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Fuck the Hell Out of Me

Jake Jaxson
Cocky Boys  
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Fuck the Hell Out of Me

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Fuck the Hell Out of Jesse Santana

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

By 2009, spunky start-up had become a significant player in the growing field of gay porn Internet paysites. Their focus was on heated man sex around the throbbing locales of sunny California using a mix of horned-up masculine gay-for-pay men and gay-all-of-the-time performers. The studio has recently signed Jesse Santana away from Jet Set as one of its first exclusive resident fuck bunnies.

Cocky Boys quickly began taking scenes from its website and packaging them into DVDs. Such is the case with the enjoyable Fuck The Hell Out of Me, which spotlights Santana on the DVD box cover. Also, if you do not want to join the website to watch these scenes, you can purchase the movie and watch it streaming forever in our FriskyFilms theater.

The movie collects five hot episodes lasting around an hour and a half, beginning with two documented straight studs, Bobby Clark and Ace Warner. Clark looks truly delicious with his spiked, colored hair, and the tall, handsome Warner are a fine match. (Stay tuned to the fourth scene to watch Mr. Clark's younger brother in sexual action) Warner's huge package is bursting out of his Diesel underwear.

Laying back, getting his dick sucked, Clark starts a raunchy rap that appears to slightly intimidate the low key Warner. Clark may be cocky, but when Warner stands up it clear that he's got the biggest cock. Clark goes down on it, promising to give up his ass. He finally does, but listening to the deep gasps coming from him, he's having some second thoughts. But what can he do? He's already promised his ass, and a contract is, after all, a contract.

After a bit, Clark seems to have relaxed, allowing Warner to slide his massive dick in and out using full thrusts. The contrast between the taller, hung top versus the broad, muscular bronzed bottom is very hot. Clark ends up sitting on it, working his own dick up to full erection. He cums sitting on Warner's erection. The top stands up and shoots an eye-popping multi-spurt money shot - a wonderful release!

Kai Ford and Nelson TroyWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Kai Ford fucks the Hell out of Nelson Troy

Meet Arcanjo Amaro

Next up comes a riveting solo from Brazilian model Joey Angel. Angel has built a large resume working under the name Arcanjo Amaro, filming gay and tranny movies, some of them bareback. He's Brazilian all right: colorful tattoes adorn his beautiful body. He's also blessed with an angelic, scruffy face and a fantastic ass.

He begins his solo wearing a hot jock strap which he unexpectedly keeps wearing while lubing up ass and fingering it. Angel's solo is definitely enjoyable, intriguing enough to where you'll almost certainly be wanting to track down some of his other Made in Brazil video work. Our only gripe is that his cum shot is disappointingly small.

Joey Angel Arcanjo Amaro Solo Watch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Joey Angel (Arcanjo Amaro) enjoys himself
Question: Whatever happened to Kai Ford after his stint as a Hot House exclusive? (See Kai Ford in Paging Dr. Finger) Answer: He wandered off the reservation over to Cocky Boys. We find him playing in the shower with the very sexy Nelson Troy. This six foot tall hunk of man has Ford all worked up to the point where he gives up his usual role as bottom, throwing a great fuck into Troy's beefy body. After taking it in several hot positions, Troy ends up on his back, covered in spooge.

Things stay heated when we find Tory Mason getting frisky with studmuffin Scottie Brooks, a very hot lad with a big, beautiful dick and great bubble butt. Brooks knows how to use his dick as well, fucking the Hell out of Mason. This is certainly a must-see for Tory Mason fans, who was one of the leading bottoms of the year thanks to his performance being hung-up on step-dad Nick Marino in Jett Blakk's Father Knows Best.

Mason easily cums all over himself while getting fucked. Brooks stands over him to milk a big, white load out of his boner, squeezing it out like a tube of Brylcream. This is arguably the hottest scene of the entire video.

Seth Clark Gay Porn Screen test

By looking at the expression on Seth Clark's face, there's nothing he likes better than getting his dick sucked. Of course, his scene partner Jesse Santana slurps like a pro. Seth is the younger brother to porn star Bobby Clark, who gets fucked in scene one of this film. Showing his real hair color and a scruffy face, he's a handsome guy like his brother, and looks slightly uncomfortable in front of the camera.

However he's also very easy on the eyes. Santana looks fantastic. These Cocky Boys scenes were his first for them as an exclusive, the last time we'd seen him was when he was Ass Crusin' with Aaron James over at Jet Set. Clark and Santana enjoy their relaxing Le déjeuner sur l'herbe, the high point being Santana getting fucked on his stomach, moaning and squirming, spread out on their picnic blanket.

Both models have superb asses. Watch and enjoy. The movie ends with Wolf Hudson surfacing to stick it to a vivacious bottom named Skyler Caine. Hudson is also a hot bi guy to watch in action, and Caine fits him perfectly. Unfortunately this scene suffers from bad lighting, coupled with a terrible set. Poor Mr.. Caine balances himself on tall bar stools in cramped corner.

Caine is an interesting figure in that he closely resembles future Cocky Boys model Mason Star, who carries the identical "pouty face, smooth body, hot bottom" set of looks. (See Mason Star in The Name of the Game) Despite the enthusiasm of the models', including Hudson's penchant for sucking on the toes of the guy he's fucking, it's the weakest of the bunch. However, they both squirt nice money shots.

Fuck the Hell Out of Me presents a nice slice from the Cocky Boys pie circa 2009.

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Fuck the Hell Out of Me Photos:

Scottie Brooks and Tory MasonWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Scottie Brooks fucks the hell out of Tory Mason
Seth Clark and Jesse SantanaWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Jesse Santana blows Seth Clark on the grass
Ace Warner and Seth ClarkWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Ace Warner fucks Seth Clark

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