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Jasper Robinson's Day Off

Andy Kay
, Kyler Ash , Jordan Thomas , Ryker Madison , Aaron Stang , Robbie Anthony ,
Twinks, AmericanHorsehungParody / SpoofFetish: Jock Straps

Jasper Robinsons Day Off Cover

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Jasper Robinson's Day Off? More like Jasper Robinson Gets Fucked.

John Hughes would surely roll in his grave reading news of this enjoyable porn parody from twink studio BoyCrush.

Mr. Robinson reprises Matthew Broderick's film role as the crafty, impetuous high school senior who convinces his parents and the rest of school that he's sick, allowing him to take his friends out for an unforgettable day of goofing off.

The brunet is a compelling sexual figure: tall, handsome and hung. In many ways, his looks and attraction are very close to the 80's porn star Grant Fagan from the William Higgins class in The Young and the Hung. In addition to his multiple sex scenes, Robinson has a tremendous amount of dialogue, which he acquits with appealing enthusiasm. (Robinson also sings!)

All five sex scenes are winners, loaded with some nice surprises. There's a hot episode of interracial twink sex, when our hero gets fucked by the weiner stand boy!

Jasper Robinson AdviseWatch on BoyCrush - Watch VOD
Jasper Robinson Offers Advise on Cruising Online

Principal Ash's Syllabus for Bottoms

The action begins with the high school principal (Kyler Ash from Helix Studios Out in the Open) obsessing over students with numerous unexcused absence from school. (These seniors are all 18 years old, of course) He interrupts eating his sandwich by bitching out Aaron Stang, followed by blackmailing him into bending over.

Standing up, we discover Principal Ash wears Andrew Christian jockstraps to work. (Perhaps Ash pilfers them from the gym locker room.) "This is what skipping class gets you," says the Principal as he slides his long ruler into Stang's tender brown-skinned hole. Ash gives his student what looks like the ride of his life, fucking him bent over first against the wall, then finally over his desk.

Stang cannot hold back, emptying a rain of boy juice out of him like an overflowing inkwell. Ash doesn't miss a single beat during this eruption. Standing above him, Ash coats the bottom's face with thick, white sugar.

Hot Dog!

While Robinson waits for his friend Ryker Madison to pull it together - he's the movie's "Cameron" - our hero decides to order in some food. In walks Robbie Anthony, a cute Black twink, appears at his front door still wearing his work uniform from the wiener stand.

Mixed-race scenes seem pretty scarce nowadays in twink films, so this one-on-one comes as a pleasant surprise. Anthony's not only an affectionate kisser but also very skillful at swallowing Robinson's long hot dog.

Robinson happily serves up his bangable buns to Anthony, who fucks him doggie style. Anthony twists Robinson's lithe white body around the bed like a pretzel, obviously relishing every thrust inside him. This is the first of many memorable visuals of Robinson taking it up the ass. As a bottom, he gets a grade of A+.

After working up visible sweats, both guys drop hot dollops of mayonnaise and mustard.

Jasper Gets His Best Friend Laid

As in the film, our hero assembles the two most important people in his life around him, his best friend (Ryker Madison) and his boyfriend (Jordan Thomas). The first order of business is to get his still-virgin buddy to give away his V-card.

"When Ryker was in Egypt-land...
Let my Ryker go.."
At a restaurant, they spy Stang from scene one, who apparently still hasn't learned his lesson about playing hooky. Robinson instigates the necessary moves and quickly Madison has his new friend back at his bedroom.

The more comfortable bedroom environment allows Stang to exhibit more sexual energy. He sits down on his Madison's cock, throwing a really good-looking grind fuck into the virgin.

Madison picks up the bottom and turns him around so he can fuck him passionately against the bed. After doing the bottom on his side, Madison creams the side of Stang's baby face with white goo. Stang blows his second tremendous money shot of the film.

Jasper Robinson and Robbie AnthonyWatch on BoyCrush - Watch VOD
Robbie Anthony tops Jasper Robinson

Jasper Fucks His Best Friend

Next, Jasper Robinson's Day Off presents that important life event: that first time you get stoned and have sex with both your boyfriend and your best friend. Madison plays the clueless kid who's roped into an all-out ménage à trois.

Pulling down his pants, all three begin jawboning each other's dicks. Robinson then becomes the fulcrum in a love train with Thomas behind him, and his own big cock up Madison's "virgin butt." Robinson accomplishes the impressive acrobatics in part because he's so tall (and long).

Robinson's fuck-friendly ass ends up the center of gravity, pulling in his buddies' cocks in aswirling mind scramble. Madison literally fucks the cum out of him, culminating with the other two pointing their dicks to their friend's angelic face and showering it and his hair with tons of cum.

Your Ass Is Mine, Jasper!

Everyone knows that in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ferris escapes scot free as Vice-Principal is humiliated outside left to the neighborhood dogs. But where would the sexual fun be with that in porn? Plus, at this point, everyone's going to want to see Robinson's swallow Ash's ax handle.
Kyler Ash and Aaron StangWatch on BoyCrush - Watch VOD
Kyler Ash disciplines Aaron Stang
Ash takes Robinson back to school to teach him a lesson about the costs of truancy. It starts with an opening round of face-fucking, peppered with sucking on the blond's balls.

Robinson's ready to offer up his pencil sharpener for the principal's fat wood. Ash goes to town on him fucking him on the floor doggie style followed by on the desk. Students at this school should be lucky that they can go to a school where all the teacher's desks are furnished with pump-dispenser bottles of ID lube.

Kudos go to director Andy Kay and the BoyCrush production team for putting together this sometimes silly, always hot, romp. Some viewers will be wishing some of the production elements like the sound stayed consistent. I also searched in vain for a trailer of the film, either X-rated or PG. Peter Z Pan produced trailers in the days before YouTube and received excellent marketing results for his parodies Betwinked and The DaVinci Load.

Jasper Robinson's easy-going manner and bottom-leaning versatility make him a fine choice to carry this film. He also does a nice job carrying the movie's too-cute script. I confess I thought it strange at first for BoyCrush to be parodying an almost 30 year old movie. But wait. The movie isn't old. It's a cultural icon!

Perhaps our star Jasper can appear in a gay porn parody of Space Family Robinson. I can hear it now: "Danger! Danger! Jasper Robinson!"

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Jasper Robinson's Day Off Photos:

Jasper Robinson Three WayWatch on BoyCrush - Watch VOD
Ryker Madison, Jasper Robinson, Jordan Thomas
Jasper Robinson and Kyler AshWatch on BoyCrush - Watch VOD
Jasper Robinson sucks Kyler Ash
Jasper Robinson Three WayWatch on BoyCrush
Ryker Madison, Jasper Robinson and Jordan Thomas
Kyler Ash and Jasper RobinsonWatch on BoyCrush
Kyler Ash tops Jasper Robinson

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