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Edge of Glory

Benny Moorecock
Cocky Boys  
Alex Waters , Andrew Elliot , Dallas Reeves , , , Kevin Crows , Mason Star , Stephen Forest , Tristan Tucker
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Edge of Glory

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Who would like to be in a closed restroom, no one around, helping Jake Bass fix his hair? Cockyboys hot video Edge of Glory starts off immediately on the right foot with a sizzling pairing between Mr. Bass and Mason Star, who retired shortly after filming this. Suffice it to say, Mr. Star retired at his career high point.

The five episodes in the video are all taken from the Cockyboys website, and all are worthwhile. Not a major production by any means, but very worthwhile, particularly if you have a membership with them or on Naked Sword.

The physically larger Starr takes control, guiding his partner with a gentle touch, allowing the newcomer to fully flower on his own. They enjoy a lengthy make out session, soon discovering that the counter top provides a perfect perch to receive a blow job. Moving to the bed, they interlock their bodies facing each other and jack themselves with Fleshjacks. "I wanna try double fucking that one," Bass suggests casually. Star agrees: "Let's try it."

After that, Bass fucks Star through a gamut of positions. Star stays fully aroused while Bass tops him. Their sex is sensational. It's a dynamite opener to the video. Watch for Star's high-fly multi-spurt money shot that arc's over Bass' writhing body.

Jake Bass and Mason StarWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Jakes Bass kisses Mason Star
The sexy ruckus does not quiet down for the second episode - Gabriel Clark gives Andrew Elliot an impromptu kick-boxing lesson, which leads to a butt-stretching lesson. Watching Clark teach Elliot the moves in his French-Canadian accent it very hot. "Now you're learning something!" says Clark. We certainly are.

Wearing his red Unico Mundo undies, Elliot gives Clark an enthusiastic blow job. At some point, Elliot loses his undies revealing a hot little butt. Clark licks it before fucking it. Clark fucks him hard, grabbing both of the kids shoulders pulling him in, frequently tugging on his hair. The only thing that distracts from this hot scene is a dildo which keeps appearing at various points. But there are lots of hot visuals, including seeing Elliot ride Clark, bucking like a bronco until he cums.

Dallas Reeves Tristan Tucker

After this comes the first of the video's two episodes chronicling the sexual deviance that arises from when guys give each other massages. We begin with a fully naked Dallas Reeves on his stomach getting a rub down from cutie Tristan Tucker. Reeves is moaning, face down in the head rest. Oh those magic hands!

Turning over, Reeves's erection is pointing straight to heaven, which inspires Tucker to climb above him for some hot sixty-nining. Buried in his backside, we discover that Tucker has a lovely ass. In minutes Tucker's butt-up on the table getting rammed from behind by Reeves.

They do it in several hot positions. Tucker's bottoming skills riding atop Reeves on the table is impressive. Reeves commands the bottom through numerous positions, finishing by splashing his love onto the bottom's trim stomach.

Andrew Elliot and Gabriel ClarkWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Gabriel Clark above Andrew Elliot
Gabriel Clark and Andrew ElliotWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Andrew Elliot sucks Gabriel Clark

How to Get a Happy Ending

Kevin Crows presents the next story as a favor to all of us showing how he got a happy ending, which in the straight world is when the guys turn their oriental massage into getting off sexually at the end. (As well as a popular Hollywoood movie about sex with Lisa Kudrow)

Crows and his on-screen masseuse, blond Alex Waters, are regulars at Next Door Buddies. Both guys sport huge erections, and it's unfortunate to not be able to see anyone take it up the ass here. (Both models are on screen tops(

Waters personality shines as much here as when he travelled to Europe with Mick Lovell for Bel Ami's American Lovers. He's easy on the eyes and sexually arousing --- and confined on screen. Of course, fans of the straight guys playing around genre will love every minute of this.

Both guys eagerly trade blow jobs. They mutually help each other so that both guys find their happy ending.

Kevin Crows: How did you get into porn?
Alex Waters: From friends in low places.

Stephen Forest Confession

Edge of Glory concludes with a solo scene from CockyBoys model Stephen Forest. If you're not yet wise to the quality of CockyBoys' solos, this is a great opportunity to learn. I'm always impressed with these, not only in the sexual heat but also from watching the model casually talk to the camera and explain some eye opening details.

Forest runs through a great story about him getting it on with his pastor's son in the parsonage. Those dirty boys! Forest himself is very handsome, and puts on a great show. He's cute with his tussled raven black hair, and his heavy, uncut cock is beautiful. Laying back, he releases a thick and satisfying money shot.

The chemistry works and you'll feel truly lucky for him to share this sexy experience with you. Don't miss his hot one-on-one with Phenix Saint in Bromance.

Edge of Glory is another high-quality collection video from CockyBoys.

Edge of Glory Photos:

Dallas Reeves and Tristan TuckerWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Dallas Reeves behind Tristan Tucker
Kevin Crows and Alex WatersWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Kevin Crows gets a happy ending from Alex Waters
Stephen Forest soloWatch on Cocky Boys - Watch VOD
Cocky Boy Stephen Forest

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