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Desperate Householes 1 & 2

I Que Grande Nick Moretti
Dark Alley Media  
Tate Ryder , , , Adam Russo , , Dylan Saunders , Nick Moretti , Shay Michaels
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Desperate Householes Dark Alley Media

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The Bottoms Who Lunch Everyday

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Desperate Householes. Now there's a gay porn movie title that's pure one hundred percent marketing. Upon watching Desperate Householes Parts One and Two, one finds very little of the studio's press release promise that "life behind closed doors" will be revealed.

As a matter of fact, most of the scenes are filmed outdoors.

That being said, both parts altogether showcase three of today's most talked about bareback porn stars - Joey Rodriguez (who now films under the name Armand Rizzo), Tate Ryder and Dayton O'Connor. O'Connor, like the rest of America, has grown a beard and seems to enjoy frolicing in bear dens populated with growling tops like Adam Russo and Shay Michaels. Scruffy brunet Dylan Saunders appears frequently. When did he become such a powerbottom?

The resort where many of the scenes were filmed looks pretty shabby, and frequently the models are having to finish their work because the sun is going down and it's getting dark. In other words, Dark Alley Media located their production right off a dark alley.

Barebacking al fresco is usually the best sunlight.

Troy Moreno tops Tate Ryder

Desperate Householes Part 1

Ryder launches the festivities along with black beauty Troy Moreno. It's great! Moreno is one of my favorite black performers currently. His facial expressions are real. Watch him closely and you'll see just how good Mr. Ryder's snug skin pillows feel around his thick cock.

Moreno's fucking is so natural, viewers can literally see him building up to orgasm, pulling out and blasting a massive load all in one take. Now that's a top!

Next, Shay Michaels takes his time rimming Saunders' ass before sticking it in. Making Saunders wait locks him in anticipatory heat for Michaels' dick. The top's downward sloping penis fits perfectly.

Sweat runs off the bottom's face when he's riding it. Michaels pounds him on a pile of pillows before cumming.

The weakest scene comes next when Nick Moretti invades a cramped bathroom to fuck the showering Armand Rizzo. Moretti looks big, tattoed and hairy as always. He throws Rizzo an energetic bareback fuck while standing in the shower.

For this reviewer, it's all just too cramped. Rizzo needs to be able to spread out more. (Figuratively and literally)

After this comes what could have been a really good poolside sex scene between Shane Frost and Seth Fisher, except that it was too late in the day. Unfortunately it's stuff like this that makes Dark Alley Media look grindhouse.

Fisher has matured and grown lots of hair since his twink days filming for Helix Studios and the famously dodgy Miami Studios. Fortunately all is not lost! The fifth and final scene brings Fisher back, where his ass gets pilloried by Dayton O'Connor and Adam Russo.

Their tag team of Fisher is one for the record books. It finishes with O'Connor blasting into Fisher's twitching hole, which triggers the bottom to start shooting all over himself. When they're finished, the hirsute bottom looks like a wet mop. "Give me fifteen minutes, and I'll be ready again." announces Fisher.

Dayton O'Connor Seth Fisher Adam Russo Watch on RawFuckClub or Watch VOD
Dayton O'Connor, Seth Fisher and Adam Russo

Desperate Householes Part 2

All five scenes in part two of Desperate Households are winners, which is especially good because this time we are treated with two scenes featuring Rizzo getting mounted. First up he's with Frost on a sideyard of the shabby looking resort. Frost and Rizzo strut before the camera like young demi-gods who are passing the afternoon with naked exercise.

Rizzo jawbones Frost's javelin, getting as much of it into it small mouth as possible. Soon he's bent Rizzo over fucking his latino ass hard. Frost bangs Rizzo's head into some green foliage making him look even more like a nymph who's just escaped from the forest.

Frost creams his hole. After this, Moretti returns, and he's eager to do what small part he can in relieving Dylan Saunders' desperation. Their session includes the now familiar ass eating which seems to get the bottom insanely worked up.

Saunders appears quite turned on bottoming for Moretti. Perhaps that explains why he cums easily while getting fucked. Arguably the hottest scene unites the sexy Mr. Moreno with the bodacious, and eternally despetate bottom Rizzo. Moreno, once again, looks super turned on to be fucking this guy, and Rizzo's loving every minute of it.

After getting fucked doggie style at length, Rizzo flips over. He can't throw his legs apart fast enough for Moreno!

Like in his first scene, the top works himself up and cums in one take. He cakes Rizzo's brown hole with whitecream frosting before sticking it back in. Rizzo grins and jacks off.

The final scenes are equally combustible. Frost drills Sauders in the resort's pool / jacuzzi. Neither miss a beat. And to finish, we find Ryder has prowled into the bears' den. O'Connor, Michaels and Russo pile on top of him fucking him senseless.

Once finished, O'Connor feeds Ryder their cum that's oozing from his happy hole.

Between the two, Desperate Householes 2 is particularly good. The immensely fuckable Ryder has easily come into his own as Dark Alley Media's major bareback star. This movie is one of dozens Dark Alley Media movies that play on Naked Sword, which is my preferred method for keeping up with this studio's latest and greatest. (Join Naked Sword)

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Desperate Householes 1 & 2 Photos:

Shane Frost and Armond Rizzo Watch on RawFuckClub or Watch VOD
Shane Frost frosts Armond Rizzo's ass
Shane Frost and Dylan Saunders Watch on RawFuckClub or Watch VOD
Shane Frost peers up and Dylan Saunders
Dayton O'Connor watches Tate Ryder Watch on RawFuckClub or Watch VOD
Dayton O'Connor watches Tate Ryder

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