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Get Your Ass in Gear 1 & 2

Christian Owen
Hot House Entertainment  
Alexander Gustavo , , Doug Acre , Lucas Knight , , James Ryder , Joseph Rough , Jimmy Roman , Josh Bangs , Josh Bangs , Andrew Fitch , Bobby Hart , Dylan Knight
LatinosAthletes / SportsRimmingHunksUniforms: Sports GearFetish: Jock Straps

Get Your Ass in Gear Hot House

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Throw in a Monkey Wrench

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hot House Video is back to telling us all how to dress again. Unfortunately, this two-disc set - Get Your Ass in Gear 1 and 2 - is also our moment to suggest to Hot House that they should return to making good movies again.

As a simple gear fetish flick that provides an evening's entertainment, these videos have their moments, which particularly rely on the strength of the models. Technically it's rudimentary and quiet. The preset camera angles frequently do nothing for the models who are stuck to doing it wearing a lot of equipment.

The lensing is uninspired and the background noise from the set and equipment are audible. As is too typical now of productions, there's no accompanying music which could help this.

Jimmy Roman and Armand Rizzo Watch on - Watch VOD
Jimmy Roman gropes Armand Rizzo
Andrew Fitch and Josh Bangs Watch on - Watch VOD
Andrew Fitch sucks Josh Bangs

Part 1 - All Geared Up

Everything starts with Alexander Gustavo on his knees giving Connor Maguire a slobbery blow job. Dirty blond Maguire moans while his dick dances to Gustavo's tongue. After rimming Gustavo's beautiful, smooth butt, he fucks him doggie style.

Eventually Gustavo starts riding Maguire. Energetically, he bucks up and down. Gustavo several times comes close to losing his balance, so it's probably a good thing both guys are wearing shoulder pads. In the second video we find Armand Rizzo bent over sucking dick. His suited suitor is a really hot number named Jimmy Roman. Mr. Roman cannot keep groping Rizzo's ample buttocks. Who couldn't resist? Rizzo's ass has hit the Internet this year full force. Today it's Roman's time to engrave his Roman Numerals on it.

Perched high on the platform, Roman tongues Rizzo's open hole, lavishing it as if he were eating sweet ice cream. Has Mr. Roman been eating his dessert first? No. This is actually just an appetizer. He sticks his long, uncut rod into the Latino's butt, fucking him to a tee.

Roman's money shot shoots all over the bottom like a lunging cannon.

Next we see Andrew Fitch pulling Josh Bang's giant erection from his jock strap. If you're hoping Bang's is going to get to use his heavy hockey stick to fuck, hold onto your catcher's mitts. Fitch pulls out his willy, grabs the Hot House water bottle that's conveniently filled with lube and starts banging the bottom. Things get heated when they flip-flop - one of the video's genuine surprises.

Bangs' body equally matches his full endowment, so he's very hot to watch in action. Some viewers will be left wanting to see more of Mr. Bangs, who unfortunately as of this writing in 2015 seems to have dropped out of the business after filming scenes for the two Get Your Ass in Gear movies.

He does leave us with joyous, tasty looking cum shot that runs down Fitch's smooth bootie.

Doug Acre and Connor KlineWatch on - Watch VOD
Doug Acre checks our Connor Kline
Fully understanding that I griped at the start of this review about the shortcomings of Get Your Ass in Gear, this is a good time to emphasize that it's just porn. Like food, it takes a few simple ingredients to make a good meal. The case in point is the last scene of Get Your Ass in Gear 1. There aren't two better specimens of all-American masculinity than Doug Acre and Connor Kline. Acre reminds this reviewer of Falcon Studio's super model Billy Brandt circa 2000, right down to the beautiful lips.

Kline takes his own sweet time putting his lips on Acre's perfect cock. Then for good measure, Acre lays flat on his back so Kline can ride it. To finish, Arce scores big with a high-flying money shot.

Part 2 - Extra Innings

The second film of Hot House's Get Your Ass in Gear segment is pretty much the same grab bag as the first.

It starts with Lucas Knight hooking up with the returning dream boat Alexander Gustavo. Knight keeps his eyes shut while eating Gustavo's ass.

By the time Gustavo's on his dick, however, Knight's awakened and we see him snapping into action. Knight clearly likes getting his dick sucked. Soon he's putting a condom on and lubing it up so that he can stick it in Gustavo, who patiently waits for him with his legs in the air.

The second episode marks the return of Josh Bangs, who brings his hefty cock along to stuff the bent over Connor Kline. Wearing shoulder pads and a helmet, Bangs hits all the bases with an impressive home run.

After this, Bobby Hart and James Ryder put on a good show. Knight's adroit handling of Ryder's baseball bat up his ass is very nice. Finishing out the movie we find baby-faced Dylan Knight cart wheeling into the set, whereupon he gets snagged by cute Joseph Rough. Blond haired Rough looks quite tasty wearing his yellow jock strap. He looks quite good getting fucked in it by Knight.

Fans of these models, almost all are very popular today, as well as gear fanatics will find hot moments in there two movies. Overall, Get Your Ass in Gear suffers because it appears quickly ground out. Despite all this, no one can present the beauty of a man wearing nothing but a jock strap like Hot House.

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Get Your Ass in Gear 1 & 2 Photos:

James Ryder and Bobby HartWatch on - Watch VOD
James Ryder behind Bobby Hart
Dylan Knight and Joseph RoughWatch on - Watch VOD
Dylan Knight sucks Joseph Rough

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