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Gentlemen 3: Executives

mr. Pam Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 114
Movie Series
Avi Dar , , , , , , , , Kyle King , Mitch Branson
HunksCum EatingSuits / Tuxedos

Gentlemen 3 Executives LVP 114

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How to Sleep Your Way to the Top

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Lucas Entertainment presents the third video in it's series showcasing a devastatingly handsome cast of men who have never looked better fully clothed. Frequent Lucas favorite Rafael Alencar is back from his vacation in Paris. It's also very nice to see Avi Dar showing up to film more scenes, and then there's the new studio's paramour Valentin Petrov.

It begins with an electric hook-up between Mr. Dar and Marc Dylan, who looks adorable dressed in his suit with the blue button-down dress shirt. Apparently it's after work, and they lock eyes while checking the mailbox. Dylan follows Dar up the stairs to his place.

Things are so heated, Dar starts fucking him just inside the front door.

After this, we find Alencar alone with Dirk Caber, and they have half an hour to kill. How will they fill those empty minutes? Hint: Not by staring at their cell phones!

The aggressive top in Alencar is on full display here, which actually works especially nicely considering his attire. The pokes and prods Caber, who bends over happily.

They end up having great sex all over a black leather couch. After pounding him in a myriad of positions, the top unloads all of his cum into Caber's thirsty mouth.

Avi Dar tops Marc Dylan Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Avi Dar behind Marc Dylan
For the third scene, we find Logan Stevens tugging on Robert Van Damme's crisp tie while chattering about the importance of having a stimulating time. Van Damme stands tall in his suit suspenders with his cock out. Stevens gets on his knees and sucks.

"I understand we have half an hour"

"So you want me to fuck you, right?"

I Recall Central Park in Fall

Next the beautiful New York weather has inspired Valentin Petrov and Aaron Blake to do some heavy petting in the park. They make out on a park bench, and then move indoors. Petrov tops Blake here, who looks a slightly uncomfortable taking the top's dick at first.

The hottest shot shows the bottom taking it on his back. It's always great watching young blond guys getting fucked.

The movie finishes with Kyle King getting called into the boss' office. Mitch Branson gives King the full dressing-down, followed by the muscle bottom getting fully fucked. After taking it all over the office, it's time to turn the tables.

Branson spreads his butt for King. Branson cums all over himself riding his employee.

Volume Three of the Gentlemen series is another highly enjoyable volume in the Sex in Suits series. It's nice to see everyone getting laid while not hitting the glass ceiling.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Avi Dar tops Marc Dylan
  2. Rafael Alencar tops Dirk Caber
  3. Robert Van Damme tops Logan Stevens
  4. Valentin Petrov tops Aaron Blake
  5. Mitch Branson and Kyle King flip-flop
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Gentlemen 3: Executives Photos:

Robert Van Damme sucks Logan Stevens Watch on LucasEntertainment
Robert Van Damme sucks Logan Stevens
Kyle King tops Mitch Branson Watch on LucasEntertainment
Kyle King tops Mitch Branson
Valentin Petrov tops Aaron Blake Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Valentin Petrov tops Aaron Blake

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