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I Dream of Twinky

Manville Entertainment   MVL-04
Chase Young , , Tristan Mathews , Alex Cross , Brody Wilde , Doug Jeffries , , Blake Dawson
Daddy / BoyParody / SpoofTheme: Romance

I Dream of Twinky MVL-04

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Get Down with the Genie!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

This genie is a twink alright. Adorably cute, he carries an attitude. He likes older men. He makes his life more difficult by following stupid rules. Ah, youth!

Chase Young breathes a puckish charm into the role that Barbara Eden made famous in the sixties. The difference here is he has a much better ass. And I confess up front to have been a big fan of Young since his days at Helix Studios. More recently, director Austin put him to good work in last year's enjoyable Twinky and the Bear.

The brunet will have you seeing stars in I Dream of Twinky. Overall it's a fun and sexy frolic, which works especially well because it doesn't take itself seriously at all. (I even enjoyed the running comedy laugh-track.)

Mr. Young and co-star Trevor Knight have a great chemistry together, which appears as sexual tension that runs through to the final scene of the movie.

It's also nice to see Tristan Mathews, who's matured into a hot man since we last saw him. Come to think of it, someone really broke out the old Rolodex to cast this movie. That's a risky move considering certain less enlightened blogs will take one look, see Mr. Knight and Doug Jeffries and write the whole thing off as nothing but a cast of has-beens.

Some people take themselves way too seriously.

Chase Young looks at Trevor KnightWatch Now
Chase Young smiles at Trevor Knight

My Master, Trevor Knight

The movie begins on a beautiful day on the beach, when Trevor Knight unwittingly trips over a buried Aladdin's Lamp in the sand. He takes it home and opens it. Then, a genie named "Twinky" pops out (Young), who offers him three sexual wishes.

The first wish is a spell that brings two soliciting Mormon guys into a naked romp on Knight's living room couch. Blake Dawson tops Alex Cross, an always willing bottom who we reviewed in another enjoyable porn parody culled from TV land, Dicks of Hazzard.

The next day, Knight's washing machine breaks. Two judgemental straight repairmen show up to fix it, who get their just homosexual desserts thanks to Twinky's magic. Furry chested Mr. Mathews ends up getting banged atop a full-size dryer by tool man Brody Wilde.

Matthews is a hot bottom to watch, despite that he looks really uncomfortable smashed up against that angular Craftsman tool box. They eventually make their way down to the ground where the bottom rides Dean in several more positions until they both spew nice loads. "We've got to keep this on the down low," says the top after getting his rocks off.

Men are all alike.

Blake Dawson above Alex CrossWatch Now
Blake Dawson above Alex Cross
After this Knight's best friend (Doug Jeffries) gets his wish - he's hooking up with youthful hoopster Justin Dean. Dean, who's very tall, interrupts the naked Jeffries in the shower where they immediately start washing each other with their tongues. Jeffries struts his top man stuff, fucking Dean in many hot positions.

Rediscovering the cradle of civilization.. And, finally, there is the final episode where we see Knight and Young consummate their love in a rousing finish. Knight continues to be a truly wonderful top, who's met his match with Young's sumptuous bottoming skills.

It's a fine finish, leaving you wishing for a sequel.

The movie joins a long line of fun gay porn parody videos, giving us the opportunity to mention old favorites like Betwinked and Field of Creams. There's also a New York City gay latino parody of I Dream of Jeannie from 2005 called Wet Dreamz of Genie, which has its own original musical score, more special effects and takes itself pretty seriously.

All these can be watched in our VOD theater for a small sum.

It's nice how the whole I Dream of Genie thing become a take on younger guys coupling up with older guys, which pretty much captures the today's zeitgeist like a genie in a bottle.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Blake Dawson tops Alex Cross
  2. Brody Wilde tops Tristan Mathews
  3. Doug Jeffries tops Justin Dean
  4. Trevor Knight tops Chase Young
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I Dream of Twinky Photos:

Chase Young rides Trevor KnightWatch Now
Chase Young rides Trevor Knight
Trevor Knight above Chase YoungWatch Now
I Cream on Twinky
Brody Wilde and Tristan MathewsWatch Now
Brody Wilde and Tristan Mathews
Doug Jeffries and Justin DeanWatch Now
Doug Jeffries and Justin Dean

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