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Into the Wilde

mr. Pam
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Into the Wilde video

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Things Get Pretty Wilde

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Into the wilde, I have to go! I must begin my journey!

Naked Sword continues mining the rich vein that is its exclusive contract with porn star Christian Wilde in Into the Wilde. In this sensational four course buffet, Wilde ignites the screen with his signature mischievous grin, piercing eyes and easy going attitude that the camera cannot get enough of. He's inspired several videos to organize around his name. Early on, there was The Wilde Bunch back in 2010, and more recently Naked Sword took his fans on a bumpy journey down the Wilde Road.

Today, Wilde stands as one of the industry's major porn stars. Out of this, Into the Wilde satisfies everyone from Mr. Wilde's most die hard enthusiasts to the everyday porn viewer who's looking for some hot sex. How exhilarating is Wilde's everyday life? Can it be captured in a Naked Sword original video? Strap on your seat belts, folks. Our hero lives on thrills, and Into the Wilde documents it in spades.

Runaway Van! [Episode 1 Preview]

"Sometimes you want to fuck so bad, and you have nowhere to go."
In the first adventure, Wilde recruits Brandon Jones to join him for an afternoon of humping in the back of a large van. What a day! Jones is shuttled through San Francisco with Wilde's dick in his ass.

It's understandable that they stay in the van fucking, because it looks pretty cold outside. Jones has been showing up as San Francisco's go to bottom this year, bottoming for popular tops like Ryan Rose and Angel Rock. Is it possible Wilde hasn't hit it with Jones yet? Yes, Virginia, it's true.

Jones takes our hero's staff in his mouth and shows that he's a consummate cocksucker. Licking it with his fat tongue, and sucking it to the base, Jones works over Wilde's stiff penis, waving it at the camera when he comes up for air. Wilde looks as happy as a bug in a rug.

With Jones pushed back against a seat in the rear of the van, Wilde slides in his dipstick. Their sex is so electrifying the rest of the world turns off around them. The driver of the van could be robbing a bank for all we know. Inside, it's all lusty smiles and wild passion.

After a quick streaking run, the boys return to Runaway Van for round two. Jones rides the top facing both fore and aft. He takes Wilde's cock for a lengthy, wonderful ride, after which they reassemble so they can fuck doggie style. After this Jones cums while riding the top's cock, followed by Wilde enjoying his own shaky orgasm. Jones licks off Wilde's cummy cock.

Unlike many porn scene with the models inside the van, director Mr. Pam and production crew go all out to go the extra distance and feature them fucking in a van moving through the streets of San Francisco.

Christian Wilde and Brandon Jones Watch on NakedSword
Christian Wilde and Brandon Jones

Mellowing Out with Rod Daily

After this, things mellow out when we find Wilde resting comfortable on a massage table. Rod Daily uses his magic hands on Wilde's body, sticking his tongue in his hole. Wilde's cock sticks out from under his body rock hard.

"Time to turn over," announces Rod, who takes Wilde's penis in both of his hands. Daily services Wilde's dick, and then they sixty-nine. Daily rolls a condom on Wilde's cock and hops on. Daily's expert riding is extremely how to watch, just as much as it appears this may be our hero's all time favorite sexual position.

Wilde gets up and starts topping Daily on his back. The bottom's so turned on he easily cums. Daily gets Wilde's cannon to fire by greasing up his hand and jacking him off.

Christian Wilde and Rod Daily Watch on NakedSword
Christian Wilde and Rod Daily

Done and Done! [Episode 3 Preview]

After this, Wilde decides to take us cruising with him into the woods. Here he joins forces with strapping hunk Connor Maguire, and together they take home a hot bottom named Ashton Webber. Slim, smooth and sporting punk hair, Webber looks like he won the Marc Almond look alike contest before heading out to find some dick.

Webber, who's quite hung himself, has his hands full with Wilde and Maguire taking him on simultaneously. They return to a comfy loft where they fuck his brains out. In their spectacular three way, there's ample footage of Wilde and Maguire making a chicken sandwich of the bottom, complete with lots of fresh mayonnaise. In a hot visual, Webber sits atop the aroused Maguire, legs spread open as Wilde monopolizes his hole.

"We'll have to do this again sometime!"
Maguire gets his turn on Webber's butt, fucking him on the couch. Afterwards, they carry the bottom around fucking him more at length. Wilde'a busy topping Webber when the bottom, without warning, starts gushing cum. Then, in what is the best money shot of the film, the two tops simultaneously hose down Webber's mouth and face. Their high-flying spurts leave him caked in cum.

He Came in Through the Window

The movie's final scene captures Wilde's sexual antics as he climbs through Lance Luciano's apartment window so he can fuck him. (Who wouldn't?)

They kiss on the stoop, follows by Luciano's invitation to come join him inside. Wilde quickly drops his pants, followed by the brunet going down on him. As always, Luciano appears perfectly groomed, like he's just stepped out of a gay underwear ad. Luciano gives great head.

In between lots of sensual kissing, Wilde reciprocates by going down on his neighbor. After exploring his ripe, supple ass, Wilde buries his bone deep inside. The top goes slow at first.

The guys quickly find their rhythm. There are lots of hot doggie style visuals here. After cumming, Wilde politely introduces himself to his new friend. It's nice to see a man who can handle not only sexual conquests but also operate as a social animal at the same time.

The real question is - is our hero really attracted to pretty boys?

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Into the Wilde Photos:

Christian Wilde Three Way
Watch on Naked Sword
Christian Wilde, Ashton Webber and Connor Maguire
Ashton Webber and Christian Wilde
Watch on Naked Sword
Christian Wilde and Connor Maguire above Ashton Webber
Lance Luciano and Christian Wilde
Watch on Naked Sword
Lance Luciano sucks Christian Wilde

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