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Max Phillips
Buckshot Productions  
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Embrace Buckshot Productions

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Just Embrace It

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Looking for a pleasant evening's diversion? Wrap your arms around this Buckshot video.

We're restarting a too-long hiatus from reviewing movies by COLT Studio Group, the people behind Buckshot Productions. Like many older studios, they've had their hands full dealing with the rapidly changing business of gay porn.

First watching Embrace, you get the feeling that the producers have thrown a little of everything they can find into a pot for the movie. It's six scenes. There's a starry duet with two of porn's contemporary demigods, Connor Maguire and Armond Rizzo. Add to this some hot Czech guys, a studly jerk-off and a COLT toy product demo. Pour into this stout amounts of interracial sex play, and that's Embrace!

First up, we meet two hot-looking guys asleep in bed - the muscular white-skinned Joseph Rough and Black bottom Trelino. Wake up! Somebody's horny!

Standing up, Rough's firm erection pokes out of his briefs. Trelino moves in to suck it. After lengthy oral work, the top starts working over Trelino's tasty looking cakes. Rough tops him in several positions, and the bottom could not look any happier.

Trelino spews a surprisingly large fountain of white cum while getting fucked. Then, Rough pulls out and adds to the mix.

Joseph Rough tops Trelino Watch on COLT
Joseph Rough tops Trelino

Maguire vs. Durano

Have you wondered what two immaculate tops do when they awaken in bed? You'll find out in this episode of oral sex between Mr. Maguire and the exquisitely groomed Jimmy Durano. They kiss. They deep throat. They sixty-nine.

Interestingly, if the studio's website is a gauge, this is the movie's most liked episode by the public. Both guys jack off intimately close to each other, their backs propped up so you can marvel at their perfect chests heaving when they spew cum. Both of these man-volcanos appear in subsequent scenes.

Right after this, we find Maguire outdoors on a large couch with the naked Mr. Rizzo on top of him. What's a man to do?

Maguire is not to be allowed to take air until he's strutted his top man stuff on Rizzo's golden assets. The oral work is pretty good, but both guys look happiest when fucking.

Rizzo bounces up and down on Maguire's club-sized cock, and in a high moment the top lifts the smaller bottom and carries him around while fucking. Watching Rizzo on his back exposing the souls of his cute feet is also hot to watch.

Like Trelino earlier, the action moves at a nice, steady pace. We see the bottom enjoying himself. Rizzo's cock is quite nice, and he cums a lot. TO finish, Maguire shoots on the the kid's chest.

Jimmy Durano's Equipment

After this we see real vision of beauty - Rizzo and Durano naked in a bathtub. They languish over long kisses until Durano rises up out of the water like a massive submarine. Up periscope!

Rizzo could be in heaven chowing down on Durano's beautiful, uncut shaft. What happens next may disappoint some, and thrill others - Durano doesn't fill Rizzo's hole with his dick. Instead, he fills the bottom with a convenient multi-speed vibrating dildo. Naturally, it's a COLT-branded product.

The more I've thought about this, I've personally decided that I appreciate the producers' design. The COLT brand, going all the way back to their posing strap days, is all about the tease. Are you aroused?

Czech Mates

The last two scenes of Embrace star sexy, muscular Czech models. All these guys are hot. First up is tall brunet Walter Uwe along with a tight hunk named Scott Dermitt. They do it in a rocky alcove.

Uwe is something else. Dermitt sucks on Uwe's shaft exposing a fine set of heavy balls underneath. Watching these jewels rock back and forth when he tops Dermitt is without question one of the movie's high points.

Dermitt shows up for the final scene to get fucked again. This time we meet yet another dreamy top (a dreamier top?) named Lance Seawell (popularly known as Czech porn star Rudy Valentino!). Both guys are drop dead gorgeous and impeccable gay for pay Eastern European specimens.

My only gripe with this scene is Id liked to have seen more of Seawell displaying his top man skills. He bangs Dermitt and then shoots lots of cum on the bottom's chest.

This movie offers a lot, including scenes that make it a point to tease the viewer. Remember that you can't always have everything. Just embrace it.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Joseph Rough tops Trelino
  2. Connor Maguire and Jimmy Durano
  3. Connor Maguire tops Armond Rizzo
  4. Jimmy Durano and Armond Rizzo
  5. Walter Uwe tops Scott Dermitt
  6. Lance Seawell tops Scptt Dermitt
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Embrace Photos:

Connor Maguire and Jimmy Durano Watch on COLT
Connor Maguire and Jimmy Durano
Connor Maguire tops Armond Rizzo Watch on COLT
Connor Maguire tops Armond Rizzo
Armond Rizzo and Jimmy Durano Watch on COLT
Armond Rizzo and Jimmy Durano
Scott Dermitt and Walter Uwe Watch on COLT
Scott Dermitt and Walter Uwe
Walter Uwe tops Scott Dermitt Watch on COLT
Walter Uwe tops Scott Dermitt

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