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Inner Devil

I Que Grande
Dark Alley Media  
, , Tate Ryder , , Mike Dozer , Colton Carbone , Draven Torres , Brandon Hawk
Bareback SexInterracial SexDP (Double Penetration)

Inner Devil Dark Alley Media

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Exposing Tate Ryder's Id

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Here's an innocent-looking video offered by Dark Alley Media! Spoiler alert - it's divorced from innocence in all respects, most conspicuously though it's distinguished cast. Talk about "Inner Devil" - every single model in this video is notorious for their "Id." (Hat tip to Dr. Freud.)

All four episodes ride high with significant moments, with everything culminating in porn star debutante Tate Ryder undergoing an on-screen bareback initiation from the industry's reigning El Ray himself, Antonio Biaggi. Ryder's colored his hair since his days at Hot House. He's also showing some scruff. Woof!

First up we find Colton Carbone groping Draven Torres' culo through his pants. Now if any of you have been wondering what happened to porn star Vic Stone, who performed for SX Videos as their first real original porn star back from 2004 to 2007, guess what? He's been filming under the name "Colton Carbone" for Dark Alley Media for the past couple of years. (Not only that, this guy has snuck in some additional videos for Raging Stallion using the name "Steve Vex")

Technically, Carbone is the star of Inner Devil. He's fully matured since his SX Video days - hairy, scruffy, muscled and wearing a cap. He looks larger, which actually makes watching him fucking Torres even more exciting. This guy always looked like he'd be one unforgettable fuck, if he got his hands on you.

In their scene, Torres matches him point for point. In one segment he's riding Carbone's dick, just having a grand old time going up in down. He's smiling and kissing Carbone, looking like a pig in a poke. Literally.

It finishes with Torres' asshole twitching as Carbone hoses it down with his hot cum. The top slides it back in just to make sure Torres gets plenty of cum in there.

Draven Torres sucks Colton Carbone Watch on RawFuckClub or Watch VOD
Draven Torres sucks Colton Carbone

Armand Rizzo Double Hawked

In the second scene, we see Armand Rizzo (credited here as Joey Rodriguez) looking positively giddy to be taking the cocks of Owen Hawk and Brandon Hawk. Watching this actually may take repeated viewings, if for anything to figure out what's going on with each of the models.

Owen Hawk looks possibly angry, while Brandon Hawk looks eager. In between all that, Rizzo looks titillated and thrilled. Either way, the Hawks take him under their wings and bang his butt relentlessly. They do not stop until their cum is pouring out of his ass.

Brandon Hawk gets most of Rizzo's ass time. He fucks him in a whirl of positions as the bottom continuously looks back and forth between the two, who vigilantly lord over him.

Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike!

After this, Carbone returns for an encore show, and this time he's paired with a big bear of a man named Mike Dozer. Dozer has no problem taking Carbone's long shaft, neither down his throat, nor all the way up his massive ass.

Down in the Dark Alley dungeon, a single light bulb burns behind them as Carbone hammers him on a table. Carbone leaves the bottom completely creamed.

Inner Devil was filmed in 2013. About a year after this, Dozer was arrested on the federal charge of having sex with a minor, and summarily convicted in a widely publicized show that, amongst other things, played out on his Twitter account. Didn't I say at the start of this review that this movie was full of stars?

Tate Ryder Bareback

We've reviewed Tate Ryder many times in movies for Frisky Fans, but never before like this. As most of those videos were when he was at Hot House, perhaps he was more constrained. Paired with Antonio Biaggi and his giant hooded cock with those swinging balls without condoms - he looks completely at ease here.

If anything, their scene is too short and spends too much time on sucking and rimming. Maybe. That is a close call, on second thought, because Ryder has ass for days, and Biaggi looked completely fulfilled with his face and tongue buried up there.

In a high moment, Ryder's spits on his hand to jack his hard dick, while Biaggi plugs his butt.

Watch Inner Devil not only for it's cast of today's hottest bareback stars, but also seventy minutes of hard-driving man sex. This movie is one of dozens produced from the Dark Tower that is Dark Alley Media, and plays on Naked Sword, which is my preferred method for keeping up with this studio's latest and greatest. (Join Naked Sword)

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Inner Devil Photos:

Antonio Biaggi tops Tate Ryder Preview
Watch Inner Devil VOD or Download in High Def 720p
Armand Rizzo above Brandon Hawk Watch on RawFuckClub or Watch VOD
Owen Hawk (left) as Armand Rizzo rides Brandon Hawk
Colton Carbone tops Mike Dozer Watch on RawFuckClub or Watch VOD
Colton Carbone tops Mike Dozer

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