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His Son's Best Friend

Nica Noelle
Icon Male  
, Adam Russo , , ,
Daddy / BoyTwinks, AmericanDaddies / MenTheme: Romance

His Son's Best Friend

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A Place in My Son

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You might have to use a pen and paper to diagram out how the family trees fork in Icon Male's breathlessly-titled His Son's Best Friend. This isn't Anywhere, USA, it's Payton Place! Director Nice Noelle helms things, showing us all juicy scandal in a hamlet populated with idle single dads and their easily impressed-upon lads.

The movie stars Nick Capra as the neighborhood's high school math teacher, whose ex-students discover that his dick is as hard as Chinese Algebra. Capra has mounted a real comeback this past year as a "daddy next door" in large part to these Icon Male movies.

Steely ruffian Colton Gray stars as the film's object of desire. He's a blue-eyed youth with smoldering looks who can fill out a tank top wonderfully.

Capra picks him up hitchhiking along the road and brings him home. Capra makes his move on him, which Gray accepts. Capra struts his swarthy top man stuff on Gray, and suffice to say it's thrilling watching these two body types having sex.

It turns out Gray's sexual participation was somewhat reluctant, quickly abandoning Capra in his house.

Nick Capra tops Colton Gray Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Nick Capra tops Colton Gray

Hot for Teacher

Grey ends up seeking refuge at his friend's house. (Sam Truitt) But to stay there, Grey has to get past his straight-laced father (Adam Russo), who spends evenings reading leather-bound copies of The Quotable Lawyer. Russo is quite convincing playing the part of a conservative dad. You'll think that his day job is editing National Review.

Most kids never want to see their algebra teacher after high school, but for some reason I can't get rid of you.
- Nick Capra
Russo let's Grey stay with them, however to earn his keep he must do work chores around the house.

Truitt, looking very good here, gives these guys some space and heads over to teacher Capra's house for some afternoon delight. Their attraction is palpable and watching Capra fuck this skinny kid is one of the movie's high points.

Truitt spills his seed while getting fucked, followed with Capra laying back to unload his own glossy cumshot.

Sam Truitt sucks Nick Capra Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Sam Truitt sucks Nick Capra

Love for Sale

Russo's new house guest has made him horny. What's a distinguished older man to do? Rent a prostitute, naturally.

Trent Ferris is the lucky fellow who must devirginize Russo to the transactional world of escorting. He removes his clothes and let's Russo ravage him. This is the weakest link in the chain of the movie's four scenes.

Never Can Say Goodbye, Boy

Russo returns home just in time to stop Grey from heading out the door. He offers reasons for him to stay, but Grey surmises the situation as boiling down to the fact that Russo's in love with him.
You're my son's best friend. I don't want to see any harm come to you.
- Adam Russo

Grey pounces. Kissing in the hallway leads to everything else to happen in the bedroom. Russo can't get Frey's clothes off fast enough, sucking his cock, laying on top of Grey's smooth, tattooed body.

They consummate their feelings with Russo guiding his fat cock into Grey's willing ass, fucking him closely in several hot positions. After Russo unloads a roaring orgasm, they just hold each other closely, kissing.

His Son's Best Friend is a compelling journey of two young men coming to terms with the role of father figures in their lives. Everyone puts in solid performances with Truitt standing out as a porn star who with each film keeps getting better.

You can download the full movie on FriskyFilms VOD.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Nick Capra tops Colton Gray
  2. Nick Capra tops Sam Truitt
  3. Adam Russo tops Trent Ferris
  4. Adam Russo tops Colton Gray
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His Son's Best Friend Photos:

Adam Russo tops Trent Ferris Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Adam Russo tops Trent Ferris
Adam Russo tops Colton Gray Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Adam Russo tops Colton Gray
His Son's Best Friend Preview

Adam Russo tops Colton Gray in His Son's Best Friend
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