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Dream Team

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Prêt à Porter

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On the Catwalk

Marc Jacobs may have rented all of these models at one point, but would he have included them in a fashion photography shoot? The good news is that Mr. Jacobs probably would. These guys can sell both clothes and sex.

Witness Naked Sword's four scene collection Dream Team - a melange of eight handsome models who are both not only pret a porter but also ready to fuck. The "fashion shoot" openings before each scene are all quite fun to watch.

The scene introductions spotlight many different kinds of threads on display, ranging from coats and shirts to tank tops and ties. There is also conspicuous product placement by gay underwear don Andrew Christian. The result is a gay adult video that's quite vogue, to say the least.

Flip My Beard! [Episode 1 Preview]

Now would it be catty for me to say that I preferred watching Colby Keller sticking his dick inside Tommy Defendi's hairy hole then seeing him model that really weird hipster fashion outfit? Everyone's going to have an opinion about clothes. In that way, it's pretty much like sex. It's all a matter of taste.

"The sexiest part of my body would probably be my cock."
- Tommy Defendi
Defendi and Keller are the genuine big guns of the video, both in porn star stature as well as dick size. Bearded and brawny, the men take each other head on, first with Defendi topping Keller. After this, Keller bends Defendi over. We learn that Mr. Defendi is not the only top dog in the house. Nor does Defendi wield the biggest cock in town.

Defendi carries his hard dick like a loaded pistol. Watching him spray his bullets is, as always, hot. Happiness is a warm gun.

Tommy Defendi and Colby Keller Watch on NakedSword
Colby Keller and Tommy Defendi
Tyler Alexander and Connor Maguire Watch on NakedSword
Connor Maguire and Tyler Alexander

Topher Dimaggio Finds His Seat of Mars [Episode 2 Preview]

"I would definiately fuck myself. I prefer to be in front of a mirror what I jack off."
- Topher Dimaggio
Are you one of Topher Dimaggio's army of fans? If you are, do not miss Dream Team's second episode, as he's in full swing here. Dimaggio and scene partner Tate Ryder pounce on each other and start doing it like animals.

Dimaggio cannot stop groping Ryder's massive ass. They trade blowjobs, after which the seamlessly slide into heated sex. The top gets to place his body on Ryder's treaure chest; on his seat of Mars.

Dimaggio tops him doggie style. The hottest moment happens when Ryder performs his namesake, that is riding it from above. Seated in a chair, Dimaggio - and the audience - are treated to spectacular views of Ryder's honey-thick, sweet buns.

The top hoses down Ryder's smooth chest with ample cream. To finish, they entwine in kisses.

Colby Keller and Tommy Defendi Watch on NakedSword
Colby Keller and Tommy Defendi

Duncan Black Loves To Get Fucked [Episode 3 Preview]

Cutie patootie Duncan Black shows up for episode three looking to get fucked. Fortunately, the producers have the ever-erect Christian Wilde on hand, and he's happy to oblige. Black's perfectly suited up wearing a bow tie (Note: it's not a clip-on. This begs the million dollar fashion question - does Duncan Black know how to tie a bow tie? If not, who tied it?)

"I'm Duncan Black, and I love to get fucked."
Standing tall, Black presses his body into Wilde as they kiss. It turns out that the two guys fit together very well. Black also displays impressive deep throat skills when servicing his partner's stiff cock.

Lest we not forget, this kid wants to get fucked. Laying on the bed, flat on his stomach, Wilde climbs on top to answer Black's invitation. An Andrew Christian jock strap perfectly frames the bottom's petite backside. Wilde topping him in this creates one of the video's best visuals.

Black cums a huge load all over himself while getting fucked. Yep, he's a true bottom!

Seduced by Connor Maguire [Episode 4 Preview]

Taking the final strut of the show are porn stars Connor Maguire and Tyler Alexander. As in Naked Sword's earlier Into the Wilde, Maguire turns in another outstanding top man performance. For us the pleasant surprise was Mr. Alexander. The goateed bottom radiates equal parts masculinity and voluptuousness, which draws us into the action even more.

Maguire facefucks him. They kiss. They fuck. It's almost perfect. (We say "almost" because the oral sex compnent is filmed in front of a lighted window, creating that glow effect that for me is distracting.)

The move to a sumptuous, comfortable bed for the butt-fucking. Alexander throws his body onto Maguire, whose facial expression reveals full satisfaction. Forget this scene's fashion setup. They are a great sexual couple.

Featuring scenes using different looking guys together, each episode has its own strength. For overall sexual impact, the final pairing starring Maguire and Alexander wins the best in show. The fashion video is new territory for Naked Sword, whose videos typically have focused on underdog characters, deceit and even politics.

It's a good change. For that reason alone, Dream Team should fold into the studio's history of artiface and craft without a wrinkle.

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Dream Team Photos:

Christian Wilde and Duncan Black
Watch on Naked Sword
Christian Wilde and Duncan Black
Connor Maguire and Tyler Alexander
Watch on Naked Sword
Connor Maguire tops Tyler Alexander

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