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Fuck Me Harder

Michael Lucas mr. Pam
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 115
Lucas Raunch
Adam Killian , Kyle King , , , , , , Jessie Colter , ,
FistingKink / SextoysLeatherFetish: Jock Straps

Fuck Me Harder LVP 115

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Master Adam Killian keeps Kyle King locked in his cage. Jessie Colter jacks off in Rafael Alencar's apartment. Logan Stevens sits unconscious, tied into a wheelchair. What a world! What a world!

Welcome to Lucas Raunch, Lucas Entertainment's kink video line. Fuck Me Harder is a fully-realized sexual rollar coaster that works especially well thanks to its first rate cast of nasty pigs who flourish in their specially-painted play pen. Of course, not all pigs are created equal.

The movie dips into edgier kink fetishes with a special emphasis on bondage, plus the Antonio Biaggi / Caedon Chase match-up features fisting.

The movie starts with Killian marching into the room looking great as the leather daddy. King squirms in his cage until he finally unlocked. Let loose Killian fucks him hard in many hot positions, often returning to a chair that sits on a raised platform like his throne.

It's good to be the king.

For the second scene, Mr. Alencar is back before the cameras in his complete sex-crazed form. He's not happy to discover Colter. (Or is he?) Alencar is so insensed, at one point he grabs a hammer and drives the end of it up Colter's ass. Still unsatisfied, the Brazilian ties up Colter, hangs him upside down and then fucks him.

Adam Killian tops Kyle King Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Kyle King submits to Adam Killian


Scene number three is a wonderful psych-out beginning with Dirk Caber wheeling unconscious boy blond Stevens into the room in a wheelchair. A syringe strap dangles conspicuously from the kid's arm.

"I'm tired of you guys coming here, getting naked and jerking off!"
- Rafael Alencar
Stevens awakens to Caber's gentle touch, ultimately spreading his ass apart, getting rimmed and getting fucked. Then in a hot turn of events, Stevens gets to aroused he does the same to Caber.

Next we find Biaggi and Chase tussling atop a plastic-protected mattress on the ground. Chase's hungry ass proceeds to pull everything in the room that's not nailed down, including Biaggi's fist and cock. In the last episode, Mitch Vaughn walks in and catched Marc Dylan with his dick up in the ass mannequins. For punishment, Vaughn bings Dylan's hands with some rope and starts sticking things in the bottom's ass. Many will find this to be in the hottest scene of the film.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Adam Killian tops Kyle King
  2. Rafael Alencar tops Jessie Colter
  3. Dirk Caber and Logan Stevens flip-flop
  4. Antonio Biaggi tops Caedon Chase
  5. Mitch Vaughn tops Marc Dylan
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Fuck Me Harder Photos:

Rafael Alencar above Jessie Colter Watch on LucasEntertainment
Rafael Alencar dominates Jessie Colter
Marc Dylan below Mitch Vaughn Watch on LucasEntertainment
Mitch Vaughn dominates Marc Dylan
Antonio Biaggi fists Caedon Chase Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Antonio Biaggi fists Caedon Chase
Dirk Caber and Logan Stevens Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Logan Stevens tied down by Dirk Caber

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