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Hungarian Hook Up

Tom Bradford
Falcon International   FIC-031
, , Fabrizio Mangiatti , Fernando Mangiatti , Jose Ganatti , , Marc Dievo , , Andrew Moretti

Hungarian Hook Up Falcon International

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Rick Bauer Follows a Tip

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Don't overlook this little gem of a Tom Bradford movie, which Falcon keeps buried quite well in their ignored Falcon International storeroom. Coming on the heels of the enjoyable Hungarian Hunks, Hungarian Hook-Up, whose odd-sounding singular noun rings of something lost in translation, is a tasty gulash of oversexed muscle men.

We begin with Rick Buaer, who's body fills-out muscle shirts like Marilyn Monroe filled-out a dress, strong arming cutie Enrique Bellagio into joining him on trip to an adandoned Soviet-era warehouse so they can cruise for sex. Bellagio's hesitation might be because lurking in a freezing cold, dreary industrial building isn't his thing. Or maybe they are boyfriends. Who are you really, Enrico Bellagio?

Once arrived, they seperate and in no time Bellagio's been ensnared by one of the warehouse's spiders - tall, brunet Andrew Moretti. Bradford nicely captures something that never grows old - watching two sexy guys wordlessly hook up for spontaneous sex.

Passionate kissing leads to them peeling out of each other's clothes, sucking cocks and finally Moretti topping Bellagio atop a table. Moretti blows a nice money shot on Bellagio's furry leg, whose already came all over himself.

Rick Bauer and the Mangiotti TwinsWatch on or Watch VOD
Rick Bauer and the Mangiotti Twins
After this, the movie's final three scenes cut right to the guys getting started. Sometimes watching these Falcon International movies, you get the feel they editied down the director's original footage. That's Falcon for you - all business.

The second scene should be a true favorite for lovers of Jose Ganetti. His three-way with Lucio Maverick and Albert Viktor is electric. The half hour episode is fueled by Ganetti's topping of Viktor followed by riding Maverick's beautiful long cock.

Next we see Bauer coming across Marc Dievo and Sebastian Bronco making out. Both are clad in black muscle shirts. Just as they get started, Bauer decides to move on. What's Bauer possibly thinking? What muscle bottom would walk away from a tattood top like Dievo?

Bald-headed Bronco is early in his career here and not as muscled-up is in his later career. He looks delicious, and Dievo makes a meal out of him. After watching this, it turns out Bauer's instincts were correct, because this is the weakest scene in the film.

For the finish, Bauer hits the mother lode! Waiting for him in the cruisy Hungarian warehouse is none other than the Mangiatti Twins! Like vampire brothers on a freshman virgin, they pounce on Bauer fucking him with their long dicks over and over until all three are completely drained.

Apparently it was a good day to check out that place. Bauer and Bellagio leave promising to return soon. After all, tomorrow is another day.

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Hungarian Hook Up Photos:

Andrew Moretti tops Enrico BellagioWatch on or Watch VOD
Andrew Moretti tops Enrico Bellagio
Jose Ganetti and Lucio Maverick lick Albert ViktorWatch on or Watch VOD
Jose Ganetti and Lucio Maverick lick Albert Viktor

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