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Half Time

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, Benny G
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Please, Ethan, can I have some more?

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"Fuck me some more!" says Benny as he sits down on Ethan Slade's standing erection. (This probably is the continuation of Benny G's rampage in Hungry Hole)

Slade, howeveer seemed prepared to enjoy watching the game on televison. Holding a beer and tv remote in his hands, Slate sits silently as Benny starts enthusiastically riding atop his dick. In seconds, this becomes a very hot scene.

It effortelssly turns into an anger fuck, as Slade flips the bottom onto his fours and fucks him full force on the couch. "This is what happens when you don't let me watch sports!" yells the top. Slade bangs away at Benny's big muscular butt. When he done, Slade slaps his ass and walks over to the pinball machine. Game on!

Benny G and Ethan Slade
Benny G and Ethan Slade
Ethan Slade plays pinball
Ethan Slade plays pinball

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