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Helix Academy

Alex Roman
Helix Studios   HXM012
, Jessie Montgomery , Luke Allen , Chase Young , Anderson Lovell , Casey Tanner , Kellan Parker , Victor Hoff
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Who's the New Kid on the Block?

Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

Helix Presents the Other Side of Glee

I confess up front it's been way too long since we've reviewed Helix, and I must tell you - this is not the studio it once was. Helix Studios has reinvented itself from a twink grindhouse, into a modern erotic video studio.

Their major production for 2013, Twink Academy is a fine place to start for someone interested in what this company is doing. Viewers will immediately be taken aback by the scale of the production. It's visually vibrant, intimately photographed and clearly directed by someone who knows his way around professional camera equipment. (We assume that would be director/producers Casey Roman and Alex Roman)

This creative energy behind the camera translates to equally energetic performances by the models in front of the camera. Their sexual performances capture many of the tensions of young men coming of age in school. Even better, they don't look like they just walked onto the set after being up all night. They are tanned, rested and ready to film the next erotic epic. In this case, it's definitely Helix Academy.

Evan Parker and Luke AllenWatch on HelixStudios
Evan Parker offers the Goblet of Love

Meet Jessie Montgomery

Good morning, Helix Hellcats! The movie tells the story of Jessie Montgomery's arrival at a new school, the prestigious Helix Academy. The wistful dirty blond is both a believable actor and versatile sexualist. He also bears a strong resemblance to actor Michael York in the movie Cabaret. (And we're sure Christopher Isherwood would approve.) He's an ideal choice to serve as the fulcrum of the film.

Montgomery notices clues that ultimately lead him to uncover the existence of a secret society on the campus. He becomes gay porn's Veronica Mars, naked, right before our eyes. He first discovers his roommate Evan Parker wearing a mysterious necklace, but why linger over that as he's zonked out, buck naked in his bed. After this enjoyable tease, Montgomery's first sexual experience occurs at night by him quietly watching his roommate and boyfriend having sex in the next bed.

It turns out Montgomery's new roommate is the school's slacker. He oversleeps. He's late to class. Even better, he's one firecracker top. Under the cloak of night, Parker gives Luke Allan a sip of a special drink from a goblet. (Yes, all elite boys academies still keep a complete dinner service of silver goblets.)

Allen gets all lovey dovey, kissing and sucking. Then Parker takes control and fucks his brains out on the bed. Parker shoots a picture perfect money shot on his partner's smiling face, who licks the rest off his still-drooling dick.

Alone, one bed over, Montgomery beats off.

Anderson Lovell and Jessie MontgomeryWatch on HelixStudios
Anderson Lovell and Jessie Montgomery meet in detention
Jessie Montgomery in the slingWatch on HelixStudios
Jessie Montgomery hangs out after school

The New Kid on the Block

"Did you watch us have sex? Weirdo!"
-Evan Parker
It's the next day and it looks like Montgomery is becoming a hit with his classmates. He catches adorable Anderson Lovell making eyes at him. But that's quickly forgotten when, on the way back to his dorm, he discovers sex machine Casey Tanner giving a blowjob in the bushes.

Tanner bagged a most-handsome senior, the dark and ravishing Kellan Parker. Parker has a beautiful body with a hot cock that demands worshipping. Tanner's gleeful blowjob ends with Parker turning him around and pulling down his pants. We see that Tanner's wearing a jockstrap. He's ready to go!

Parker fucks him standing doggie right there. Watching Tanner balancing himself against a tree with his pants down, sticking his jockstrap-clad butt out, may be too much for some viewers to get through in one sitting.

After the top cums on Tanner's face, he dresses and leaves. But the bottom's not done yet. He catches Montgomery crouching down still watching. What does he do? Tanner goes over to Montgomery, gets on his knees, and gives him a blow-job.

Evan Parker and Luke AllenWatch on HelixStudios
Luke Allen and Evan Parker
Casey Tanner and Kellen ParkerWatch on HelixStudios
Kellen Parker pokes Casey Tanner

On the Desk Is Where I Want You!

Montgomery presses on, following the clues regarding the mysterious amulet worn by the other students. Fortunately, he lands in detention with the boy who's been cruising him all week, Mr. Lovell.

Just before leaving them alopne together, the headmaster orders their minds to contemplate heavenward. The only thing pointed heavenward after he exits are their erections. Lovell's got a lovely, uncut shaft, which Montgomery lathers at length.

They ravage each other in turns. First, Lovell pulls a condom from his backpack, slides it on and gives his detention-mate a fine ass-plowing. Then in a stirring flip-flop, Montgomery positions Lovell over a desk for missionary fucking. It all happens so fast, Lovell never removes his tie.

Montgomery's cumshot is so large, he shoots some of the white stuff into Lovell's silky brown hair.

Welcome to the Crescent Club

By the end of the video, it's clear that Montgomery has turned over so many stones,the cat's about to be let out of the bag. He's abducted in the night, afterwards awakening the group's secret hideaway. It's the meeting place of The Crescent Club.

Lovell, Parker and Allen return, all wearing nothing under their monk-like robes except their crescent-shaped pendants around their necks. All the members of the club proceed to gang bang our hero, who hangs in a sling. A first-rate filmed orgy, director Alex Roman mixes things up in this snake pit. While Montgomery's being taken care of in the sling, the remaining three fuck each other, systematically processing everyone's assholes with each other's dicks.

The hunky Chase Young appears here, both topping Montgomery and bottoming for the other voracious sex pups. Everyone cums on the new inductee, who never leaves his perch in the sling. It's a great orgy, ending the film on an unforgettable high point.

Montgomery and his co-stars handle their roles both dramatically and sexually, and with the one exception, the script is perfectly respectable. (The exception being Victor Hoff as the orthodox headmaster, whose morality speeches are inconsistent with the loudspeaker announcements of the school's Gay / Straight club meeting announcements.)

Helix Academy is clearly a contender for best video of 2013. It's a top notch production, with an engaging script and spectacular sexual performances from well-groomed models. Obviously, the people at Helix went back to school and returned ready to teach the porn industry a new thing or two.

Sequel! You'll also like Scandal at Helix Academy.

Helix Academy Photos:

Anderson Lovell and Jessie MontgomeryWatch on HelixStudios
Anderson Lovell and Jessie Montgomery meet in detention
Helix Academy OegyWatch on HelixStudios
Jessie Montgomery Hangs Out at the Crescent Club

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