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Dirty Games

John Smith
Bare Films  
Orlando White , , , Alex Candy , , Sven Laarson , Benjamin Dunn ,
Bareback SexPrison / JailTwinks, InternationalRimming

Dirty Games Bare DVD

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A Bareback Gambit

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Who makes the first move playing these games?

A fantastically sexy venture through Europe's most arousing jails, Dirty Games from Staxus is awesome from start to finish. Over four scenes, we see fucking through prison bars, cock sucking through fences, jockstrap sex and other fun that will make you want to go right out and buy some new accessories for your own personal dungeon.

The cast is equally delicious, operating at peak performance. The first scene is the most traditional: an office sex hook-up starring the delectible Brad Fitt, who we've not seen in awhile. Fitt seduces mine worker Orlando White by pulling him into his office, and then spilling water all over him. (Take careful notes here, if you ever end up really horny in a mine.)

White, a Staxus exclusive, is a brunet stud with a body to die for. In a great show, he fucks Fitt over his desk.

Next, we find Alex Candy passing the time in his jockstrap, plugging his ass with a dildo. Fortunately, Milan Sharp arrives fondling his snake of a cock. In a real surprise, Mr. Candy shows off his top man stuff at first when Sharpsits on the bottom's cock.

At length, they switch with Sharp taking over the reigns, fucking Candy in several hot positions.

Behind Bars

The third scene features the welcome return of muscle stud Rudy Bodlak, who looks hotter than ever. Bodlak appears to be a bored policeman, who is on duty drinking and wearing (what else?) a svelte leather jockstrap. Bodlak sees blond Sven Larson in his jail cell, trapped like a bird in a cage, waiting to be eaten.

In a hot visual, Larson bends his naked ass through the bars, calling Bodlak to stick his naked cock fully inside. It's a memorable show.

The movie ends on an equal note with policeman Benjamin Dunn calling Kris Wallace into servicing him. They evenually find a couch, where he fucks Wallace's compact, perfect body with those low hanging balls swinging around until he busts.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Orlando Dawson tops Brad Fitt
  2. Milan Sharp and Alex Candy flip-flop
  3. Rudy Bodlak tops Sven Larson
  4. Benjamin Dunn tops Kris Wallace
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Dirty Games Photos:

Orlando White and Brad Fitt Watch on Staxus or Watch VOD
Orlando White tops Brad Fitt
Milan Sharp and Alex Candy Watch on Staxus or Watch VOD
Milan Sharp tops Alex Candy
Orlando White and Brad Fitt Watch on Staxus or Watch VOD
Orlando White tops Brad Fitt
Rudy Bodlak and Sven Laarson Watch on Staxus or Watch VOD
Rudy Bodlak and Sven Laarson
Rudy Bodlak tops Sven Laarson Watch on Staxus or Watch VOD
Rudy Bodlak tops Sven Laarson
Benjamin Dunn and Kris Wallace Watch on Staxus or Watch VOD
Benjamin Dunn tops Kris Wallace

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