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Dirty Lil' Brother

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1266
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Dirty Lil Brother Rascal Video

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O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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Rascal Video has a new entry to the popular "sorta is / sorta isn't" incest theme in gay porn. Dirty Lil' Brother follows in a film tradition which stretches back to William Higgins' 1981 Brothers Should Do It from Catalina Video, which by the way is the same studio today.

In that classic movie the brother couple was Jon King and J.W. King. In this film, our heroes are Jason Phoenix and J.D. Phoenix. (By the way, has anyone noticed that the moustaches, beards and clothes of 1981 closely resemble contemporary gay fashion?)

If you are unacquainted with Jason Phoenix, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. He's tall. Standing at six foot three, light brown hair and a furry chest, he could take you in his manly arms and carry you across the thresh hold.

In Dirty Lil' Brother, he's got young guys bending over for him in his (kind of messy) office.

Jason Phoenix tops Armond Rizzo Watch on C1R
Jason Phoenix tops Armond Rizzo
Armond Rizzo Watch on C1R
Armond Rizzo

On the Desk Is Where I Want You

Guess who's working over Phoenix as the movie starts? Hello, Armand Rizzo!

Everyone's talking about the black-haired cool cat who's a superb bottom. Most people have seen his bareback stuff, which is very hot. It's nice seeing Rizzo in a different light. His body is great, and I'd love to see some directors taking their time showing off all his assets.

He's in good hands with Jason Phoenix and director Chi Chi LaRue. Rizzo goes down on Phoenix's phenomenal phallus. After trading blow jobs, the top fucks Rizzo on his desk. It's a hot visual.

He's Growing Up So Fast!

After fucking Rizzo, Phoenix is resting comfortably at his desk when the telephone rings. It's his step-brother J.D. Phoenix calling for help. Apparently three porn stars are getting it on in his pool, and he's incensed.

Naturally help doesn't arrive until after the three hooligans finish their job. Who's in this pack? Mitch Vaughn, of course. Apparently this is Mitch's day off from working Guard Patrol.

He and Brendon Patrick have an underwater three-way in the pool with John Smith. (Now that's a remarkable porn star name, isn't it? What else has he filmed? Mr. Smith Goes to Porn Valley? )

Patrick is a good looking Irishman which dark red hair and a manly beard. The hottest part of this scene is watching Mr. Vaughn strut his top man stuff on Patrick's ass. Irish eyes are a smilin'!

"What are you doing?"
"We're just stepbrothers."
The biggest gripe here is that there wasn't more footage of Mr. Patrick in action.

J.D. Phoenix Finds Rescue

The video's third and final scene brings Tristan Phoenix together with J.D. Phoenix, who seems to permanently be strutting around his house without a shirt. He should be surprised that his step brother wouldn't make a move on him.

Oh, and why didn't those three at the swimming pool invite J.D. into their circle? Maybe he could have fucked Brendan Patrick too!

Lasting thirty minutes, the Phoenixs' sex scene is the hottest of the three. Both guys cobine to create a visually hot combination. They do it in a barren looking kitchen, which sufficiently suits today's purposes.

Would it be too much to ask for a sequel featuring more family adventures with these two headquartered in a comfy bedroom?

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Dirty Lil' Brother Photos:

J.D. Phoenix and Jason PhoenixWatch on C1R
Step Brothers Should Do It! (J.D. Phoenix & Jason Phoenix)
Mitch Vaughn tops Brenden PatrickWatch on C1R
John Smith watches Mitch Vaughn top Brenden Patrick
JD Phoenix sucks Jason PhoenixWatch on C1R
J.D. Phoenix sucks Jason Phoenix

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