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Golden Gate: Tourist Season

Ben Leon Tony DiMarco
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Golden Gate: Tourist Season

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Come for the Sex Tourism, Stay for the Pie

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The Golden Gate series completes it's "fourth season" (and as of this writing, it's final season), on a strong note. For those of you unfamiliar, Golden Gate is NakedSword's gay porn version of Our Town for San Francisco, including even a folksy narrator character. Golden Gate started off in Season One focusing on a curious collection of bored business guys and prostitutes. This season, we've expanded to more earthy characters, specifically bewildered travellers and jilted lovers. San Francisco takes 'em all. And in an interesting twist, Golden Gate concludes with a confession that it's actually New York that's the city of dreams, at least for artist Tommy Defendi, who finds the dreamy Phenix Saint bringing about a new chapter of "Needle Park" with his tattoo parlour.

The first episode introduces us to Parker Perry, a delightful porn star who's so relaxed and easy going that he's unaware of his magnetic sexual power. Or is he? Shown grinning on the DVD cover, his sweet smile and hairy body barely cover the ample delights of his uncut dick and bountiful ass. In Golden Gate, a lost Perry bumps into Mario Costa while looking for Fisherman's Wharf. Costa leads the unsuspecting traveller into a secluded alley where, like a street-side hot dog vendor he drops his massive meat, getting coated with salivary condiments, sliding into Perry's warm buns.

Man bites dog!

Costa has appeared in a lot of Internet videos this year, most notably for ExtraBigDicks. This is the first feature length video we've seen him in since Real Big Boys Measuring Up! Both Costa and Perry work their magic here, waving their wands, spreading their pixie dust. Costa nails Perry on a convenient pile of rubber tires.

Perry shoots all over himself while getting plowed, drenching his dark colored "I Love SF" hoodie in sperm. The Latino follows by dropping his own multi-spurt shot all over the already cum-soaked bottom. An unforgettable baptismal!

Mario Costa and Parker Perry Watch on NakedSword
Mario Costa welcomes Parker Perry to San Francisco
For the second episode, our San Francisco tourist is a sexy Latin-Black guy named Leo Forte. Forte has performed in lots of videos, many on the kinkier side. Here, Forte put on a fine show getting down and dirty with his new Bay-area friend Tristan Jaxx (To the Last Man), thanks to the miracle of geo-locating phone hook-up services.

Forte undresses, giving some camera time to his Nasty Pig jock strap and dog tags. Forte's drooling all over Jaxx's long uncut dong, moving into a hot back and forth with the guys trading blowjobs and rimming butts. Soon, it's ass ramming time, and Jaxx does the honors, fucking the tourist all over a contemporary mod-looking couch.

Forte is one hot fuck. A active bottom, after getting it doggie, he rides in the top's lap, bucking up and down in a breathless blitz that appears to leave Jaxx on edge. With sweat running down his face, Forte stays in his position gyrating until he shakes to his own minor earthquake.

El Sol Y Su Luna

Next up, star bottom Dominic Sol shows up on Folsom Street, participating in the sexual tourism that's been cultivated over the years in the city's Folsom Street Fair. At a cruisy bar, Sol looses his shirt. Morgan Black appears later offering him not only his shirt but the milk of human kindness that's synonymous with San Francisco.

In a different alley, Sol gets on his knees and furiously deep throats Black's hard knob. Sol sucks on his balls. Arguably the hottest moment here is Sol, completely naked, sticking out his ass, presenting to the top. They fuck, and Sol proves once again that he's one magic bottom. Yes, folks. There's gold up in them hills!

"I'm sorry. I don't speak Mexican."
- Parker Perry to Mario Costa
Black pumps away at Sol's rich vein, mining it well.

The last sex scene on the disc is atomic. Tommy Defendi returns one last time, playing "Jimmy", the free spirit character who hooks up with punk rocker Chris Porter in Golden Gate: Perfect Ten. Since we last saw, their romance has cooled, and Defendi, an enterprising artist, is now visiting Manhattan.

New York. If you can make it with Phenix Saint, you can make it there, anywhere. Defendi finds the swarthy hunk in his tattoo shop, the same fascinating tattoo shop that apparently appears in the life of Kyle Majors' Cocky Boys. This is the same place where in the Name of the Game, Defendi and Saint share a new visitor their the Big Apple, Mason Star.

This is apparently before Defendi makes the official jump from San Francisco, Bay area gay porn and Chris Porter, over to a steady gig in New York at CockyBoys. His hook-up with Saint is gripping from beginning to end. Watching the two stallions play off each other builds up to the magic moment when Defendi opens his ass for Mr. Saint, his face a mask of gritty pleasure.

This episode make this video worth every penny. Disc 2 of the Golden Gate Season Tourist Season DVD includes a set excellent solos which allow us become more intimate with the video's stars - Perry's masturbation session is hot. He eventually gives up trying to watch porn on his phone, concentrating instead on his penis. Costs choking his big, wrapped burrito is a great show, too.

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Golden Gate: Tourist Season Photos:

Leo Forte and Tristan Jaxx
Watch on Naked Sword
Leo Forte rides Tristan Jaxx
Dominic Sol and Morgan Black
Watch on Naked Sword
Morgan Black inspects Dominic Sol
Phenix Saint and Tommy Defendi
Watch on Naked Sword
Phenix Saint fucks Tommy Defendi

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