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Pierre Fitch
Pierre Fitch  
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Game On

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Salut, Pierre! Entrez! Entrez!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The porn industry has never been much of an incubator for long porn star careers. With its fracturing in recent years, we've watched an even higher model turn-over, as well as increasingly dramatic denouements. Despite all these headwinds, we're happy to report that porn star Pierre Fitch is still going strong.

Fitch started over ten years ago working as a lanky twink for Montreal-based Videoboys, notable for his bad boy looks and mean tattoos. Falcon introduces his to a world-wide audience in the now classic Through the Woods. (Boy, they sure don't make films like that anymore!)

Fitch deserves some recognition for successfully building his own career. He's stayed the course, relying on the Internet and social media to promote not only his porn career, but also additional aspirations to professionally DJ. Fans can find everything Pierre on his website, as well as enjoy his cock and butt Fleshjack products and, from time to time, his guest appearances with other select studios.

And he still has those wonderful dimples on his lower back.

So what's happening in 2013? Now it's Fitch who's fucking the twinks from Videoboys! Not only does Game On present him banging three hot models, we are treated to two surprisingly great solos from two new guys which have been passed around the Montreal/NYC porn connection. First up, comes a breathtakingly erotic solo from "Caleb". This Mississippi-boy quietly burns up the screen talking about his perverted interests in his light Southern drawl. After talking about how he fucked a military guy on base, he pulls out a Pierre Fitch Fleshjack and earnestly begins making love to it. The director takes things a level higher when Caleb stands at the open window, bathed in naked, bright sunlight fucking the Fleshjack. (Was this filmed for Cockyboys?)

Caleb Army Base TrickWatch on PierreFitch
Caleb tells us about his army base trick
Everything here is real potent stuff. It is not a boring paint-by-numbers solo. You'll feel like you've made a new naughty boyfriend after watching Caleb's open act.

JD Phoenix Learns the Drill

After this, Mr. Fitch swoops in and pounds the daylights out of J.D. Phoenix, a sweet faced guy with a supple ass. "It's a cam party!" exclaims the top, referring to the array of fixed cameras silently pointing at them from all angles. No one else but them appear to be in the room.

This "Gonzo-style" of filmmaking is the fad now, and various producers are accomplishing this to varying effect. Fitch pulls this off impressively well. Their sex scene technically is nicely edited so that everything stays interesting. (Confession, I find a lot of Gonzo boring. Not Pierre's!)

Fitch's massive bulge busts out of his Emporio Armani underwear. Phoenix deep throats Fitch's Italian sausage, and soon gets stuffed full with it. Phoenix filmed several hot scenes for SeanCody as Cole, before deciding to branch out into other avenues in Pornopolis. He's very hot to watch getting fucked on his back with his feet raised high in the air.

The ending is very hot, too. After Phoenix's high-flying money shot, Fitch quickly pumps out his heavy load all over the bottom's lovely butthole.

Pierre Fitch Aims for the Sweet Spot

Next up illustrates another superb casting decision for the film. We get to watch Fitch enjoy a roll in the hay with Jesse Jordan, an unforgettable, lithe bottom who's limber, flexible body is amazing. Some people may recall Jordan's earlier show with Matan Shalev in All Star Studs from Lucas Entertainment (a hot video that also separately featured Fitch).

Jordan shows off his same impressive set of skills here, including doing the splits with his legs, and being a power bottom. He first chows down on Fitch's meat. On his back, he has no trouble taking all of Fitch's thrusts. Jordan stays rock hard while getting fucked, too.

In a hot climax, Jordan shoots a huge load up all over his chest.

Pierre Fitch JD PhoenixWatch on PierreFitch
Pierre Fitch tops J.D. Phoenix

Warming Up from the Canada Cold

"I'm gonna fuck him! Fuck!" - The final one-on-one begins with Mr. Fitch walking around the very cold looking streets of Quebec with Jimmy Little, clutching his skateboard, smoking cigarettes. After doing some tricks on his skateboard, they adjourn to the warmth indoors, where we get to see a full of set reactions from Mr. Little's Tiger Beat adorable mug as he gets fucked on the floor by the film's star.

Fitch disrobes by the couch, as his cock springs eternal. Standing the living room, the two trade very nice blowjobs. (The best blowjobs in the movie, because they are standing, as opposed to laying on the bed.) Little gets really big and hard too.

Fitch pumps Little's butt on the couch. Fitch gets bored with this position, moving him over to other pieces of furniture, all the time with that skateboard positioned at lower points of the frame. This is another hot fuck, although it seems to end very quickly. Fitch keeps up the energy while the bottoms all continue looking very good.

The movie ends with it's second interview / jack off solo with a charming young man. This time, it's Seth Corrigan. Corrigan, who appears to be sitting on Videoboys' casting couch, talks about sex and life, his biography, all the while flashing his sweet smile. He eventually moves out of his black clothes, and offers up an enjoyable sequence of self-pleasure.

We were frankly surprised at how the sexual strength of Pierre Fitch's Game On from beginning to end. Not only are there three sex scenes featuring Fitch topping remarkable hot bottoms, but the two solo scenes both left us wanting to see more of these intriguing, cute models.

You can watch all this online right now on, or pick up the DVD at StudMall.

Game On Photos:

Pierre Fitch tops JD PhoenixWatch on PierreFitch
Pierre Fitch films J.D. Phoenix
Pierre FItch and Jesse JordanWatch on PierreFitch
Jesse Jordan attends Pierre Fitch's cam party
Pierre Fitch tops Jimmy LittleWatch on PierreFitch
Pierre Fitch tops Jimmy Little

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