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Cottage Boy

Blacky Mendez
Movie Series
J.P. Dubois , Kayden Gray , Leo Marco , Lucas Davidson , Lyle Boyce , Zac West
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Cottage Boy

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Far from the madding crowd

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

After watching Eurocreme's 2013 release Cottage Boy, you'll feel like you've lived through a Bed & Breakfast getaway weekend in the French countryside with a troop of sexy British porn stars. Naturally, the guys bring their drama with them. No boring bite-size continental breakfasts on this vacation. Porn star Kayden Gray has cooked up an English stew of musical beds, jealousy and revenge games fueled by bottles of Claret. (See also, Eurocreme's Checklist for Travelers)

The film is reminiscent of the enjoyable Fire Island Cruising videos Michael Lucas directed back in 2000-2005, when similar sets of American couples check into their weekend bungalow and use their precious DINK vacation time to make bets on who will be the first to fuck the pool boy.

Beyond Mr. Gray playing the role of the instigator, his rugged, strong presence allow him to easily fill three of the video's sex scenes. The guy who tugs your heart strings in the film is Lyle Boyce, a real charmer who Eurocreme introduced as their newest model exclusive in Losing It. Unlike the others, Boyce is single. Love seems to elude him, setting him up for the storyline which ultimately pairs him with the "Cottage Boy" himself, a doe-eyed brunet doll named Leo Marco.

Seducing Lyle Boyce

As we follow the story of Marco and Boyce finding each other, it's established early on that Gray is essentially "a cunt". He immediately starts trouble by seducing the naive Boyce. "How can anyone not be into you?" says the kid right before Gray locks the door so his boyfriend doesn't interrupt them. Gray liberates his cock, popping right out of his pants into Boyce's mouth. Watching Boyce suck dick is enthralling. So is seeing him take that huge thing up his ass.
Leo Marco Cottage Boy Watch on Eurocreme
The Cottage Boy (Leo Marco) spys on his new infatuation
Their sex attracts a voyeur who peers in through the window from outside - it's the cottage boy! Marco already is keeping his eye on his newest infatuation, Mr. Boyce. Gray has Boyce sitting down onto his cock, riding him at length in a hot visual. Gray tops him in several hot positions on the couch, furniture that undoubtedly has led memorable nights for many visitors to this rustic French cottage.

The peeping Tom cottage boy loves what he sees so much he blows his orgasm, covering nearby foliage with his jism. "You won't tell Zac about this, will you?" asks Boyce. Gray doesn't tell his boyfriend. In fact, he ends up fucking Zac West outside in front of the house. Will this be an all-out pity fuck or just a get-it-over-with-we're-breaking-up fuck?

It's easy to see why Gray wants to keep West on his boyfriend leash. He's a real doll. (Although he's a small guy, and some may find watching him top the larger Gray to appear odd.) After sucking each other's dicks, they move to a convenient blanket laid out on the lawn. "Fuck me!" orders Gray.

West pounds Gray's ass with the entire cottage facade watching from the background. Is this for the benefit of all the guests inside to see that their event organizer is fucking his boyfriend? In any case, Gray appears super-aroused by all this. His money shot is a gusher of cum that drenches his hard abs.

Lyle Boyce and Kayden Gray Watch on Eurocreme
Lyle Boyce sucks Kayden Gray
Kayden Gray and Lyle Boyce Watch on Eurocreme
Kayden Gray above Lyle Boyce
Zac West tops Kayden Gray Watch on Eurocreme
Zac West tops Kayden Gray

Why Do We Make Things So Hard?

Glasses of wine makes Gray increasingly bellicose, who calls up an impromptu game of strip poker, which gives J.P. Dubois and Niall Roberts an excuse to meet up away from the others. The French countryside has evoked more than warm feelings between the two ex-boyfriends. Opening his jeans, Roberts starts working over Dubois' massive, sausage-thick cock.

What an appendage! Where did he find that thing?

We never learn the answers to this in course of his hot fuck session with Roberts, who he aggressively tops in several hot positions.

If the guys have pent up feelings leftover from their old relationship, this comes out here because the sex is sensational. Both guys spew copious money shots.

Let's just pretend everything's least until tomorrow. After this, the evil Gray uses the previous hook-up to organize a revenge fuck between him and the emotionally confused Lucas Davidson. They start up the hot oral action in the barn, from where Gray texts Dubois to join them. Before Davidson knows it, he's got his boyfriend's ex's dick in his mouth and Gray's dick in his ass.

Gray and Dubois swap positions. One memorable visual shows Davidson riding Dubois seated across two lawn chairs as Gray face fucks him.


You can check out any time you like

On the final night, a shirtless Boyce finds the Cottage Boy alone, waiting patiently before a cozy fire. "You're not like the other guys," Marco observes. Boyce convincingly explains that he's the odd man out of the group. Rich and idle, the others kept Boyce around so they could fuck him. Marco invites Boyce to move in with him, where they could spend precious time together in the country.

Stunned by the offer, the overjoyed Boyce agrees, and the two make love. It's a heart melting scene beginning with tender kissing and body caressing. Marco fucks Boyce on his back in a steady, breathless rhythm.

In a great turn of events, the two flip-flop. Boyce puts a condom on his heavy, hard erection upon which Marco slides his supple little butt down. The Frenchman fucks himself on Boyce's cock until he ejaculates a huge pool of semen.

Cottage Boy is my favorite DreamBoy video in a long time. Will we ever find out what happens to Boyce? Does the Cottage Boy find peace and stability? Can any of the other British guys ever stop keep looking for love in all the wrong places? And the Dream Boy adventures continue..

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Cottage Boy Photos:

JP Dubois inspects Niall Roberts Watch on Eurocreme
JP Dubois inspects Niall Roberts
Kayden Gray and Lucas Davidson Watch on Eurocreme
Kayden Gray texts his buddy
(Lucas Davidson below)
Cottage Boy Three Way Watch on Eurocreme
Kayden Gray, Lucas Davidson, J.P. Dubois

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