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Guard Patrol

Bruno Bond
Raging Stallion Studios   MBV046
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Guard Patrol Monster Bang

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Caught Red Handed

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Have you ever wondered what happens in that warehouse they show at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark? Raging Stallion, the studio who brought us Raiders of the Lost Arse could be continuing the gay porn narrative with their new and explosively hot warehouse of sex movie, Guard Patrol.

The movie consists of a short film followed by the main feature, an hour long affair starring the four men on the boxcover. We'll get to that in a minute.

Kicking things off, there's a neat and tidy featurette starring Christian Wilde and Ryan Rose. Usually we see these two dancing through either a Naked Sword original, or some pretty boy Falcon flick. In this Monster Bang feature, they are bored security patrolmen, who have nothing to do but test out their night sticks on each other.

Wilde looks pretty hot in his black t-shirt that reads SECURITY. Of course, Wilde takes his job with the usual seriousness - he's going commando. (And naturally, Rose wears his jock strap to work.)

Rose sucks on Wilde's soft cock, which firms right up into a rigid pole. For some reason, watching Wilde getting serviced is always a highlight with me. He returns the favor on Rose.

When he's ready to fuck, Wilde lifts Rose's legs, grabs his dick and goes for the bulls eye.

Christian Wilde above Ryan Rose Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Christian Wilde above Ryan Rose

Brian Bonds Steals the Night

From this, the movie glides into the main feature. After watching this many will wonder, "is this the same Brian Bonds I've seen..?" It's true - Bonds has worked for years in videos, appearing in Falcon features like Body Shop, as well as in a ton of Jason Sparks Live videos, but you've never seen him like this!

On this fateful night, he's nabbed in this magical warehouse lugging a backpack full of fire hydrant-sized dildos. Bald daddy Mitch Vaughn captures him and proceeds to take control of the situation. He starts by ramming a giant red dildo up Bonds' furry ass. Blue-eyed, scruffy faced Bonds is captured and pinned while containing a visible sexual frenzy. For the next hour he only begs Vaughn and, later, his fellow servicemen to give him more.

"Why'd you break into a warehouse with a bag full of dildos?"

"Because I was horny."

This scene, and both of its indefatigable models, deserves an award!

Vaughn face fucks Bonds at length, who busies his free hands by continuing to batter his ass with that red dildo. Vaughn finally throws him a first rate fuck atop some boxes in the middle of the warehouse. Bonds' toys lie in a pile next to him.

Vaughn holds Bonds down and fucks him in several positions. At last, their bodies ultimately fire off powerful money shots, including Bonds taking Vaughn's bullets directly into his mouth. These ejaculations not only provide instant relief, but also attract additional attention, which takes us into the final segment of the film - the four way.

Brian Bonds and Mitch Vaughn Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Mitch Vaughn pins down Brian Bonds

Requesting Back Up

With Bonds and Vaughn still unmoved, more security arrives in the form of David Benjamin and Rocco Steele. If anyone has wondered what it would look like seeing a fleet of hyenas come upon a family of freshly dead zebras, it is this.

Steele opens his trousers to release his already hard rifle. Bonds wraps his lips around the barrel and swallows.

What's undeniable is the chemistry between mega bottom Bonds and the tops. Everyone's loving the taunting, the tool grabbing and the escalating back and forth.

With Bonds' mouth otherwise engaged, Benjamin uses this as an opportunity to drill the back end of a condom covered flashlight into their captor's rear. But why end with that? The guards surround the dirty blond and stuff his mouth with their dicks. They ejaculate onto him with Bonds looking like a hungry bird.

In what started as a capture, ends up turning into Bonds' coronation. They crown him the king of the warehouse by lifting him up and setting him down on his new throne - Rocco Steele's lap. From this perch, he's stuffed full with the man's crown jewels spilling out from between his legs. The next forty-five minutes trumpet Mr. Bonds' bona fides as one of the most exciting cock hounds of the year.

Typically, trespassers are captured and handed off in quick fashion to the authorities. Tonight, this blond jezebel is going to stay with them.

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Guard Patrol Photos:

Mitch Vaughn above Brian Bonds Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Mitch Vaughn nails Brian Bonds
Brian Bonds above Rocco Steele Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Seating Brian Bonds onto Rocco Steele

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