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Jagged Mountain

Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Abel Pozsar , Augusto Figueroa , Brad Hern , Caleb Ramble , Christian Herzog , David Kadera , Donato Reyes , Jalil Jafar , Justin Harris , Leonardo Lucatto , Nacho Valente , Rodrigo Calas , Sergio Serrano , Stany Falcone , Tibor Cernan , Tomas Friedel
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Jagged Mountain

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He'll Be Cumin' around the Mountain When He Cums!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The men of Kristen Bjorn go mountain climbing. Do they find any rattlesnakes?

You'll envy expert snake charmer Christian Herzog when he bottoms on the boulders with super-sexy Jalil Jafar, the stunning newcomer who sets ropes and droping anchors in Kristen Bjorn's 2012 two-parter Jagged Mountain. The bearded Jafar and smooth Herzog beam from the DVD boxcover of Part 1, and their sex around the craggy rocks of Spain is a marvelous opening act.

After suiting up with tight Lyrca, shirtless, Herzog decides that he's not interested in rock climbing but rather spending the afternoon climbing atop Jafar's curved mast. Jafar, whose sexual powers effortlessly flow from his body's pores, is clearly Bjorn's big discovery for the film. One can only imagine what inhaling his pheromones would be like standing beside him. He's also circumcised.

Jafar slices open Herzog's shorts with a sharp knife, causing his sexual organs to spill out. From here Jafar performs his magic on the hunky German. This is the same Herzog who endured the endlessly boring assult from the Peters Twins in Sex City. At last! Herzog finally gets to enjoy himself!

Jalil Jafar and Christian Herzog Watch on KristenBjorn - Watch VOD
Jalil Jafar points to Christian Herzog

It's a Tie!

Are all of his movies filmed in Spain now? At this point, Jagged Mountain follows the escapades of dueling couples, both with each other and swapping partners. These Eurostuds seem content filling their idle time by betting each other's boyfriends, revenge and steeping in endless languid sex.

Here is where we find Nacho Valente and Augusto Figureroa playing cards, who bet their boyfriends on the outcome. What happens? It's a tie! So they swap both - Valente gets to bury his fuck stick into Donato Reyes, an absolutely fabulous Latin bottom who's appearing in lots of hot stuff nowadays. (Check him out with the other Eurohunks on Stag Homme)

His facial expressions are the best, touching himself, holding his beautiful legs apart, while Valente rams him. In a hot finish, Valente pulls out, erupting a geyser of cum onto Rayes' legs. Elsewhere, we're introduced to a new couple: two truckers decide it's time to park their vehicle and get down. It's a passionate one on one between Leonardo Lucatto and a sexy Frenchman who we've never seen before - Stany Falcone. His scruffy face and svelte body exudes sex. Falcone's another example of the fine men Kristen Bjorn introduces to worldwide audiences in his films.

Meanwhile, Figureroa is able to get his hands on Justin Harris' hard body. After some lengthy cock sucking, Harris, who does lots of great bottoming on the Costa Brava, rides around in Figureroa's lap. Harris' moaning is so loud, his boyfriend hears it from the street. Although he just got fucked, Reyes is jealous. (Latinos, jealous?)

"I want you to fuck me" Reyes announces to the top, removing his pants, unleashing his bent, curved erection. Figureroa obliges. With Harris standing fore and Figureroa at aft, they bookend Reyes, ultimately coating his face and buttocks with lots of hot seed. Despite it being a tie, it looks like Mr. Reyes has come out as the real winner.

Nacho Valente and Donato Reyes Watch on - Watch VOD
Nacho Valente looks at Donato Reyes

The Hitchhiker

Going my way? Another five star scene comes next. Brad Hern, a Belgian blond with a sweet smile, picks up the studly hitchhiker Sergio Serrano. Hern is one lucky guy. Before too long, the hung Brit lad is getting the fuck of his life on top of the hood of his convertible Mercedes.

Serrano is one hot top. He fucks the bent over bottom so hard, it makes it easy to follow Hern's roller coaster of moans. Pulling out, Serrano rips off the condom, stands tall, and jerks out a high flying gusher of sperm.

Orgy: Take Two!

The movie finishes with two wayward hiking couples meet up for a joyous round of boyfriend swapping, Herzog and Jafar vs. Falcone and Lucatto. The tops continue their earlier roles, which means Herzog takes an ass ride on Lucatto erection, while Jafar pumps Falcone only inches away.It's especially a nice set of additional performances from Jafar and Falcone.

Running just under two hours, Jagged Mountain Part 1 makes for a lovely vacation, where Kristen Bjorn carries us away in the long arms of men with stunning looks. Before getting to Part 2, it's worth pointing out that the strange incident discovered while watching the video. (There is a setting from the main DVD menu to play the movie without music. However, I like music!)

The music is a light, airy electronic piano, playing endlessly. It sounds canned, and many people probably would find it annoying. However, at one point, during the Hern/Serrano sex scene, the sound track moves into an repeating rendition of Chan Chan, a famous Cuban ballad made famous by the Buena Vista Social Club. Actually, an actual sound track of Spanish canciĆ³nes would compliment many of Bjorn's films. But it would need to follow the rhythm of the film better, so it doesn't sound like it was dumped out of a can. It would be great to see realized, but in this day and age we realize that we're probably just tilting at windmills.

Jagged Mountain: Part One Photos

Brad Hearn and Sergio Serrano Watch on - Watch VOD
Sergio Serrano behind Brad Hearn
Jalil Jafar leads the four way Watch on - Watch VOD
Jalil Jafar leads the 4-way

Jagged Mountain, Part 2

Beware falling rocks while watching part two of Jagged Mountain, because it's dynamite. If choosing between the two parts, the second one is actually better. (However, both are solid Kristen Bjorn entries.)

First up, there's still some unfinished business from Part 1. Reyes is jealoud. Apparently his boyfriend enjoyed fucking around with Figueroa so much Harris must spread wide for a gangbang from three guys, Valente, Reyes & the returning Figueroa, who's now enjoys his second round with the delicious bottom. Harris impressively handles a fast moving rotisserie spin of uncut tubesteaks.

Who wouldn't cross the line with their boyfriend to go all the way with Augusto Figueroa, especially considering the selected Bjorn level of punishment? There's an academic term paper in there somewhere.

After this, we move from the mountains to the streets. It is in these streets that we see Tomas Friedel cruise Rodrigo Calas. Standing at a tall six foot two, bald and inked with a colorful run of tattoos down his right side, Calas is massive.

Furthermore, Watching him get fucked is massively satisfying. As of this writing, this his Calas' only filmed sex video, and his performance is such that everyone will be crossing their fingers he'll surface again. He backs his massive ass to meet Friedel's fucking rhythms. The top is so turned on, we see him extract his throbbing cock, tearing off the condom just in time to grease Calas' buns with hot cream.

Tomas Friedel and Rodrigo Calas Watch on KristenBjorn - Watch VOD
Tomas Friedel sucks Rodrigo Calas
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After this comes arguably the biggest surprise in the entire two-parter: a rollicking, hot hook-up between Abel Pozsar and Caleb Ramble. Whereas the cast of Jagged Mountain is peopled with the astonishing-looking European muscle guys, into the mix here are two relatively regular-looking chaps.

Do not misunderstand - they are not ugly at all. Just not the typical Olympian porn star. In another interesting twist, Mr. Ramble appears to be deaf. This is the first porn in which I've seen sign language being used. Ramble's British, and has subsequently gone on to appear in stuff for the always impressive UKNakedMen.

Now what is Olympian about these two are their cocks. Pozsar opens his fly, and out comes a monster. Ramble is equally hot watching him take it in his mouth, and later, as an energetic bottom. Ramble's own big dick flops around judiciously while getting fucked.

Mansex Goes In-House

Why stick to just one man? The Bjorn guys answer this by calling themselves up on their cell phones, and bringing their just fucked trick over for sloppy seconds. In this case, the Calas / Fried el couple from scene one of part two mix it up with Hern and Serrano, the guys who fucked atop the hood of the car in part one.

The sexual chemistry between the four guys is radiant. First they swap partners, so Serrano gets with bald beauty Calas. Meanwhile Friedel gets to sink his teeth into Hern. Fantastic fucking inspires the guys to flip-flop. Watching Friedel take it up the ass, who we've only ever seen top, is stunning. Next to them, Serrano deep drilling by Hern is equally exciting. Why doesn't Serrano film more often? He's stunning.

Why don't we join them and all fuck together? With Calas moving inside him, Serrano blows one of the biggest money shots of the entire film.

Chopper Fuckers

Everything ends with us going back up the mountain, where a motorcycle ride makes David Kadera and Tibor Cernan realize that their love is on the rocks. Literally. The Kadera, a long haired blond gets fucked on the motorcycle. There's a memorable shot of Cernan's long dick dipping into the bottom's fine butt, still clad in his leather jacket, and with the top's face reflecting back in the side mirror.

How often are blond bottoms wearing shoulder length hair? One of the hottest moments literally comes when Kadera puts his mouth over Ramble's ejaculating cock. Oh, yes. Cernan and Kadera slide into a mix it up four way too, this time with the two with the gargantuan cocks from earlier, Misters Pozsar and Ramble. If you haven't gotten off by this time, the sequence featuring Pozsar and Ramble trading off on Kadera should close the same. Afterwards, you'll enjoy seeing who gets DP'ed.

Great, imaginative direction combined with interesting models finish out our day trip to the Jagged Mountain. Kristen Bjorn once again takes on a wonderful vacation.

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Jagged Mountain Photos:

Jagged Mountain: Part Two Photos
Justin Harris Revenge Gang Bang Watch on - Watch VOD
Justin Harris Revenge Gang Bang
Rodrigo Calas and Tomas Friedel Watch on - Watch VOD
Tomas Friedel tops Rodrigo Calas
Abel Poznar Four Way Watch on - Watch VOD
The Final Four Way: Tibor Cernan, Abel Poznar, Caleb Ramble, David Kadera

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