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Jonathan Agassi Goes Raw

Adam Killian
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 172
, Chris Crocker , Fernando Torres , Jed Athens , Peter Stark , , Raff Owen , , Jacob Lee , , Aaron Mark ,
Bareback SexEuro-Muscle GuysMen of Germany / BerlinLatinos

Jonathan Agassi Goes Raw LVP 172

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

As of today, it's still probably worth marketing that when a well-known porn star crosses over to filming bareback, it's something akin to the Big Bang. Eventually this will be for many not news, and personally I cannot wait for that day to arrive.

Jonathan Agassi Goes Raw offers four solid scenes of all-sex combinations, headlined by Mr. Jonathan Agassi getting frisky with porn star Jed Athens, a visually striking young man who is just as much a sexual dynamo as Agassi. Their scene appears to be filmed in Berlin, which starts showing the two guys finishing up a brisk jog.

Inside the flat, they begin tearing their clothes off, when he discover that apparently in Germany, or at least in Berlin, the guys go running wearing leggings with the backside ripped out. (In German, this is called Einfacher Zugriff.)

After mutual oral cock worship, Agassi sits down on Athens' dick. He rides it briefly, but soon he gets on his back. Athens fucks him in this position for most of the scene.

It's a hot one-on-one sex session, despite the fact that the scene description describes it as Agassi and Athens flip-flop fucking, which they do not do. My main problem with this scene is Agassi's beard is a little too long for this reviewer's taste. But, alas, I understand that ever-longer beards seem to be the fad like it's 1970 again.

Athens fucks and cums in Agassi's ass. The scene ends with Agassi getting behind Athens' and shooting his load in him.

Jed Athens tops Jonathan Agassi Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jed Athens tops Jonathan Agassi

More Chris Crocker

The second scene of Jonathan Agassi Goes Raw is notable because this is Chris Crocker's second filmed scene with Lucas Entertainment. In his first scene, he was paired with his boyfriend Justin Dean (Chris Crocker's Raw Love). How does Crocker perform with a real porn star?

The results are worth watching, especially since the producers awarded him with an amazing-looking bottom named Anthony Verruso. Was Mr. Crocker equally turned-on? Please you could have at least cracked one smile! Or are you more machine then man?

It's not the models' fault that they are doing it in what appears to be in a dingy stock room. That being said, Crocker is a pretty spunky top, who fits in nicely with Verruso's delicious curves.

In this scene, Crocker fucks him and appears to cum pretty quickly. Then they proceed to keep things going with Verusso sitting on Crocker and riding him. Things go well to the end. Verusso turns Crocker's face into a tasty glazed donut. Viewers will have to watch to determine whether or not Crocker's second money incorporates fake cum. (If it does, I don't understand why. In this reviewer's opinion, it's unnecessary.)

Anthony Verruso above Chris Crocker Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Anthony Verruso above Chris Crocker

Paint Your Wagon

After this, the studio switches from its usual white collar setups to blue collar. Swarthy Marcus Isaacs leads a team of guys painting a room including Jacob Lee, Peter Stark and the eternally cock hungry Drew Sumrok. For forty-one minutes, we see how they relieve themselves during an extended coffee break.

"Let me show you how it's done!"
Drew Sumrok
Over the course of the scene, Sumrok takes over as its star. Sumrok shows his bottoming skills and makes it a point to teach the others around him.

At one point, the tops assemble together with their erections together, pointed skyward. Sumrok announces to Isaacs, "Let me show you how it's done." Sitting on them, the master shows the apprentice how to do DP.

Everyone cums on Sumrok.

Willkommen, Fabio Lopez!

Arguably the hottest scene in this bunch is the finale, which a tour de force of young beauties led by gorgeous Fabio Lopez. That face! That body! That hair!

It's impossible not to overlook Lopez's Berlin buddy, blond Aaron Mark, who we've not seen since Lucas' 2011 brooding Trapped in the Game. This scene will leave you wanting to see lots more of both these two.

They are joined by two more studmuffins - Fernando Torres and Raff Owen, who turn out doing the bareback topping honors. And it certainly looks like an honor to be fucked by these guys.

It's a great scene. The only problem is the fairly obvious fake cum pouring from their assholes. As mentioned before, this isn't necessary, guys! In a hot climax, we see Mr. Lopez fucking Torres' ass to get him to the point of cumming. His copious money shot is not fake.

Jonathan Agassi Goes Raw delivers what's promised. Many people will be able to overlook the technical issues raised here. Fabio Lopez is just too adorable.

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Jonathan Agassi Goes Raw Photos:

Raff Owen tops Aaron Mark Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Raff Owen tops Aaron Mark in the orgy
Chris Crocker and Anthony Verruso Watch on LucasEntertainment
Chris Crocker and Anthony Verruso
Marcus Isaacs Drew Sumrok Peter Stark and Jacob Lee Watch on LucasEntertainment
Marcus Isaacs, Drew Sumrok, Peter Stark & Jacob Lee
Fabio Lopez and Aaron Mark lead the orgy Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Fabio Lopez and Aaron Mark lead the orgy

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