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Golden Gate: The Perfect Ten

Tony DiMarco
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Ashley Ryder , Chris Porter , Colby Keller , , , Marcus Mojo , Riley Price , Sage Daniels , , Tony Buff
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Golden Gate: The Perfect Ten

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Artist Tommy Defendi buries the hatchet in San Francisco, if by San Francisco you mean Chris Porter

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

As your gay porn sommelier, let me not hesitate to recommend the second season of Naked Sword's Golden Gate gay porn series. Some of you complained that Golden Gate Season One tasted slightly premature, perhaps a little wine seepage just past the cork, a few crystals at the bottom of the bottle. Fortunately, this wine has legs! Naked Sword's Golden Gate "The Perfect Ten" - starts with a full bodied aroma, evolving into a full palette of flavors culminating with a strong finish that hits the back of the throat.

Keeping some continuity, we meet again Tommy Defendi from the first film, who's still angling to put down roots in the City by the Bay. (In one of the best scenes, he sets down a very big root into Chris Porter) We also meet a number of other figures which could easily be characterized as the most talked about porn stars in 2011.

Director Tony Dimarco films with inspiration, producing five hot episodes, which all have their memorable moments, except for one, which we'll discuss shortly. In the first scene, we meet Jesse Santana, who's a high priced big city real estate broker, cementing seven figure deals as effortlessly as being a sex hungry versa/bottom - think of New York's wolf realtor Tag Eriksson. Santana's millionaire customer is Sage Daniels, an alluring presence with a dark sexual presence. (Other gay porn movies featuring Internet billionaires? Watch the classic Devil Is A Bottom) Showing Daniels a property, Santana moves to close the sale.

Santana hops up onto a table exposing his ripe ass, which Daniels lovingly lathers with his tongue. Daniels slaps on a condom and starts fucking his realtor in the ass. Santana grips the table, moaning loudly. Their sex eventually flips around with Santana taking the reigns. It turns out that Daniels is an extremely eager bottom. He cums huge gooey mess while getting fucked.

Tommy Defendi and Chris Porter Watch on NakedSword
Chris Porter: Will you love me forever and never cheat on me?
Tommy Defendi: Sure.
Episode two is the weak link in the chain, which is a great shame because British lad Ashley Ryder travelled five thousand miles to film his San Francisco sex scene. The problem is that the sex scene occurs in a very uncomfortable looking kitchen. Colby Keller throws him a perfectly satisfactory fuck atop rock hard granite counter tops.

Keller finishes by shooting a large-size protein shake onto Ryder's mouth and face. We actually wish that we'd seen more of both guys after everything was said and done.

Jake Lyons Finds Mojo's Lollipop

We thought that Jet Set's 2010 Pizza Boy Gang Bang was a waste of talent. Thanks to Naked Sword, two notoriously talented pizza pies come together for a fantastic one-on-one Golden Gate episode - Marcus Mojo and Jake Lyons. Mojo puts on a great show here playing a Ritchie Rich-type who's fallen in love with Lyons, a boy from the other side of the tracks.

Mojo fucks Lyons in lots of great positions, while Lyons makes his trademark "O Face." Lyons shoots a big load out all over himself, followed by him being bathed in even more mojo from his sweaty boyfriend. Things stay heated when we find Chris Porter performing at his night job as a song and dance man, belting out primal screams in a punk rock band. In the audience stands Tommy Defendi, who watches Porter transfixed as he wrenches around on stage wearing his black Joy Division t-shirt.

All Defendi wants to do is to get inside Porter's own joy division. It turns out they were roommates in college, where Defendi maintained a solid reputation for sowing his oats. Porter is so thrilled that he's now knocking on his door, he throws it open wide.

Wide is how one's asshole gets after getting stuffed full of Defendi's hefty sausage. Porter begins by blowing Defendi, which brings him to his first orgasm, shooting jets of cum onto the dirty blond's tattooed chest. After this, we enjoy a lengthy scene showing him giving up his lovely, smooth butt. Porter squeezes out a happy orgasm while his ass gets pummeled.

Tony Buff spanks Riley Price Watch on NakedSword
Baptize Me! Tony Buff spanks Mormon Riley Price

Latter Days & Better Lays

The final episode of the season showcases the ever-popular Mormon missionaries seduced into gay sex fantasy. Falcon made a great movie on this premise back in 2000 called Bad Behavior with Marcus Iron playing the religious role. Things don't get as wild here, but it's very fun to watch.

Riley Price is the buttoned-up Mormon who knocks on Tony Buff's front door. Soon he's on his knees worshiping Buff full erection, which he takes his own sweet time meeting it, sucking it, deep throating it until his face turns flush red.

When Buff pulls the Mormon's pants down and sucks his dick, Price's facial expressions are priceless. Turn everything up several more notches when Buff paddles his ass, spanks him a bit, rims him and, finally, fucks him. Riley Price has one great, fuckable ass. It's safe to say that for many people, this entire scene sells itself.

The series writers continue penning some head-scratching flourishes to introduce the scenes. Example: "Like salt from the ocean that surrounds it, San Francisco has a way of bringing out flavor?" What does this mean? That San Francisco is one giant package of cooked Rice-A-Roni? I actually enjoy the set-ups. The problem is the monotone narrator who sounds exactly like he's reading from a piece of paper that's been handed to him. He sounds like he'd rather be paring his corns.

Watching porn can be weird sometimes. But it's worth it.

Disc 2 of the Golden Gate Season The Perfect Ten DVD includes a set excellent solos which allow us become more intimate with the video's stars - watch Tony Buff's masturbation session, his erect penis looks amazing.

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Golden Gate: The Perfect Ten Photos:

Jesse Santana and Sage Daniels Watch on NakedSword
Jesse Santana closes the deal on Sage Daniels' new condo
Marcus Mojo and Jake Lyons Watch on NakedSword
Marcus Mojo sucks Jake Lyons
Riley Price and Tony Buff Watch on NakedSword
Riley Price worships Tony Buff

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