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Cruising for Colton Grey

Adam Killian
Lucas Entertainment   LVP 180
, Justin Cruise , Adam Killian , , Jake Andrews , Tyler Wolf , Addison Graham
Daddy / BoyHunksMen of New York City

Cruising for Colton Grey LVP 180

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Just Pull the Trigger

Reviewed by on - 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

In 2014, Lucas Entertainment released this wonderful movie to spotlight their exciting discovery for the year. Everything from his pursed lips to his long cock, Colton Grey effortlessly grabs your attention, and watching him in action proves that he's one hot fucker.

Cruising for Colton Grey is a five scene frolic, with Grey appearing in four of the episodes. In the other one, we meet Justin Cruise, who becomes the video's second compelling figure. Both guys sport similar looks - fair, white skin and very smooth. Both have supple bodies with great butts and raging hard ons. Their scene together is kind of like watching brothers doing it.

The star of the show here is Grey, and viewers will not tire watching him in this movie. Starting things off, he interrupts Adam Killian who's in the midst of editing some footage together of our hero. When Grey produces one of his used jockstraps for Killian to smell, the pheromones trigger an unscheduled sex session.

This starts what becomes a showcase of Mr. Grey's versatile sex skills. We see Killian top Grey, after which they seamlessly switch positions. It finishes with Killian taking Grey's cock up his ass. Grey cums in Killian's mouth.

Adam Killian rims Colton Grey Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Adam Killian rims Colton Grey

Tricking in Manhattan

The second scene of the movie is a slice of what Lucas Entertainment has always done best, showing guys hooking-up on the streets of Manhattan. Here we see Addison Graham pinning down our hero on the street corner, and quickly convincing him to come over to his flat for an impromptu warm-up.

Maybe It's Cold Outside!
Their hook-up leaves the viewer breathless. Graham's rimming leaves Grey on the verge of cumming. Somehow they make it through this oral foreplay without ejaculating, which takes us to Grey putting on a condom and sliding inside Graham's welcoming backside for a great sexual run.

The director captures great angles here including an aerial shot from above showing Graham standing doggie leaning into the fireplace mantle getting fucked.

The boys eventually flip flop, which takes us to a shorter presentation showing Graham returning the favor. It's very hot to watch Grey cum while getting plowed. After that, Graham gets to cum on Grey's smiling face.

Colton Grey tops Addison Graham Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Colton Grey tops Addison Graham

Cut from the Same Cloth

Gray does not appear in the following scene, which, as mentioned earlier, neatly introduces the viewer to Justin Cruise. Cruise could be a Russian-version of Colton Grey, right down to the same smooth, pale white skin tone. (Just wait til they meet in the next scene!)

It's enjoyable watching Cruise seduce his personal trainer Tyler Wolf, who teaches us a pretty good exercise routine in the process. Cruise's ass looks truly sumptuous, like a velvet smooth vanilla custard. Wolf fucks him in many hot positions all over a large black leather couch, as the bottom writes in ecstacy beneath him. Are all of Cruise's performances this good?

Then as in the preceding scenes, the bottom gets his chance to strut his own top man stuff. Wolf obliges without hesitation. Finishing everything off, they partake in post-workout protein drinks by cumming in each other's mouths.

"Your lips are so good!"
Colton Grey
Next we find Cruise and Grey together. Dressed in bathrobes and each packing a filled champagne flute in one hand, they move through what appears to be a clothing optional men's health club. After making out in the jacuzzi, they wind up in some sort of mirrored VIP room where they consummate their lusts in vivid detail.

It's a thirty-six minute scene of heated lovemaking. Watching Grey's fucking here is going to make many of the viewers fall in love with him.

Do You Feel the Burn?

The movie happily rolls to it's rollicking climax when we meet the adorable Anthony Verruso getting a hands-on testing of gym equipment by trainer Jake Andrews. After the workout, Verruso and his buddy Mr. Grey shanghai Andrews when he leaves the gym. Before you know it, he's giving them personal training lessons on their living room carpet.

It's a breathless three-way. All three are super-hot to watch naked and their fucking is outstanding. Andrews is a capable top, right there in the ranks of blond Shane Frost. These guys are swinging experts with their dicks.

Soon we're watching Grey sliding down on it. He goes for a nice ride. In fact he likes it so much he doesn't stray far while at the same time seating Verruso onto his stiffie.

Not to be outdone, they lay Grey atop the arm of the couch so Verruso can return the favor. Since Grey's up on the couch, Andrews goes back for more, this time allowing us to watch his swinging balls lap the bottom's smooth butt.

So does Andrews get fucked? All I'll say is everyone's gotten a full workout by the scene's end. The guys' endless three-way makes for a superb finish to the film.

A lot of people nowadays might skip Cruising for Colton Grey because the guys use condoms. Look over that. Colton Grey is one of the most interesting new sex stars to show up in awhile. The cruising for sex is rich and the rewards for watching all five scenes are great.

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Cruising for Colton Grey Photos:

Tyler Wolf sucks Justin Cruise Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Tyler Wolf sucks Justin Cruise
Colton Grey Posing Watch on LucasEntertainment
Porn star Colton Grey
Tyler Wolf and Justin Cruise Watch on LucasEntertainment
Tyler Wolf and Justin Cruise
Justin Cruise sucks Colton Grey Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Justin Cruise sucks Colton Grey
Three Way Pile Up! Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Three Way Pile Up!
Jake Andrews, Anthony Verruso and Colton Grey

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