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Forgive Me Father 2

Nica Noelle
Icon Male  
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Forgive Me Father 2

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

There's plenty of guilt to go around in Icon Male's Forgive Me Father 2. Like all of the studio's productions, it's a scripted story that, when it works, brings out exciting new dimensions to porn stars which we've never seen before because all we see them to is fuck.

So here's my confession: My only disappointment with this movie is that the film's lead Brendan Patrick is too low key. I was expecting the tempted priest to be like Richard Chamberlain in the Thorn Birds, but instead his constant gloom looked like a silent religious figure from an Ingmar Bergman movie. Wow, this is the second paragraph and I'm name dropping like a college film geek.

That being said, Patrick is a hot guy once he's out of his clothes, and his opening scene depicting his seduction by a scheming gay couple is extremely hot. Blond Trent Farris and brunet Sam Truitt are convincing partners in crime. And Truitt's cock is enormous!

Trent Ferris, Sam Truitt and Brendan Patrick Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Trent Ferris, Sam Truitt and Brendan Patrick

I Have a Confession

The next scene is a marvelous pairing up Connor Maguire and Wolf Hudson. Both guys are really interesting figures in the porn industry for years. Not only do we see these two sexy beasts going at it in bed, we also see convincing acting.

Maguire shows up to confession, where he lays out his gay sex night all out for Father Patrick. In all of his videos, I've never seen Maguire actually laugh. It makes the man even more fetching. Hudson is equally convincing as the guy who rescues Maguire from a drunken stupor at a party, where their conversation leads to sexual action.

Since Hudson has switched to filming straight videos for the past few years, this is a excellent time to see how the Dominican from New York City has matured. He and Maguire roll around a comfortable bed. Hudson gets fucked in lots of hot positions.

Connor Maguire tops Wolf Hudson Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Connor Maguire and Wolf Hudson

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Monastery

For the third episode, the priest is visited in the confessional by Billy Santoro, who tells him about his spontaneous hook-up with another younger man, the very cute Jacob Ladder. When Santoro rents his vacation house to Ladder, he seals the deal with sex.

It's a hot flip-flop, the hottest being when Santoro rides the kid like he's riding a horse.

Faith No More!

For the final episode, Father Patrick is visited by none other than his twin brother. (Patrick in a dual role.) His twin is a physical manifestation of everything he wishes to be, that is someone who acts on his homosexual desires.

The problem here is that this person who's freed from his Catholic guilt is mean, self-serving and cynical. Oh dear God up in heaven!

I've never actually seen Connor Maguire laugh.
We watch "devilish" Patrick sinking his claws into the most angelic-looking Ian Levine. Levine is truly adorable in this, especially during his pre-sex chit-chat with Patrick.

Their sex scene is ok. Levine lights up the screen, but it's heavy on the oral. We could have spent lots more time watching Mr. Levine's famous butt getting camera time.

This is our first review of an Icon Male movie. Forgive Me Father 2 is nominated for a 2015 Cybersocket Award for Best Movie. It's great to see director Nica Noelle creating scripted porn like this. Personally I wish our hero had reached a happier end, but who knows. Maybe one day his prayers will be answered.

Note to director and porn producers - Interestingly, when Brenden Patrick speaks he sounds exactly like Liam Neeson. Can we get him to do some impressions from Taken? Better yet - cast him in a gay porn parody of Taken. " I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you." It would be great!

You can download the full movie on FriskyFilms VOD.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Brendan Patrick, Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris
  2. Connor Maguire tops Wolf Hudson
  3. Billy Santoro and Jacob Ladder flip-flop
  4. Brendan Patrick tops Ian Levine

Forgive Me Father 2 Photos:

Billy Santoro tops Jacob Ladder Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Billy Santoro behind Jacob Ladder
Brendan Patrick, Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris Watch on IconMale
Sam Truitt, Brendan Patrick and Trent Ferris
Porn Star San Truitt Watch on IconMale
San Truitt
Ian Levine in Forgive Me Father 2 Watch on IconMale or Watch VOD
Ian Levine, an Object of Affection
Forgive Me Father 2 Preview

Brendan Patrick Three Way
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