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Gentlemen 2: Power Professionals

mr. Pam Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 107
Movie Series
, Adam Killian , , Rafael Carreras , Carsten Anderson , , , Marko Lebeau , Jessie Colter , Scott Carter
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Gentlemen 2 Power Professionals LVP 107

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Dressed Up in Montreal

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

If you are curious as to how business really works up in Canada, you definitely want to check out Lucas Entertainment's second video in its Gentlemen series, Power Professionals. This appears to have been filmed during the same trip as the studio's seedy Backdoor.

For these five hot scenes, the models don impressive attire, which probably was far more comfortable in what appears to be the otherwise freezing Montreal weather.

First up we meet a stunningly handsome French guy named Adrian Long who all over a blond Carsten Andersson. (If his surname is any indication, he's Swedish, and he's got the fair hair and skin to prove it.)

Long clearly has a fun time fucking him. Andersson climaxes all over Long's chest while riding him. In a hot sequence showing them coming down from this, Long blurts out, "Eat your cum, bitch. Lick it up!" The bottom starts licking. After this, Long shoots and soon their mouths, passionately kissing, are caked in cum.

After this we find Frisky Fans favorite Gabriel Lenfant walking around dressed nicer then we've ever seen him. Lenfant meets up with easy on the eyes Nick Ford, where they quickly go to a well-appointed hotel suite and fuck each other senseless.

In a hot visual, Lenfant sticks his butt out as Ford plugs him. Then Ford moves to the couch and raises his legs in the air. His calf-length blue dress socks wave around like an unfurled flag as Lenfant tops him.

Going down on Adrian Long Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Going down on Adrian Long
The third scene brings us into a high power suite with the suited-up Rafael Carreras dressed to the nines so he can undress Scott Carter. After lots of nice oral foreplay, Carerras drills Carter on the bed, whose barely half out of his suit pants.

They continue doing it at length as the afternoon sun goes down on the city spread out behind them.

"Eat your cum, bitch. Lick it up!"
- Adrian Long

Businessmen Hook-Up at the Bookstore

I don't know about seeing Jonathan Agassi dressed in a full suit. However, he finds some really cute prey cruising the Wega Video store - a young blond guy named Marko Lebeau.

Despite the fact that the store clearly has a dressing room available for privacy, they go at it right there next to the magazine rack on the floor. Watching Lebeau riding Agassi's cock half-undressed is one of the high points of the entire film.

By the end of the film, quitting time has rolled around, so Adam Killian and Jessie Colter decide to move happy hour to the bedroom. Both guys, true sexual experts, put on a fine closing show featuring Killian plowing Colter.

Colter shoots while riding Killian. To finish Killian stands up and fires his load into Colter's mouth.

It's nice to see people still going to all the trouble wearing formal dress today.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Adrian Long tops Carsten Andersson
  2. Gabriel Lenfant and Nick Ford flip-flop
  3. Rafael Carreras tops Scott Carter
  4. Jonathan Agassi tops Marko Lebeau
  5. Adam Killian tops Jessie Colter
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Gentlemen 2: Power Professionals Photos:

Adam Killian tops Jessie Colter Watch on LucasEntertainment
Adam Killian tops Jessie Colter
Jonathan Agassi sucks Marko Lebeau Watch on LucasEntertainment
Jonathan Agassi sucks Marko Lebeau
Nick Ford tops Gabriel Lenfant Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Nick Ford tops Gabriel Lenfant

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