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Little Monsters

Jake Jaxson
Cocky Boys  
Gamon Walker , , Pierre Fitch , Seth Knight , Seth Roberts , T.J. Young , , Turk Mason , Zak
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Little Monsters DVD

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Who Christens Seth Knight?

Reviewed by on - 3.5 Out of 5 Stars

It's pretty obvious from the start that Cocky Boys threw Little Monsters together very quickly. One piece of evidence: The title card at the start of the video reads in all capital letters "LITTLE MONTERS". At this point in early 2012, the studio had just signed Seth Knight, who was simultaneously generating lots of buzz on his own on Twitter. It's the only instance the studio placed Knight in the coveted position of video boxcover. Is "Little Monsters" a double entendre?

Either way, the first scene is a sizzling pairing of Knight with Pierre Fitch.

Little Monsters follows the same format of Edge of Glory and the studio's other programmer tapes featuring content off the Cocky Boys website. There are four episodes of one on one sexual hook-ups, closing with a solo.

Shifting his tectonic plates

Before getting to the Fitch/Knight pairing there is a treat for fans of sexy Italian stud Jimmy Clay (aka Jimmy Coxx). Tony Capucci made mincemeat of his buttocks in Bromance. Now, Clay returns the favor on an attractive bottom named Matthew Singer. The scene setup is a variation of "I really need a job" / "this jobs been filled but maybe if I fuck you I'll reconsider my decision," which for some reason nobody seems to realize in the porn industry's writers guild that this practice violates federal employment law in the United States.

Standing up from his chair, Clay drops his pants, his erection bouncing around fully hard, ready for some ass. After probing with fingers, Singer's standing facing the wall. Clay guides his cock into the job applicant's ass. Lots of hot fucking here, which gets even better then they start fucking atop Clay's desk.

Pierre Fitch and Seth KnightWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Pierre Fitch tops Seth Knight
Both guys shoot hot money shots. By the time they finish, Clay is bathed in sweat.

How Sweet It Is To Be Fucked By You!

For the second episode, Fitch and Knight put in a five-star performance. Their opening sequence of chit-chat is rather charming, as both declare how this portion of the filming always seems the most awkward. They seem to be doing it in the same bedroom Fitch uses in his pay site videos - and as seen in Pierre Fitch Game On. Is this his own place in Canada?

Not to be stating the obvious, but Fitch nowadays looks amazing. Since his humble beginnings with Videoboys and Falcon, he clearly taken his job as a premiere model seriously. Fitch takes control, easily moving them through reciprocal blow jobs until it's time for the anal action.

"Fuck me real hard. Just don't make me leave in a wheelchair."
"What if I do?"
Knight's body is pulled up in the air, and down goes Fitch's erection into the kid's bubble butt. A lengthy, sweaty fuck session ensues. Fitch's orgasm leaves him breathless and shaky.

You Haven't Seen the Last of Tory Mason!

Next up it's the Battle Between the Dirty Blonds when Tony Mason makes his move on Gamon Walker in a elegantly appointed jacuzzi. Mason filmed a lot of scenes with the studio. The model is consistently a good-looking, reliable bottom, something for which the industry will always have an insatiable appetite. To us, Walker's a completely new face, so when Mason pulls down Walker's shorts, we see for the first time ... Walker's got a big, thick dick!

Jimmy Clay tops Matthew SingerWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Jimmy Clay tops Matthew Singer
They stand up, caress and kiss until Walker decides it's time to fuck. He gives him a nice standing doggie amidst the lush green foliage. The top has some pretty amazed looks on his face while fucking. Mr. Mason's ass must be something else!

After this, we find two dirty boys going at it in their jock straps. Hello T.J. Young and Turk Melrose! (Yes, that Rascal model T.J. Young we liked from In His Dreams) This is the weakest scene in the movie. The anal action is brief.

Sit on it, Seth Roberts!

Little Monsters concludes with a solo from Seth Roberts, who looks at this time to be pretty early in his porn career. (Roberts as of this writing is still going strong by the way regaling us with his Hooker Stories) He an enthusiastic guy with a formidable screen presence. Plus, watching him sit his cute butt down on a big dildo is hot to watch.

Unfortunately, the lighting for all this could be much better. Not only is it dark, but Roberts' casts a shadow against the nearest wall which is distracting. On the other hand, get over it because fucking himself on a dildo stuck to the mirror should be seen to be believed.

Cocky Boys clearly wants you to watch Little Monsters because of the Fitch / Knight pairing. Both models are always hot to watch. There's more in here too. Others will find this video to be something for the second-shelf.

Little Monsters Photos:

Jimmy Clay and Matthew SingerWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Matthew Singer above Jimmy Clay
Seth Knight and Pierre FitchWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Seth Knight tastes Pierre Fitch
Seth Roberts soloWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Seth Roberts vs. Hefty Dildo

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