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Loving Him Raw

Adam Killian
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 181
, , Joseph Rough , , David Lambert , Axel Fulling , David Sweet , Nova Rubio
Bareback SexEuro-Muscle GuysMen of New York CityTheme: Romance

Loving Him Raw LVP 181

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Sowing the Seeds of Love

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

There's a lot of hot moments in Lucas Entertainment's ode to bareback romance, Loving Him Raw. Over four episodes, we see couples surprising each other with breakfast in bed, coming home after being away, sex without condoms and other facets of domestic bliss.

Of the four scenes, the only one that disappointed was the third episode with Joseph Rough and David Lambert, which looked rushed. Otherwise, the erotic heights between these couples gets quite intense.

Many have probably seen porn star Marcus Isaacs in sex scenes where he's in a powerbottom frenzy, or at the center of a bareback gang bang. Many will find seeing the "Mellow Marcus Isaacs" on display here to be real change of character.

When his scene begins, we find him carrying morning orange juice and strawberries to the sleeping Drew Sumrok. Together they nuzzle and kiss, exploring each other's naked bodies at length before inhaling their bare cocks.

Isaacs fucks Sumrok, and afterwards they gently flip over so Sumrok can throw the exact same slow burn fuck into Isaacs. Their fucking is hypnotic, carrying them to the finish where Sumrok blows his orgasm deep inside his welcoming partner.

Another thing leaps out when watching this - watching Sumrok getting fucked is mesmerizing. I'll have whatever he's having!

Drew Sumrok tops Marcus Issacs Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Drew Sumrok tops Marcus Isaacs

I'm Your Man!

In the second episode we discover a kind of couple who is not depicted very often in gay porn. Meet Nova Rubio. He's a guy who waits at home patiently for his boyfriend to return from a trip. That's right folks. Austin Chandler arrives home and does not find some stranger in his bed fucking his boyfriend. It's just ... his boyfriend, waiting by himself. Naked!

Does that feel good, baby?
If you want to get cynical, we could imagine a half-naked guy quietly hiding under the bed, or perhaps in the side closet. And furthermore, how faithful in Austin Chandler? It's quite possible he was just out fucking on the Jason Sparks Live bareback tour.

Their sex is intense. Mr. Rubio is a hot fucker with a round, muscular ass. After lots of kissing and sucking, Chandler starts bouncing up and down on Rubio's rod. At length, Rubio gets on his fours so Chandler can drill him from behind. After swapping back and forth with different positions, Chandler ends up receiving it on his back. He looks to be in total ecstacy.

Finishing up, Chandler fucks Rubio whereupon he blows a massive long distance money shot across his partner's bow, then sticks it back in. "Nice!" exclaims the bottom.

Nova Rubio tops Austin Chandler Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Nova Rubio tops Austin Chandler

Rough and Tumble

After this, Joseph Rough and David Lambert show us what life in their slice of paradise is like. The muscular, friendly Rough has been turning heads all year, making movies for Falcon (Ready to Fuck) and Buckshot Productions/COLT (Embrace).

His lucky partner is brunet David Lambert, a good looking man whose cock is wrapped in a beautiful foreskin. Most of their sex depicts Rough fucking Lambert, but for this reviewer the hottest sequences show Rough playing the bottom.

Lambert cums while getting fucked.

My Hungarian Romance

We leave with a tender one-on-one with a pair of Hungarians. If you are not yet familiar with muscular brunet David Sweet, get ready. Not only does he have a beautiful body, but he's a real lover. Slowly he moves to remove Axel Fulling erection from his white shorts, and once he does, he works him over using his mouth with a most delicate aplomb.

Sweet looks like he savoring a delicious candy with his lips. Fulling can only lay back and feel the love.

When it's time for Sweet to give up his ass, he lays on his back and raises his big feet high into the air. This guy appears to love getting it flat on his back. Fulling happily obliges, taking his time being inside this handsome man.

Then we discover that these two cannot finish without Sweet topping Fulling. Watching him fuck Fulling is an equal exercise in high eroticism. If you haven't cum by the end of their flip-flop fuck, you'll definitely have blue balls.

Loving Him Raw goes straight for the heart, covering you in a slow-cooked stew of one on one sexplay between four good looking couples. The scenes with Sumrok and Isaacs, as well as the Chandler and Rubio sojourn really stand out.

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Loving Him Raw Photos:

David Lambert kisses Joseph Rough Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
David Lambert kisses Joseph Rough
Austin Chandler above Nova Rubio Watch on LucasEntertainment
Austin Chandler above Nova Rubio
Porn Star David Lambert Watch on LucasEntertainment
David Lambert
David Sweet sucks Axel Fulling Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
David Sweet sucks Axel Fulling

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