who fuck their wads of cum deep inside skinhead bottom Ben Stratham. The moaning is real, the sexual chemistry between this trio palpable, and the verbal asides make the sequence quite hot.

Man-Cunt contains some amazing scenes and action, but overall it just feels like a disjointed affair, like a number of extra scenes intended for other movies were collected together here. Which is a shame. TIM movies (and Cole's previous efforts) switch between scenes all the time, but they have a certain connected feeling that is lacking here. If you like to stick on a scene, have a wank, and turn it off - this will work for you, but TIM has set the bar so high when they occasionally falter it is felt.

And the worst crime here? Putting in an oral-only scene into a movie named Man-Cunt. For once (and hopefully only the once) TIM have dropped the ball.

3.5 out of 5 stars only because of breakout hottie Nathan Gear and the fresh feel of the sex club scene.

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Man Cunt Photos:

Man Cunt Trailer
Rio Silver tops Nathan GearWatch | Download from Treasure Island
Rio Silver tops Nathan Gear
Ben Statham Man CuntWatch | Download from Treasure Island
Ben Statham - Man Cunt

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