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Creampies Only Allowed

Marco Paris
, Chase Coxxx , , Jayson Park , Kacorot , Kannon , Maseo , Robby Mendez , Slim , Jack Simmons , , Marco Paris , Remy Mars , , Lil Papi
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Rigid Poles Leave Creamy Holes

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

For Creampies Only Allowed, the producers at RawStrokes mashed up some of the studio's best internal orgasm sex scenes. Then they threw it against the wall to see what stuck.

The full video on FriskyFilms/AEBN contains eight scenes, running over three hours. That's enough creampies to fight with at the end of a Mel Brooks western!

If you have a favorite RawStrokes model, he's probably in here. I was pleased to see Remy Mars in two episodes, who first started his career filming hot stuff for FlavaWorks, and plays quite the hot bareback Black bottom. Everyone's looking good here.

Mr Marky and Lil PapiWatch VOD
Mr. Marky tops Lil' Papi
Robby Mendez, Hotrod Watch VOD
Maseo, Robby Mendez, Hotrod

Creampies Only Allowed Scene Rundown

  • Mr. Marky tops Lil' Papi
    This scene is almost perfect. The only thing that distracts is that it looks muddy on FriskyFilms/AEBN where it was not recorded in high definition resolution. If only this were all sharper and clearer! Otherwise, these two sex maniacs are perfect for each other. Mr. Marky is one of the biggest tops in the business. Lil' Papi takes it all up his love box with astonishing ease. The bottom actually handles Marky's cock better than Christian in Treasure Island's Sperm Assault!

    Marky tops him in numerous positions for almost thirty minutes. Finally the top unloads inside Lil' Papi, and rolls off, exhausted. Watching the bottom hang on for this wild ride is amazing. "Spank me with those balls!"
    - Leonardo

  • Antonio Biaggi tops Leonardo
    Imagine the phone call: "You're going to be fucked by Antonio Biaggi." Curly haired Leonardo looks thrilled to have to opportunity to give up his petite ass to the stallion. Biaggi opens the bottom up using his magic tongue, which sparks Leonardo into fits of moaning.

    He tops Leonardo at length on his back, pushed back into a couch. The bottom loves every minute of it, making comments about those famous pendulous balls lapping against his backside. Biaggi finishes with a full creampie, leaving Leonardo to jack off, grinning broadly afterwards.

  • Jack Simmons tops Jayson Park
    Scene three is the weakest link in the chain. White bottom Jayson Park spreads his cheeks for Jack Simmons. Perhaps it's because I've never been a fan of Park, who really looks more at home with the Treasure Island and Dick Wadd set.

    Simmons has done many better videos, and so what if it's with condoms. At this point, he's been filming for almost ten years, and he looks like he's phoning it all in. Don't worry, all the scenes after this one have lots of good stuff.

  • Hotrod and Maseo top Robby Mendez
    In the fourth episode, Robby Mendez puts on a champion bottoming performance. The devilish latino bottom is paired here with both Hotrod and Maseo. These guys fuck him using full lunges, relentlessly hammering his poor asshole into complete submission. Mendez handles all this no muss no fuss.

    Hotrod's orgasm is extremely hot to watch. His grows even more rigid as he cums.

  • Drilla tops Lil' Papi
    Both Drilla and Lil' Papi (Bareback Rebels) put in a solid performance here. Both models film many scenes like this. After topping Lil' Papi at length, it looks like Drilla cums inside the bottom.

    The scene closes with Lil' Papi bending over and presenting the evidence.

  • Creampies Only Allowed Preview

    Chase Coxxx tops Marco Paris
    Watch in Full HD Now
  • Chase Coxxx tops Marco Paris
    Marco Paris leaps before the camera so he can take one for the team with Chase Coxxx, a handsome, powerfully endowed Black man. This may actually be the first porn star named "Cox" (or similar variation), who's worthy of the brand. Not only is his phallus mega-sized, but he also knows how to use it.

    Both Paris and Coxxx appear delighted to be fucking each other, on camera to boot. Paris starts out by sucking him, getting him hard. The video pretty quickly jumps to the anal, and that's because these two look like they cannot wait to fuck. Coxxx throws all of his moves into Paris, whose barge-like ass handles like it's the softest, silkiest pillow, jiggling to every thrust.

    Coxxx shoots inside him. Then Paris pushes the cum out, followed by jacking off by himself. Can you guess what he was thinking about?

  • Slim tops Remy Mars
    It begins with Remy Mars face down, ass up. His partner, Slim, is pressed into him enjoying a butt feast. Both guys exude sexual energy, powering this from start to finish. Looking for a fine Black bottom? Remy Mars works his magic bootie - squirming and moaning. It's like you're right there next to him. There's just something about a thick Black guy on his stomach, getting fucked in his big butt.

    It takes less then half an hour for that ass to send the top shooting to Mars.

  • Hotrod tops Kannon
    Hotrod appears for his second scene, this time it's a more intimate one-on-one with Kannon, a new figure to this reviewer, who happens to be a perfect bottom. Not only does the top work him over completely, but Kannon loves every minute of it. Any guy who can take Hotrod with such a conspicuous level of pleasure deserves a gold star.

    Rawstrokes comes through yet again not only in casting great tops, but pairing them with bottoms who clearly love to take them.

    After twenty riveting minutes, Hotrod blows his load inside Kannon. Then without missing a beat he keeps going, which gets the bottom rock hard. It appears that he almost, but not quite, is able blow his own load all over himself. During all this, Hotrod's cum coats his own thrusting cock, finally Kannon is able to get off. Many viewers already surely had difficulty waiting to do the same thing.

  • Kacorot tops Remy Mars
    Mr. Mars returns for a great encore, once again showing off his bottoming skill. In this episode, he sits down on Kacorot, a thick, hung Black guy. Mars is animated throughout, looking very hot getting fucked. He gives Kacorot a skillful blowjob, followed by sitting on his face. Mars starts off by sitting down on it, and then goes to town moving through all his favorite positions.

    Kacorot apparently busts a really big nut in Mars' ass. Just imagine how it feels!

Not for the Easily Shocked

Director Marco Paris has put together a specific fetish video, in this case clearly for people who do not want to see any drop of semen being shot out of the top's penis. Thus, the bottoms all present their sloppy, fucked holes to the camera at scene's end.

The movie also features numerous events which Urban Dictionary describes as Creampie Soufflés, except it's with anuses and not vaginas.

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Creampies Only Allowed Photos:

Hotrod and Kannon Watch VOD
Hotrod and Kannon
Marco Paris and Chase Coxxx Watch VOD
Marvin tops Eduardo
Remy Mars and Kacorot Watch VOD
Remy Mars and Kacorot

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