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Jim (Jim Kerouac)

Luke Hamill
Bel Ami  
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Jim (Jim Kerouac)

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Kevin Warhol sinks his claws into the new man at Bel Ami, Jim Kerouac.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Meet porn star Jim Kerouac. He's one of the new generation of Hungarians who Bel Ami offers a comfy home for work, play and fame. Kerouac has an amazing, ripped body featuring true six pack abs, a Roman nose and a Budapest-size erection that's capped by splendidly smooth purple dick head helmet.

We were initially put off by the bland name of the DVD Jim. But don't judge a video by its cover. Under the hood, Jim is an awesome video that explodes in a hot blaze of beautiful naked boy bodies, eager sucking and bareback fucking. It's all capped by one astonishing, extended four-way sex scene in the middle of the movie.

Jim Kerouac and Kevin Warhol Watch on Bel Ami | Watch VOD
Jim Kerouac and Kevin Warhol
Is Mr. Kerouac up to the task of becoming Bel Ami's newest super porn star? We begin with our leading man moving through his first photoshoot, and the spontaneous sexploits that follow. Typical days of these lucky models are truly draining. Jim's success actually comes from another key component: Bel Ami's Kevin Warhol, who's endless sexual energy continues to astonish. During the first 2/3's of the movie, he becomes the means to explore and get to know Kerouac.

You Light Up My Life

Here's how it works: Kerouac appears slightly overwhelmed. He's a bit stiff in his first forays before the unapologetic Bel Ami camera lens. Warhol is a lighting assistant, whose proceeds to pull us into the events of what's happening. Essentially, Warhol's playing the role of the viewer: He's fawning over Kerouac, brushing his fingers against his body, stealing a moment so he can tug on the model's erection.

Warhol explores Kerouac for us. He breaks down his barriers for us. And when Kerouac succumbs to his sexual advances, he's thrilled. Warhol may be the best porn actor in the world, or perhaps he's really carried away by a tide of passion. The gradually increased touching and kissing, culminating in a long sexual display between the two is award worthy.

First, Warhol jacks Kerouac off. It's a splendid show of the film's star laying back gripped in pleasure. After blowing an immense load, they repair to the showers to be "alone at last." But they aren't alone. This is Bel Ami, where there are always elves floating around with hand-held video cameras.

Pushing the sexual envelope further, Warhol places himself in a pose worthy of a Michelangelo statue - standing with one leg with the other anchored atop the bathroom counter top, his full backside and butt twisted open towards the camera. Kerouac begins his adoration of Warhol by tonguing and fingering the kid's hole. At last, Kerouac guides his immense butt dart into the open target.

Kerouac fucks him hard to the music of the bottom's moans. On the counter, on the floor, Warhol turns into a raging power bottom fuck machine. This must be seen to be believed. After cumming, they collapse in bed, drifting into dreamland.

Jim Kerouac fucks Kevin Warhol Watch on Bel Ami | Watch VOD
Jim Kerouac fucks Kevin Warhol

Everyone Fucks Kevin Warhol

After this, Luke Hamill (who's given director's credits here) awakens Warhol who leaves the still sleeping Kerouac to go to the other where he proceeds to start an even bigger fuckfest. Hamill's erection leaps from his shorts. He proclaims, "I really want to fuck you."

They are joined by the delicious Florian Nemec, and later by the now-awakened Kerouac, who wants to see what all the commotion is about. What proceeds is a four way for the record books: Hamill films POV his dick happily buried in Warhol's silky butt. Nemec gets his turn, followed by Kerouac who gets sloppy thirds. Or is it sloppy fourths?

Throughout all of this, Warhol keep his opposite end busy delivering wild blow jobs to the available cocks. Warhol explodes all over himself while getting power fucked by Hamill, and the guys all spew their milk into the bottom's mouth, ending up in his happy little belly.

Jim's four way sex scene is absolutely dynamite. Kudos to Mr. Hamill for putting together such a memorable scene. (Check out these guys seperately doing it in Skin on Skin 4.)

Jim Kerouac: Boys tell me they are pleased with my cock. What can possibly follow this? We get a nice one-on-one when a horned-up Billy Cotton discovered Kerouac sleeping naked in his bedroom. Cotton is another impressive new face at Bel Ami, and quite sexy in that straight-for-pay Czech way. They enjoy some nice sixty-nine action, followed with Kerouac burying the hatchet in his friend's furry butt hole.

If you watch closely, Kerouac takes it pretty easy on him. Cotton's ass is not as bottomless and insatiable as Mr. Warhol's. Cotton's cock explodes a heavy multi-spurters all over himself while Kerouac fucks him.

Jack Kerouac Interview

The DVD ends with a charming interview from its star, dressed in colorful, loose clothes, smiling in the sun. He explains how he impulsively got the FAMILY tattoo on his right bicep, and that sexually he's very controlling. His favorite sexual position is fucking from behind.

He told his parents that he's a Bel Ami model, and he talks about how they were initially unhappy with his announcement. He prefers romance movies to horror movies, and he loves watching big Hollywood movies like Titanic and Troy</. He explains that one day he would like to hold a party for all of his fans, so that he could meet them. "I'm a good natured boy. I'm fun to be with," explains Kerouac.

Jim (Jim Kerouac) Photos:

Jim Photos

Jim Kerouac cums into Kevin Warhol Watch on Bel Ami | Watch VOD
Jim Kerouac ejaculates
Jim Kerouac and Billy Cotton Watch on Bel Ami | Watch VOD
Jim Kerouac above Billy Cotton

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