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Frat House Cream

mr. Pam
Naked Sword   NSV016
, Doug Acre , , Johnny Torque , Lucas Knight , Marco Russo , Ray Han , Shawn Wolfe
Science Fiction/SurrealHorsehungHunksMystery/Thriller

Frat House Cream

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Hunter Page is so terrified his legs keep flying into the air. In space, no one can hear you cream.

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Naked Sword wants to scare us. Admittedly, it's not very easy in a movie starring the doe-eyed, baby-faced Hunter Page, who in this film keeps the vampires from his door by keeping his legs in the air getting fucked.

Actually, Naked Sword hits a double with their four-episode Frat House Cream by not only reviving the long-neglected Halloween-theme in gay porn, but they also get extra points for adding the frat boy element as well. Frat porn, when done right, and has a video legacy stretching back to William Higgins' Frat House Memories. More fun is their treatment of a highly under utilized niche, the horror genre.

Eye-Popping Cum Shots! Frightful Fucking!
It's a pleasure watching our cute hero getting taunted and scared throughout the film, as well as watching him get fucked in two episodes. Frat House Cream begins with Page feeling annoyed because his frat buddies are horsing around, one of them wearing an oversized panda puppet head. Many viewers at this point will wonder, "Where are they going with this?"

Page gets a phone call from buddy Marco Russo who, somehow, has bagged muscle stud Johnny Torque from the gym. (Oh, what it must be like to have a membership at some of these gyms in San Francisco's gayborhood!)

Johnny Torque Frathouse Cream Watch on NakedSword
"Here's Johnny!"
Johnny Torque and Marco Russo Watch on NakedSword
Marco Russo sucks Johnny Torque
As a Halloween present, Russo and Torque let Page watch them do it on private cam. They frolic on the couch, lifting up everyone's spirits with hard cocks and man sex. Torque in particular seems quite pleased with his long dick. He fucks Russo in several hot positions leading to both guys cumming.

Meanwhile, Page switches from passive annoyance to real fear when he receives spooky phone calls and text messages. He goes outside to discover the sexy Connor Maguire and Ray Han moving a large couch into a moving van. Once settled in the van, they confront Page with his earlier cam show, offering to finish him off in the real world.

Here's where things get really heated, because Maguire is a great top and Page looks adorable getting fucked. Han, while hot looking, essentially becomes a third wheel here. Despite this, it's a great three way.

Maguire and Han stand at either end of the bottom, holding him between them making a Hunter Page sandwich. It's one of the movie's best visuals, especially when they load him with mayonnaise.

Hunter Page Three Way Watch on NakedSword
Ray Han, Hunter Page, Connor Maguire

Powerhouse Fucking

Next we find out what became of the frat boys horsing around at the start of the film. They went to Powerhouse. Here the guys are entertained by a Wet Underwear Contest, which features Blue Bailey in an all too brief cameo. During all of this, Doug Acre and Lucas Knight steal away to one of the bar many unlocked empty rooms so they can let their fingers do the walking in private.

It's a steamy one-on-one, helped very much by Acre's ample handsome looks and fucking skills. (Acre fans should not miss him spin into a frenzy in Jet Set's 21 Hump Street) A convenient shelf enables the top to push Knight onto his back, legs high and banged into the wall.

In a hot visual, the sweaty Knight blows his load in this position.

The video ends by identifying the individual whose purpose in life is to torment Mr. Page. It's the bearded Shawn Wolfe who throws the kid down on the bed to engage in a lengthy feast of the bottom's bountiful ass. Then, he drives his rigid stake right into Page's butt cheeks, hammering him until any possible signs of vampirism are gone.

In this crazy horror porno, Hunter Page takes the role of the "scream queen", except here he's a As it turns out here, he's a cream queen. Wolfe unloads a full-on cum facial, more then enough to wash away Page's torment, giving him, at least for now, some peace in this malevolent world of monsters..

Kudos to Mr. Wolfe for his stunning virility. He must take his vitamins every day.

Frat House Cream Queens

Frat House Cream is fun and it's nice to see studios still making story driven movies, notably a Halloween theme. Some additional touches would have added to the atmospherics.

Couldn't there be lit, craved pumpkins had been leering around corners, a la John Carpenter's Halloween? Could we have seen some dry ice and white smoke? Even Roger Corman was able to produce a whole slew of B-grade horror movies on the ultra cheap. Naked Sword's original productions are still rolling down the right track. Besides Halloween has always been very gay holiday.

So, ladies and gentlemen, go and watch Frat House Cream. Watch Frat House Cream and cream, cream for your lives!

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Frat House Cream Photos:

Doug Acre and Lucas Knight
Watch on Naked Sword
Doug Acre tops Lucas Knight
Lucas Knight creams
Watch on Naked Sword
Cream for your life, Lucas Knight!
Hunter Page and Shawn Wolfe
Watch on Naked Sword
Shawn Wolfe behind Hunter Page

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