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Falcon Studios   FEG 004
Falcon Edge
, , Shawn Wolfe , Boomer Banks , , David Benjamin , Brock Avery
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Crave FEG 004

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Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Feeling hungry? Open up a package of Crave.

It's a new four-scene collection of Falcon and Raging Stallion guys getting it on under the Falcon Edge studio label. Eternally popular beef cake Paul Wagner is apparently the film's star. See him offering his smiling mug on the box cover? (And what a comforting smiling mug it is!) The only dissapointing thing is that he doesn't appear in a second scene in the movie. Portion control is important!

Wagner's cravings are satisfied by sinking his teeth of the studio's studmuffin Sean Zevran. Zevran's look is a refreshing departure from the typical Falcon glamour guy look, and he's equally at home with everything from copious kissing to topping and bottoming.

In this scene, Zevran tops Wagner, hitting all the notes.

Sean Zevran tops Paul WagnerWatch on or Watch Now
Sean Zevran tops Paul Wagner
"Give me more! Give me more!"
- David Benjamin

Boom Boom Wow

Boomer Banks is horny and his python has been known to swallow young guys whole. His prey is Brock Avery, a compact muscle bottom who is fearless throughout.

Banks takes his time lathering Avery's hairy ass hole, disarming the bottom causing him to lay motionless with his eyes rolled back into his head. Once Banks puts it in, there's no turning back. Sprawled across a table, Avery grips both sides and hangs on for one of the top's signature fucks. It's always a guaranteed wild ride!

Boomer finishes by blowing his wad into the highly-aroused Avery's mouth.

Brian Bonds with Sugar on Top

Arguably the best scene of the movie comes next when bodacious Brian Bonds gets naked and nasty with David Benjamin. Both guys are sexual sparkplugs! For half an hour you can watch the sparks fly!

Some fans may recall that last year both models were together as part of the main group scene in Raging Stallion's Guard Patrol. This time we get to see Bonds fuck Benjamin's brains out. Then if that's not enough, Binds flips over so Benjamin can return the favor.

By the scene's end, Bonds still craves more. Benjamin feeds the blond his cum.

Boomer Banks tops Brock AveryWatch on or Watch Now
Boomer Banks tops Brock Avery
The movie's fourth scene features Zevran again, who's paired with another white bottom. Shawn Wolfe is more lithe and pliable than Mr. Wagner.

Watching Wolfe getting fucked is always a show stopper. Leaning over a table, his ass keeps the Zevran fully occupied. But then Wolfe's ass is so hot, it could keep an entire fire department occupied. When it's time to feed Wolfe, Zevran blows a show-stopping multi-spurter that covers the bottom's face.

One gripe - I found the lighting and mood to not be consistent with a Falcon video. On the other hand, for those seeking the Raging Stallion-style Sturm and Drang, you'll feel right at home here. As in the earlier Stunners, there is conspicuous product placement for the great-looking Cellblock 13 jock straps. (They hang off the body impressively well.)

Lots of Sean Zevran in this, and cute white bottoms getting fucked.

Scene Breakdown

  1. Sean Zevran tops Paul Wagner
  2. Boomer Banks tops Brock Avery
  3. Brian Bonds and David Benjamin flip-flop
  4. Sean Zevran tops Shawn Wolfe
Sean Zevran tops Paul WagnerWatch on | Watch Now
Sean Zevran inside Paul Wagner
Sean Zevran tops Shawn WolfeWatch on | Watch Now
Sean Zevran inside Shawn Wolfe
David Benjamin checks out Brian BondsWatch on or Watch Now
David Benjamin checks out Brian Bonds
Sean Zevran tops Shawn WolfeWatch on or Watch Now
Sean Zevran tops Shawn Wolfe

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