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Lazaro Wineman
G.A.I. Studios  
, , Manny Montilla , Ricky Rios , Jay Tornay , Sebastian Rio , , Devin Templeton
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Gulp GAI Studios

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Bottoms Up!

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If you're looking for a specific recipe, Gulp from G.A.I. Studios is shaking up cocktails made with the essences of porn star Sebastian Rio and seven other fragrant models. Rio, a sexy, hung Latino, fucks three of the movie's highly arousing cast members. He joins an interracial team all sporting fetching looks and spunky vigor that would be the envy of any gay porn producer.

Producer / director Ginetto di Masolo puts Erec Estrada on the video's box cover, which is misleading. He's in the film's final scene, and frankly Estrada's tour de force performances are in his enjoyable Skin2Skin Erec's Little Shop series.

The guy who should be on the cover is Orion Cross. He opens the movie's shenanigans as the film's Cum Guzzler in Chief, who recruits uncut Latin stud Ricky Rios to produce a heavy specimen for his research.

Cross' exuberance and enthusiasm for bareback fucking is foa more evident here then any of the stuff SX Video filmed him in. Everything from munching the top's pert ass to riding his thick cock shows Mr. Cross as a focused, very fun sex partner. After Cross drinks his seed, Rios is so motivated that he returns the favor by taking the bottom's load in his own mouth. It's a shame Cross didn't film more high quality sex scenes like this.

Ricky Rios tops Orion CrossWatch VOD
Ricky Rios tops Orion Cross

Tastes Like Chicken

In the next episode, we find Orion Cross' real life boyfriend Luke Cross making the moves on raven-haired Devin Templeton. Templeton looks like a slightly heavier set little brother to Ethan Sexxtin. The fun begins with Cross giving Templeton a real education on all various sources of protein. Beef? Chicken? How about semen?

Templeton decides bareback sex and cum drinking are the best things to immediately add to his workout menu. He bends Cross over an exercise bench and fucks him enthusiastically. The director gets captures hot visuals using the gym equipment that happens to be in the same room. Cross stays hard as a rock the entire time he's getting fucked.

Basically, I have to swallow your cum.
-Orion Cross
Following this, Manny Montilla breaks up a backgammon game with buddies Sebastian Rio and Jay Tornay. Somehow he's gotten off talking about fish eating their own sperm. (Should we even mention that backgammon is a two-player game?) The game board gets shoved over to the couch so they can start kissing. What ensues is another one of the movie's great moments - a three way for the record books.

In a heated frenzy of kissing and sucking, they tear into each other. Tornay, in particular, stands front and center throughout this. He fucks Montilla and gets fucked by Rio. In a memorable visual, Montilla and Tornay stack up on top of each other as Rio takes turns fucking their asses.

Everyone particularly seems to love fucking Montilla. We understand, as he's one hot little bottom.

The Lion's Paw

Gulp ends with an encore performance from Rio, whose paired up this time with coverboy Mr. Estrada. Like the fable where the young man mends the lion's hurt paw, Estrada soothes Rio, whose hurt his hand from a tennis injury. (Rio turns everyone on with his sports and game activities.)

Laying back Estrada opens Rio's pants. A long uncut erection sprouts from beneath, which Estrada swallows. Their lengthy foreplay and chat is a very different pace from their hook-up in Erec's Little Shop of Porn.

The sexual positions are, however, the same. Rio tops Estrada in a rousing doggie style fuck, as well as with a lengthy sequence of the bottom riding him. Estrada's ass looks magnificent. Like Cross, these scenes are much better then anything he filmed for SX Video.

Sticking to Gulp's theme, Rio ends their play by cumming in a glass. Estrada enjoys it with a straw. No ice.

If you enjoyed Skin2Skin's Erec's Little Shop series of bareback frolic, you'll enjoy Gulp and it's subsequent three sequels. These may not be as consistently good as this first release, but all have hot moments worth watching. They are all certainly worth the $11 price to watch streaming forever in our VOD theater.

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Gulp Photos:

Sebastian Rio tops Jay Tornay and Manny MontillaWatch VOD
Sebastian Rio tops Jay Tornay and Manny Montilla
Sebastian Rio tops Erec EstradaWatch VOD
Sebastian Rio tops Erec Estrada
Erec Estrada above Sebastian RioWatch VOD
Erec Estrada above Sebastian Rio

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