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Lovers in Paradise

Chris Crisco Adam Killian
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 154
D.O. , Vito Gallo , Wagner Vittoria , Tiziano Fuentes , Paddy O'Brian , Diego Lauzen , Adam Killian , Jake Genesis , ,
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Lovers in Paradise LVP 154

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Topping in the Tropics

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Guided by smart army ants and wise toucans, Lucas Entertainment marches right into the beautiful Costa Rican rainforest to film their romantic 2013 release Lovers in Paradise. Directors Chris Crisco and Adam Killian film in a lovely resort as well as venture out to the rushing rivers where the guys can do it beneath the jungle canopy.

The first jumping off point for our trip shows up Paddy O'Brian and Diego Lauzen. The two men are perfect male specimens who seem to have come up together out of a swirling tide pool. Standing tall, they run their hands over each other's ripped body, kissing.

Moving towards the wall, they lose their Marcuse swim trunks so that they can take turns sucking and rimming. Then, O'Brian fucks Lauzen's fine butt in several positions, his muscular cheeks rippling all along the way.

Mr. O'Brian finishes his show with Lauzen jacking him off and successfully cumming in the bottom's mouth as the rainforest's waters swirl below him.

Paddy OBrian tops Diego Lauzen Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Paddy OBrian tops Diego Lauzen
For the second scene, we are taken to an even greater example of Costa Rica's majestic outdoors. Walking through this paradise are the scantily clothed Jesse Santana and Rod Daily. With their heads closely shaved, they look nearly aboriginal. (Of course, Sanatana's fans should know that he's already been portrayed as walking the Earth for millennia in the sci fi porn The Stone Age.

At some points, the intense sunlight from the jungle creates glare and shadows off their shining, smooth bodies, but getting past that we see them in a rousing sexual display where they fuck each other like wild monkeys.

They take turns fucking each other while standing in the river, as later atop a large, wet rock. Santana's never looked so go as a top. He ends their bungle in the jungle by pulling his hard dick out and quickly blowing an impressively large load over Daily's abs.

Finished, they return back to the trees from whence they came.

Do You Know the Way to Fuck Jose?

After this we discover that Killian and Jake Genesis are enjoying their vacation. They are enjoying time around their cabin drinking lemonade when Killian starts pitching a tent.

After some heavy petting, they retreat inside where Killian uses his mouth and stiff cock to completely work over Mr. Genesis' ass.

"Pura Vida!"
- Diego Lauzen
For the fourth scene, we enjoy another awe inspiring scene of sex in the great Costa Rican outdoors. Latinos Wagner Vittoria and Tiziano Fuentes, from Venezuela, put on a sex in the jungle show that could have been in an exotic Kristen Bjorn fantasy.

Vittoria is arguably the hottest top in the film. He takes his time fucking Fuentes with his thick, uncut cock. By equal measure, Fuentes is a most impressive bottom, especially when he takes the top's load in his mouth.

The last scene starts out great. It's complete with two of the studio's hard hitters - D.O. and Vito Gallo. These two expert sexualists take their romance from the beach into their room where their passionate love leads to flip flop fucking.

After about fifteen minutes into the sex, the lights mysteriously go out. They carry-on surrounded by candles, but for this reviewer it was too dark to see much.

At several points, paradise could have used some more old-fashioned man made lighting. Otherwise, the movie gets high marks for the beautiful models and the producers' ambition. Adrenaline fanatics will fixate on the rushing rivers, the topping skills of Paddy O'Brian and Wagner Vittoria, and the active sexual volcano that is Jesse Santana.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Paddy O'Brian tops Diego Lauzen
  2. Jesse Santana and Rod Daily flip-flop
  3. Adam Killian tops Jake Genesis
  4. Wagner Vittoria tops Tiziano Fuentes
  5. D.O. and Vito Gallo flip-flop
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Lovers in Paradise Photos:

Rod Daily and Jesse Santana Watch on LucasEntertainment
Rod Daily and Jesse Santana
Vito Gallo behind D.O. Watch on LucasEntertainment
Vito Gallo behind D.O.
Jake Genesis and Adam Killian Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Adam Killian opens Jake Genesis
Wagner Vittoria tops Tiziano Fuentes Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Wagner Vittoria tops Tiziano Fuentes

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