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Losing It

Blacky Mendez
Movie Series
, Billy Rubens , Cody Reed , Domy Nick , Lyle Boyce , Zac West
Kink / SextoysSolosTwinks, InternationalMen of England / British Guys

Losing It

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Mr. Dom takes a vacation.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Mr. Dom, I presume?

He's the mysterious figure who rents the entire DreamBoy Hotel for the week, so that he and his ruffian entourage have a safe place to openly frolic behind closed doors. New hotel employee Zac West (Cottage Boy) let's his curiosity get the best of him, ignoring all written warnings from hotel manager Billy Rubens to make no inquiries or have no contact with this mysterious client.

Cute Mr. West should heed such calls. Didn't he see where such snooping led Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut? Maybe not, since he was probably in diapers when the Kubrick film came out. That's okay. Everyone has to learn about how society practices its taboos on their own.

Both models West and Rubens do a good job at tying the film together. They're good sexualists and very easy on the eyes. It's enjoyable watching them fucking and getting fucked by the guys. First up, we meet Rubens (pictured on the DVD cover looking into the camera), who already enjoys a history with Mr. Dom. In the first episode, Rubens answers an invitation for a three way with Dom and his halfling de jour, a quiet, very skinny brunet named Aaron Aurora.

Aaron Aurora Billy Rubens and Domy Nick Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Mr. Dom (Domy Nick) tops Aaron Aurora, Billy Rubens (left)
Mr. Dom is credited to "Domy Nick, " an interesting figure with a long, arching uncut cock. He actually looks sinister. Both he and Rubens speak in heavily accented English, and for a long time I had couldn't shake the feeling that one of the movie's heroes might end up with acid thrown in his face for inappropriate transgressions.

Laying in the bed, Rubens lays his hands on the supine Aurora. Is Aurora mad or jealous? He doesn't speak a word.

Rubens gives Aurora a lengthy blowjob, whose pretty dick is as hard as Chinese algebra. These guys are all here to fuck, and before you know it, our hotel host is bouncing up and down Mr. Dom's long cock. Watching him ride this man's stick-shift is a hot visual. The scene moves on with Rubens fucking Aurora doggie style, followed by the two older guys hosing the kid down with torrents of jizz.

Zac West and Cody Reed Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Zac West and Cody Reed
Zac West tops Cody Reed Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Fucking Cody Reed

Sex Prisoners of Concierges

West gets pulled into Mr. Dom's outer web by an encounter with a sweet, smiling tramp named Cody Reed. Reed appears at the front desk asking for towels. West delivers them downstairs, where Reed quickly talks the hotel employee out of his clothes. They end up doing it across a rather uncomfortable-looking workout bench.

Reed's cuts quite the figure getting fucked in his new friend. West fucks him in several hot positions, first doggie style and then riding in his lap, both directions.

Next we find ourselves with the kid Aurora again, and this time we have him all to ourselves. Where's Mr. Dom? Apparently tied up with other guests. Perhaps Aurora is jealous that his man is getting it on across the hall, while he's marooned in their room.

Music playing through his ear buds, Aurora starts stroking it through his Addicted underwear. Then, he removes his headphones. His strokes send his ample foreskin up and down as the music still audibly plays. (a nice effect!) The twink's barely-contained teen angst only spirals further when he lays out the dildos. First, he plants a black butt plug in there. After that he works himself over with a full dildo.

Still unsatisfied, he graduates to the fat suction-cup dong, sticking it to the wall whereupon he fucks himself on it. Don't be surprised if you find this solo scene to actually be rather hot. Leaving the dildo stuck to the wall, Aurora decouples himself from it, returns to the bed and finish jacking off.

You can check out any time you like

We next find curious employee West playing with fire, fiding the master hotel key to open the door to Mr. Dom's room, which just so happens at this moment to be empty. West breaks in and starts rifling through the man's reading material, his suitcases. Apparently, Mr. Dom is a fan of Nabokov. (So is he a Russian ex-pat too?)

Take off your shirt. Suddenly, the man returns and catches West red-handed. Keeping a cool head, Mr. Dom explains that he's just a typical guy who rents out every room of a hotel when he books it - populating it with the boys he meets at the Eurocreme parties. He quickly proceeds to successfully talk West out of his clothes, whereupon they enjoy a tender one on one sex session.

West tops Mr. Dom in a variety of positions.


Vodka for Two

The final episode is one of the film's high points - the seduction of a boozing Rubens with a precocious redhead named Lyle Boyce. Boyce is cute! He has a very comfortable screen presence; possibly the best star quality of all the models in the film. Many will thrill to watching this guy on many levels - his reddish hair color, his boyish face, or perhaps his giant dick and/or the fact that he gets his brains fucked out by Rubens on a red couch that came from the Queen of Hearts' castle.

Rubens tops him in many hot positions, ending up on his back. Boyce shoots all over himself only to be doused again with a molten hot gusher from the top.

"I might come and see you without Mr. Dom next time," observes Boyce.

"Yes, please do," answers Rubens.

Then, without any additional conclusion, the video cuts to the credits. Losing It has a lot of hot sex and it's good to see Eurocreme still producing nice videos. The setup is good enough for us to hope the studio takes us back to this rowdy hotel for more stories.

Director Blacky Mendez does well. However one criticism is at several points during the film it looked like the lighting was off and the models faces and bodies appeared oddly in shadow. The studio is releasing additional videos from him, and it will be fun to see how these turn out.

Why's this movie called Losing It?

Cheers to the DreamBoy franchise and let the adventures continue.

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Losing It Photos:

Billy Rubens and Lyle Boyce Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Lyle Boyce rides the staff
Aaron Aurora solo Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Alone with Aaron Aurora
Billy Rubens over Lyle Boyce Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Lyle Boyce enjoys his stay at the DreamBoy Hotel

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