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Full Tilt

Liam Cole
Treasure Island Media  
Anton Dickson , Brent Bow , Bruce , Darren Hawke , Ed Gunn , Frank Klein , Jack Lewis , Jason Stormme , Lucky Joe , Marc Dann , Max Schneider , Nikos , Paul Mann , , Ross Fuller , Zack Elias
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Full Tilt

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Ed Gunn keeps in control for this gangbang. Peto Coast and Lucky Joe send bottoms into orbit.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Going though my DVD's recently, I rediscovered Full Tilt. It occured to me that not only have we missed reviewing this treasure of a movie from the studio that bears a similar name. This 2010 video is arguably Liam Cole at his best.

Just start with the very first scene. We're silently introduced to the scene's bottom, Jack Lewis. (Why are bottoms so shy and quiet?) Lewis continued on to become the center of attention in one of the What I Can't See 3 gang bangs, but here we get some facetime with him, watch his scene companions study his body, his cock.

Lewis is plowed by pros. Not only does he get rammed by mega-top Peto Coast, who by this time seems to have fucked just about everyone this side of the Spree River, but we are also treated to the pleasant return of a porn star from the past, Darren Hawke.

From Soho down to Brighton, I must have fucked them all.
Mr. Hawke literally spearheaded some of the first videos from Eurocreme, like the wonderful Skaterboy and Beachboy. Now he's grown a carpet of manfur across his face, chest and lanky torso. He still fucks just as powerfully.

Here he gets sloppy seconds to Coast, who quickly blows a giant load up the bototm's ass. We know it's sizazble because copious amounts get squished out during Hawke's turn, culminating is a stunning DP with Hawke shooting more cum inside that gets leaked out everywhere. The scene is a fine opener.

Darren Hawke and Peto Coast in Full TiltWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Making a Jack Lewis sandwich for lunch

Lucky Joe? Lucky Us!

The second episode is equally delightful. It's difficult to decide who is more arousing - is it the lanky, hung stallion Lucky Joe, or the jockstrap-clad callypgian powerbottom Ross Fuller. Fuller is apparently "a newcomer" to Treasure Island, but he for getting fucked really hard he's a complete pro.

Fuller arguably has the hottest ass in the entire film. (I would say matched with Lucky Joe's perfect cock, but that would get me in trouble with all of Peto Coast's adoring fans.) Watching Fuller ride the top straddling his body is especially hot. Next comes a great three-way, which, amongst other things, gives us a sneak preview of the sexual talents of Ed Gunn, the model on the DVD boxcover who so amazingly shows complete control with erections pointing at him and into him in all directions. Here, he occupies his time fucking the receptive Brent Bow up his jockstrap-framed ass.

They are helped out by Paul Mann. In a hot sequence of events, Gunn fucks Bow, cumming in his ass. Quickly Gunn spead his own cheeks for Mann, and after their session, Gunn sticks Bow a second time, filling his cummy hole with another round of ammunition. It's the perfect appetizer for Mr. Gunn's gang bang later on.

After this, Lucky Joe returns for round two, this time with a welcome face from Berlin's porn scene, Max Schneider. (aka Maxl Schneider for Cazzo videos like the wonderful Heartbreak Hotel.

Speaking of hot Berlin guys making a "cumback," what will it take to coax Jan Fischer into a Treasure Island video?

Schneider's slim, swimmer's build frame gets tossed around by the large control top, fucking him in lots of hot positions. Lucky Joe pounds his very deep. Judging by the expression on the bottom's face, he's at full tilt.

Lucky Joe and Maxl SchneiderWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Lucky Joe? Lucky Us!

A Loaded Gunn

The talented Mr. Gunn returns for Full Tilt's piece de resistance, an event that's one of the best gang bangs ever captured on camera. Everything and everyone comes together here in a perfect storm. When the director advises one of the tops, "Or you can jerk off onto his hole, and then fuck him when you've cum, " the gang bang bottom's face lights up like a Christmas tree. And so it begins.

In many ways, this is Mr. Gunn's Christmas: The nuts aren't deposited in the fruitcake, and he receives lots of gifts. They do it on an large bed, well positioned against a mirrored wall. By our count Director Cole has brought seven tops together to top Gunn, including his favorites like Paul Mann, Nikos and Anton Dickson, plus some newcomers like "Bruce".

Jason Stormme from 2008's Bad Influence shows up to dump his cum juice into the lucky lad. Watching Gunn's taking everybody is almost magical. Unlike typical gang bang bottoms in Liam Cole films, where they get thrown around, Gunn takes the opposite tack. He's in control. He's pulling the guys into his vortex.

Watching him here will certainly make the viewer tilt once or twice before finishing this thirty minute mini-epic.

Ed Gunn and Brent BowWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Ed Gunn drills Brent Bow

Peto Coast Encore

The indefatigable Mr. Coast returns for a round of ass-banging with the also earlier seen Brent Bow. Coast's international army of fans will not want to miss him make his magic with the happy go licky jockstrap bottom. Bow's facial expressions reveal true joy as he handles Coast's expert sexual moves.

Coast ejaculates a huge money shot drenching the bottom's hole and jockstrap, pulling away dranched in sweat.

And if that's not enough, Cole serves a double healping of dessert by finishing the movie with a scene in which both Mr. Coast and Lucky Joe switch off banging this adorable little Eurobottom named Frank Klein.

This tiny guys ass swallows up both of their massive dicks no muss no fuss. It's a perfect ending. Thanks for the sweetmeats!

Drilling an Arab

The director has placed a gem of a scene in the DVD bonus section. Lucky Joe returns for an encore performance, looking super hot at the start wearing his tank top and studded cock ring. After getting blown, he bends over a very hot Arab guy named Zack, thouroughly working over his nice ass.

Honestly, Zack has some trouble taking it, especially on his back. They should have just stayed going at it doggie style. But that Lucky Joe is really aggressive with his longsword. Zack's ass looks tight, and the top easily cums inside him.

Full Tilt belongs on the top shelf of any video library. Ed Gunn's a perfect gang bang bottom in that he actually seems to be controlling the revolving constellation of tops. What a skill! Furthermore, Peto Coast and Lucky Joe are fabulous tops, not only in how they look but also how they use their massive dicks.

Listen up students! Watch and learn.

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Full Tilt Photos:

Full Tilt Gang BangWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Tilt! Gangbanging Ed Gunn
Ed Gunn Gang BangWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Tilt! Gangbanging Ed Gunn
Peto Coast and Brent BowWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Brent Bow enjoys a ride from Peto Coast
Frank Klein bottoms in Full TiltWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Frank Klein bottoms in Full Tilt

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